15 Reasons To Visit Maleny Botanic Gardens & Bird World In Sunshine Coast

Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World in Sunshine Coast easily made it onto our best botanic gardens in the world list when we visited the Sunshine Coast recently (and we’ve seen a few around the world!).

If you’re looking for things to do in Maleny or even a day trip from Brisbane, look no further! Maleny Botanic Gardens & Bird World makes an excellent day trip!

Check out this video to see why you must visit Maleny Botanic Gardens!

When we thought of the Sunshine Coast before, we only thought of Noosa. It was when we visited Maleny Botanic Gardens that we fell head over heals for the Sunshine Coast because of the sheer beauty of the area of the Glass House Mountains.

And you know what? Maleny Botanic Gardens is without a doubt a spectacular place to visit and a fantastic Maleny tourist attraction because there’s over six kilometres of walking tracks all of which take in the Glass House Mountains views, ticking off a Maleny rainforest walk in the area.

cockatoo-maleny-botanic-gardensFrank Shipp started the Maleny Botanic Gardens in 2005. 

Owner Frank Shipp snapped up the land which previously housed cattle and built his dream gardens in 2005 as a way to share the beautiful views and landscape with the public.

His dedication and passion is adamant as you walk around the walking paths, all providing a stunning backdrop of The Glass House Mountains.

Where is Maleny Botanic Gardens?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to drive from Brisbane to Maleny, it takes 1h30m to get to Maleny Botanic Gardens.

Brisbane to Maleny: 1h30m drive

Noosa to Maleny: 1hr drive

Mooloolaba to Maleny: 40m drive

Maleny Botanic Gardens Map


Maleny Botanic Gardens cost

beautiful-gardensIf you’re wondering about the Maleny Botanic Gardens price, there’s two costs, one for the gardens and one for the gardens & the aviary. We strongly recommend visiting both as I doubt you’ll experience anything like the aviary anywhere else in the world.

Adults: $16 or $35 including the aviary

Children (3 to 14 years): Free or $14 including the aviary

Family Pass (2 adults + 2 children) $84 including the aviary

Accommodation near Maleny

<em>Our amazing accommodation at <a href=httpswwwbookingcomhotelauglasshouse mountains ecolodgeenhtmlaid=1459324no rooms=1group adults=1 target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Glass House Mountains Eco Lodge<a><em>

You can stay in an amazing church like we did at the GlassHouse Mountains Eco Lodge.

If you’re looking for Maleny accommodation we 100% recommend staying at the Glass House Mountains Eco Lodge which is right in the middle of the mountains.

If you’d prefer to stay by the coast, we recommend staying at the Mantra Mooloolaba for the incredible ocean views.


15 reasons to visit Maleny Botanic Gardens

1. Home To The Best Views Of The Glass House Mountains


As we drove up to Maleny in Glass House Mountains, we kept missing small pockets of being able to see the mountains up close.

It wasn’t until we went to Maleny Botanic Gardens we were greeted with unlimited views of the mountains which are undeniably spectacular.

2. Be totally wowed by the exotic birds

bird-world-exotic-birds-sunshine-coast-australiaMaleny Botanic Gardens is also home to Bird World, an aviary full of 700 rescue exotic birds. Owner Frank Shipp started the aviary because they started to receive unwanted birds in the area. They’ve since taken them in and given them all a home.

This Maleny bird aviary has become a go to attraction in the area and it’s easy to see why. They have built an absolutely special home for these rescue birds that we doubt you’ll ever witness anything quite like it anywhere else in the world. Think of a Disney movie and you’d be about right.

When we visited Australia Zoo down the road, they didn’t have a patch on the Maleny bird world due to its authenticity, passion and love for the birds. Although Australia Zoo is an excellent place to visit, there’s just something more special about this Maleny bird park. exotic-birds-aviary-maleny-botanic-gardensThere are guided tours to go inside the bird aviary in Maleny throughout the day to learn all about the birds. This Maleny bird sanctuary is just incredible, all of the birds fly over to say hi by sitting on your shoulders or head.

