The Tank Stream Hotel In Sydney Review

If you’re looking for a centrally located Sydney hotel which doesn’t break the bank, look no further… The Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney offers up one of the best hotel locations in the city.


When we stayed in Sydney last weekend, we were lucky to get into Tank Stream Hotel because it looked as though the city was booked up with U2 fans. Yep, the Irish band were playing in town and finding accommodation wasn’t the easiest for us.

Here’s our Tank Stream Sydney Hotel review so you’ll know whether it’s worth staying in when you’re visiting Sydney for the first time.

Where is The Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney?

The Tank Stream Hotel is all about the location and is situated in a beautiful art deco building. The best news is, it’s just a five minute walk from Circular Quay and not much further in the opposite direction to Pitt Street Mall, Sydney’s main shopping street.

Whilst our room overlooked Australia Square – one of Sydney’s main corporate meeting areas – you might get a room with a Sydney Harbour Bridge view if you’re lucky!

You’ll also have so many awesome Sydney restaurants to choose from in the area like Restaurant Hubert and Mr Wong, which are literally hop skip and jump from your hotel room.

The friendly staff


The staff are super friendly at Tank Stream Hotel. When I was on my way out, the heavens had opened and before I knew, it was pouring down with rain.

I was about to head out to meet friends I hadn’t seen for ages so I thought I’d ask reception if they had an umbrella. Turns out they had umbrellas to borrow for my entire stay which literally saved me from looking like a drowned rat.

The room at The Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney


Although our room wasn’t huge, it’s great value with a comfy bed and decent bathroom. We loved the blinds in the room which created a total blackout to sleep without any daylight waking us in the morning – a total godsend!

We also loved the amount of movies that had on offer that we actually spent the whole day in our room watching them because there was so much choice! To be honest I’ve not stayed in a hotel with this amount of decent free movies to watch before, it was awesome. And of course we took full advantage of the free non-alcoholic mini bar as well!


Our view outside our room overlooked Australia Square but we were staying on the eleventh floor so we had a good amount of privacy!

It also didn’t feel too loud from the room and luckily it’s not the type of place where people are partying all night long at. By 7pm ish, it’s pretty much empty as it’s more of a go and have a drink after work kinda place.

Le Petit Flot Restaurant at Tank Stream Sydney


We didn’t get chance to have dinner at Le Petit Flot restaurant (which translates into ‘The Little Stream’) located on the second floor, although we’ve heard it has a fantastic mix of French Japanese cuisine.


But we did go for breakfast though which is always our favourite thing about staying in hotels.


Here we were presented with a standard Aussie breakfast consisting of a buffet of fresh fruits, yoghurts, croissants, and a hot breakfast. There’s also a help yourself to a coffee machine and a mixture of T2’s to choose from as well.


A hidden gem in Sydney – The Tank Stream Walk

You can actually see the stream on this map which leads from Hyde Park into Circular Quay.

If you’re from Sydney, you might have seen a few references to the tank stream. Apart from the hotel, there’s an awesome Tank Stream Bar over the road located in the aptly named Tank Stream Way.

And it’s all not called Tank Stream for nothing. Located underneath the city is an actual Tank Stream which was the the original water source for European settlers in Australia. It’s basically an underwater river which starts from Hyde Park and goes right out to Circular Quay. At Hyde Park there is still what looks to be a lake underground.


You can explore the underground tunnels of the Tank Stream in Sydney here.

Image via: Sydneylivingmuseums.com.au

And you know what? You can actually go and explore the tunnels that lead to this lake if you’re lucky. A couple times a year you can put your name down to be in a lottery to go on one of these exclusive tours underneath the city (find out more here). I had heard about it before but it wasn’t until I stayed at Tank Stream Hotel where I learnt more about this awesome hidden Sydney gem.

If you don’t manage to get on one of the exclusive Tank Stream tours, and if crouching down in a tunnel in the city isn’t your thing, you can go on a self guided tour above ground.

The Tank Stream Heritage Walk is new to Sydney where you’ll be able to learn more about this fascinating stream by following the six footpath installations by the artist Lynne Roberts-Goodwin. You can find out more about this walk when you chat to the lovely staff at the reception at The Tank Stream Hotel.

We really enjoyed our stay at The Tank Stream Hotel and wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again. If you’re looking for a Sydney hotel, look no further, this is a great place to stay.

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The Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney review

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