Looking for the best Agnes Water restaurants to visit and not sure where to go? Fear not… we’ve lived in this beautiful Queensland beach town for the last three months whilst pet sitting, and have visited pretty much every Agnes Water cafe and restaurant we could find.

Whilst Agnes Waters and 1770 are two small towns just 7km apart from each other, both have some hidden restaurants you wouldn’t necessarily know existed if you’re just visiting for a few days.

Now, there are some not so great cafes in Agnes Water, but equally there are some beautiful places to eat in Agnes Water as well. In this post, we’re only mentioning the best restaurants in Agnes Water which we would personally go back to again.

If you’re driving to Agnes Water in a camper van, we also recommend stocking up on any food you want to cook at the nearest Coles, Aldi or Woolies in Bundaberg or Gladstone. Whilst there are a couple of supermarkets in Agnes Water, they are both understandably expensive because of the remoteness of the town.

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1. Agnes Water Tavern

The best food in Agnes Water is easily located at the Agnes Water Tavern.

After spending time in other regional towns in Australia, we really weren’t expecting much at the local pub. A lot of regional pubs we’ve visited before tend to be stuck in 1980s with the same food to match.

To be honest, we were actually really surprised when we walked into this newly built Aussie pub. There’s loads of seating outside with some lovely fairy lights and it’s no wonder it’s always the busiest place to eat in the town.

Every single dish we’ve ordered in the last three months have always been excellent and I must say, they serve up the best chicken parmie I’ve had in Australia! Order the duck salad as well, it’s properly amazing!

On Saturday nights they have live music on if you’re up for a bit of fun!

2. 1770 Getaway Cafe

1770 Getaway would have made our top spot if there was more variety on the menu to match the Agnes Water Tavern.

1770 Getaway is an absolutely beautiful cafe just outside of Agnes Waters on the Springs Road, just past Workman’s Beach.

The Balinese gates brings you into a stunning tropical paradise, that you too will wonder whether you’ve seen a more beautiful entrance into a cafe before. When you reach 1770 Getaway, you’ll be able to sit overlooking the lily pond.

The food is a mixture of veggie options, salads and burgers. But they are most famous for their incredible cakes. We love the smoothies and the fact that they are the only cafe in town to serve up acai bowls. The burger is excellent and of course the cakes are to die for.

Just to note, 1770 Getaway is only open on Wednesday and Sunday nights for dinner, serving up pizzas made in their home made pizza oven and a lamb spit roast. The cafe is open everyday until 4pm except on Saturdays.

If you have no transport, hire out a bike next door to the Caltex petrol station and it will take you like 5-10 minutes to cycle here on mostly flat ground.

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3. Hollidays Cafe

A lot of tourists probably have no idea that Holidays Cafe exists right off Agnes Beach. Nestled in the Agnes Water Beach Holidays Caravan Park is a gorgeous cafe which has beautiful views overlooking the beach on the far right hand side.

They serve up food until 4pm each day serving breakfast and lunch. We’ve often popped in for lunch and opt for the pumpkin salad and smoothie.

4. Saltwater Cafe 1770

Another cafe hidden in a holiday park is Saltwater Cafe at 1770 Camping Ground. We really loved the holiday and tropical vibe of this cafe which is situated right next to the water. There are playing cards and games on the tables which is the sort of place you could spend all day chilling out at.

I ordered the local fish, chips and salad as well as a mango smoothie and both were excellent. It makes for a perfect Saturday afternoon place to hang out.

5. 1770 Beach Hotel

We also love the holiday vibe of 1770 Beach Hotel which sits opposite the water and makes for a great sunset spot.

We chose to sat in the pub side of this Agnes Water restaurant as we really liked the high seats and bench top which wraps around the pub.

I ordered the fish which was a bit on the rich side but it was good. If anything, this pub makes for a great spot for a sunset drink.

6. Codie’s Place

Codie’s Place is situated just up from Agnes Water beach and it’s also got a holiday vibe with the high seats to people watch.

We ordered the chicken parmie which wasn’t as good as the pub but we’ve heard they make an awesome gnocchi dish, something we would definitely try next time. Codie’s Place also makes for a great Agnes Water restaurant when you’re looking for different ideas from going to the pub.

7. Off The Hook Fish & Chips

If you’re a backpacker looking for a cheap places to eat in Agnes Water, head over to Off The Hook, which serves up the best fish & chips in Agnes Water. To be honest, this is actually the best fish & chips I’ve had in Australia by a mile.

And if you’re looking for somewhere to drink, then you could also head over to Drift & Wood at Sandcastles Resort for a drink. Head there on a Sunday between 4-7pm for live music and they’ve got a lovely bar area to hang out in.

Agnes Water is home to accommodation for all budgets. Our favourites include the following:

Agnes Water Camping: Stay at Agnes Water Beach Holidays which is right on the main beach in Agnes. The cafe serves up excellent food as well. There’s also Workman’s Beach campground just outside of town and a campground in 1770 as well.

Agnes Water Hostels – Stay at either 1770 YHA or Backpackers @1770 (the latter is closer to town).

Agnes Water Budget Accommodation: Stay at Sandcastles Resort in Agnes Water and drop by one of the walk in yoga classes as they are some of the best I’ve been to in Australia!

Agnes Water Mid Range: Stay at 1770 Getaway. It’s a beautiful Balinese resort serving up the best food in Agnes Water.

Agnes Water Luxury Accommodation: This is a no brainer – stay at Sunrise @1770 Holidays. It’s an absolutely amazing eco resort.

Agnes Water Tours

There’s loads to do in Agnes Water and a tour might just be the best way to get around and learn about the history of this fascinating part of Australia.

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