You’ll have anything from cockatoos to macaws flying over to you but for those (like me) who have a slight phobia of birds, you’ll get a feather duster to help move them along. kissing-a-macaw-bird-world-sunshine-coastWhat we witnessed in the aviary was something quite remarkable. The staff who showed us around had such a passion for these birds that you could see they all had personalities. This macaw above especially loved having kisses. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

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3. Hire a buggy and go on a self drive

golf-buggy-hire-maleny-botanic-gardensIf you’re not up for walking around the gardens or are on limited time, you can explore the gardens by hiring a golf buggy from $24 for 1 hour.

This is a brilliant opportunity to be able to explore the gardens without running out of energy and is perfect for older people or a great thing to do in the Sunshine Coast for disabled people.

4. Bring A Picnic To Maleny Botanic Gardens

Looking to chill out for the day? Pick up some food at the Maleny Botanic Gardens cafe or from Maleny itself and bring a picnic with you to enjoy the views of the Glass House Mountains without crowds. You won’t find anywhere else with peaceful views like this.

5. A perfect place to entertain the kids

If you need the kids to burn some energy, bring them to the gardens to run around and explore the many Maleny walking paths. Just make you keep an eye on them and they respect the plants and sculptures around the gardens.

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6. Let the world’s most talkative parrot sing to you

You absolutely won’t believe it, Maleny Botanic Gardens is home to the world’s most talkative parrot called Coco. We could believe it when we saw the parrot singing a combination of Old McDonald Had A Farm and opera all in one go. It was literally like someone had turned on a speakerphone.

People specifically come to Maleny Botanical Gardens to see this parrot which will blow your mind.

7. Maleny Botanic Gardens Devonshire Tea

You can take the girl out of England and all… but a cream tea or as Aussie’s like to call it a Devonshire tea is the perfect go to when sitting back in one of the gazebos to enjoy the views at Maleny Botanic Gardens. You can also book high tea at the gardens as well which would be a perfect mothers day in Sunshine Coast activity.

8.  Play spot the difference with the Monet bridgemonet-garden-maleny-botanic-gardens-sunshine-coast

With the many gardens to visit at Maleny Botanic Gardens, we recommend going to check out the Monet Garden which is complete with a replica bridge of the famous painting that you’ll be playing spot the difference.

9. Get a photo with the birds at the reception


When we first arrived, Steve offered himself up to meet some of the birds. I couldn’t actually believe it. Stevo with eight birds on him all chilling out. If this isn’t a photo opportunity then I don’t know what is!

10. Be the captain of the boat

boat-botanic-gardens-malenyThere’s an actual boat which sits in one of the ponds at the gardens. You’re allowed to go on board and have a nosy around.

11. Find a secret lookout

chair-lookout-to-glass-house-mountainsThere are many beautiful lookouts to discover at the gardens that you’ll be able to find peace and quiet to sit and take in the views of the mountains.

12. Maleny Botanic Gardens Wedding

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Sunshine Coast, look no further because Maleny Botanic Garden are home to the most beautiful wedding venue.

13. Take some awesome Instagram photos

There are so many beautiful spots at the gardens that you’ll have your Instagram account backed up with plenty of photos to share with your followers.

14. Climb up the awesome treehouse

If you’re wondering if there are any Maleny tree houses, we can confirm there’s an amazing treehouse at the botanical gardens. You’re allowed to climb up and check out this treehouse that the owner originally built for his children.

15.  You’ll never look at birds the same ever again

bird-world-maleny-botanic-gardensI must admit, birds have never been on my list as my favourite wildlife but after visiting Maleny Botanic Gardens, I’ve walked away and will never look at birds the same ever again.

We learnt so much about them that we were absolutely astonished at their personalities. All of the 700 birds have names and are looked after with so much love that you’re see them in a totally different way when you leave.

The love and passion all of the staff have for the gardens and the aviary is more than enough to make you want to visit. But, when you confirm the rainforest, views and everything else going on, Maleny Botanic Gardens was our absolute favourite place we visited during our visit to the Sunshine Coast.

Thank you to  Visit Sunshine Coast for hosting us on this trip to Maleny Botanic Gardens. 

Maleny Botanic Gardens

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