Why You Need To Hike The Red Rock Trail In Agnes Water, Queensland

Our pet sitting in Australia continues with a stay in the beautiful Southern Great Barrier Reef town of Agnes Water. Whilst we’re here for 10 weeks, we decided to embark on the Red Rock Trail hike just outside of town.

Whilst Agnes Waters might look like a bit of a sleepy town, there’s quite a bit to do here. We decided to spread out activities over the 10 weeks so we’d have amazing places to visit each weekend.

Sunrise at Agnes Water Beach, Queensland.

To be honest, I didn’t even know about the Red Rock Trail in Agnes Water until I saw a beach featured on the Southern Great Barrier Reef’s Instagram account. It looked like it was somewhere exotic, somewhere I just didn’t think would be in Australia. Turns out it was right here in Agnes Water.

When we found the small bit of info online about the Red Rock Trail, it was a bit conflicting with how long the walk would take and what to expect. So we thought we’d tell you everything you need to know about completing this Agnes Waters hike.

Hire a bike or drive to the start of the track

Paperbark Forest Car Park in Agnes Water.

If you’re a backpacker visiting Agnes Water, you’ll need to hire a bike to get to the start of the Red Rock Trail because it’s based about 6.5km out of town. You can hire a bike next door to the Caltex service station in town.

To find the starting point, turn left off the road opposite Paperbark Forest Boardwalk and drive down the unpaved road. I have read that people mentioned not to drive it if you don’t have a 4×4 but we were OK and we saw other cars at the car park too. Just drive carefully along the track as it is pretty uneven in parts.

Red Rock Trail Car Park in Agnes Water.

Otherwise if you park at the Paperbark Forest Trail, it’s an extra 800m onto your hike. And make sure you save some time to do the 15 minute walk around the Paperbark Forest Trail because it is absolutely stunning!

Paperbark Forest Walk is one of the best things to do in Agnes Water.

You can however start the walk from Workman’s Beach if you’re camping there but it will take a good few hours more.

Start the walk down to Springs Beach


The start of the trail is well maintained and there’s a boardwalk the whole way down to Springs Beach which takes about 5 minutes of walking downhill. Don’t bring pushchairs down here as it will be a nightmare to take back up.

If you’re not that fussed about doing the hike but you’re looking for Anges Water beaches, then make the effort to go to Springs Beach because it is absolutely beautiful and easily one of our favourite beaches we’ve seen in Agnes Waters.

The start of Red Rock Trail at the end of Springs Beach.

The actual Red Rock Trail starts from the end of Springs Beach which is only accessible from walking onto the beach. It took us about 10 minutes to walk from Springs Beach to the start of the Red Rock Trail.

Honeymoon Bay

When the Red Rock Trail starts, you’ll pass over to the next beach and down to loads of rock pools. It then leads onto the beautiful Honeymoon Bay which we found on Instagram. It is honestly an amazing sight that you’ll wonder why there is no one else in sight.

With the manicured gardens and the couple of houses overlooking the beach you’ll just dream to live here like we did because it’s so beautiful.

We found a few kangaroos dotted around as well which really added to the reminder that no we weren’t in an exotic country, this is in fact Australia. I don’t know why I think I need to go to another country to see amazing beaches when Australia is home to some of the best beaches in the world!

There’s a seat up on the right to sit back and take in the views, because you’ll probably want to sit there for a while to appreciate how beautiful it really is.

Sunrise Beach

We then walked on further to Sunrise Beach which is Steve’s favourite. It’s almost like two beaches split into one beach but both are stunning and worth sitting back to enjoy all to yourself!

There’s a picnic table here too if you wanted to stop for some lunch along the way, if you’ve brought it with you.

Red Rock Beach

As the path continues one, you’ll walk down into a boardwalk of covered palms which give you glimpses of a small beach you can easily access. Continue on walking and you’ll come to a long stretch of beach called Red Rock Beach. over to your right is some of the most exclusive resorts in Agnes Water.

To give you perspective of where you are, if you drive out of Agnes Water on the right, you’ll basically come to the end of the road which is where Sunrise @ 1770 Holidays is located. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, this would be our pick. This eco lodge looks absolutely amazing complete with a swimming pool overlooking the beach in this secluded area.

The walk continues onto the end of Red Rock Beach which we didn’t do because it was so hot but we absolutely loved this walk a lot.

Things to know before doing Red Rock Trail in Agnes Waters

If you’re thinking about taking on the Red Rock Trail, here’s a few things to know before you go.

It took us 1h10m to walk to the top of Red Rock Beach. This means we didn’t actually walk to the end which I’m guessing would have taken us another 20 minutes or so. The sign at the carpark at the start of the hike suggests it will take 2.5 hours to walk the 3km. I timed it on my Garmin 235 watch and we did 2.8km in 1h10m. I think they allow extra time if you want to go for a swim.

The hike is really easy to follow and you won’t get lost at all, regardless of how rubbish your navigating skills are.

Go early in the morning. It gets really hot in Agnes Water and although we started at the walk at 10:30am, it was already stinking hot. I’d suggest doing it at sunrise if you can when it’s cooler. In saying that, you can stop at anytime because there’s so many beaches to relax on.

There’s no facilities throughout the entire hike so don’t expect to be able to find toilets or anywhere to get water. We took 5 litres with us and drank nearly 4. I thought it was a bit much to take but Steve was adamant we’d need it. He was right! Wear a hat on this hike to protect yourself from the sun. Honestly you’ll need it.

We decided to do the entire walk before going for a swim as we didn’t want the extra weight of our soggy swimmers in our bags. So we waited until we got back to Springs Beach before going for a swim in the end. To be honest, Springs Beach had a lovely vibe and the water was crystal clear and flat to swim in.

Also, we saw one other person on our hike and that was it! And we went on a Sunday so it says it all! There was a family at Springs Beach and a couple of surfers but the rest of the beaches were empty.

I’m glad we did this hike because now we’ve found some amazing beaches in Agnes Water which truely feel like proper gems!

Looking for Agnes Water Accommodation?

Agnes Water is home to accommodation for all budgets. Our favourites include the following:

Agnes Water Camping: Stay at Agnes Water Beach Holidays which is right on the main beach in Agnes. The Holidays Cafe on site serves up excellent food as well. There’s also Workman’s Beach campground just outside of town and a campground in 1770 as well.

Agnes Water Hostels – Stay at either 1770 YHA or Backpackers @1770 (the latter is closer to town).

Agnes Water Budget Accommodation: Stay at Sandcastles Resort in Agnes Water and drop by one of the walk-in yoga classes as they are some of the best I’ve been to in Australia!

Agnes Water Mid Range: Stay at 1770 Getaway. It’s a beautiful Balinese resort serving up the best food in Agnes Water.

Agnes Water Luxury Accommodation: This is a no brainer – stay at Sunrise @1770 Holidays. It’s an absolutely amazing eco resort.

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Red Rock Trail in Agnes Water

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