How I Prepared To Be On House Hunters International

If you didn’t already know by now, this blog was found by a producer for a big American TV Show called House Hunters International (that’s a bit similar to Location, Location, Location in the UK). A really big show in The States that’s aired 5 times a week to an audience of around 2 million viewers per episode and before I knew it I agreed to be filmed for an entire episode that would start filming for a whole 5 days in just a few week’s time.

Having previously worked behind the scenes in The Media, the only bit of ‘out there’ work I have done were voice overs for Radio and online, so I started to think of how I would prepare myself for five long days of filming.

I’m really passionate about being healthy and I wanted to feel my best with glowing skin for the show. Seeing as I ate food I never usually would go near over Christmas, my body just didn’t feel right so I decided to make a plan and this is what I did to prepare myself for filming a TV Show.




First things first, I went on a reboot juice cleanse thanks to Joe Cross for his inspirational film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. 10 whole days of juicing really helped re-align my body to get it into tip top shape for the Show. I also learnt way more than I was expecting about my emotional attachment towards food.

If you haven’t done a reboot, I would thoroughly recommend doing one because it was probably the best start to any year I have ever had. My skin and hair felt amazing, I lost a bit of weight and I felt really ready to take anything on!

2. Go For A Colonic

During the juice cleanse, I went for a colonic. Yes, that’s right I went and had a colonic to really help with the cleanse. I thought there wasn’t a better time to go for one seeing as I had left it a whole 8 years since my last one. They said the best results were to have it done 3 times in the week but I literally didn’t have time to fit the other two in before the filming started.

Groupon are always doing a deal here. It will make you feel a bit sick to begin with but that’s the toxins coming out which is exactly the right process.

3. Teeth Whitening

I went to Pure Smile to get my teeth whitened which was a great experience. Located in a shopping centre, I know we are all guilty of panning people for getting it done thinking that it’s a waste of money but the results were way more impressive than I thought they’d be. I

‘ve had my teeth whitened before using the laser and the at home pack so I’m definitely aware of how long the process can take (talking weeks here) so with the lovely staff on hand, the results were fantastic after sitting there for just an hour. I’d definitely recommend checking this out!

4. Get Hair Cut

I tried out a new hair salon which was weirdly located in the same property of a salon I used to go to in Surrey Hills called Ze Flamant Rose. It was a bit of a risk as I was booked in just the night before filming started but I absolutely loved this salon and the owner Cyril did an amazing job!

5. Finding The Right Clothes To Wear

As someone who absolutely loves fashion, I knew I had to find the perfect outfits for the show. I mean, what on earth do you wear for a TV Show??

I spent a while trying to find any tips on the net about what to wear but all I could find was that you had to wear neutrals if being filmed in a TV Studio. I didn’t want to over do it by trying too hard or wearing any fast fashion outfits as I knew I’d look back in 10 years time at our episode wondering what on earth I was thinking.

I had to find 6 different outfits for different scenes which meant hours of running in and out of my good old favourite Zara to find the most appropriate outfits to make it look like I was house hunting in Sydney.