How To Find Cool Backpacker Jobs In Australia With Y-Jobs

Wondering where to start searching to find the best backpacker jobs in Australia? Thankfully YHA is making it easy for you with the newly launched Y-Jobs, a job site dedicated to helping you find epically cool backpacker jobs in Australia!

With the borders finally opening back up again for tourists and visa holders to come to Australia, we’re here to help you plan your trip and get the most out of your experience!

Start your job hunting now!

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Having lived in Australia for over 10 years now, I know I didn’t really know how to find a backpacker job on a Working Holiday Visa when I first came here. I spent the year fruit picking and working in call centres and I must admit, none of it was memorable for good reasons!

Good news for you!
You’ll be pleased to hear our YHA have just launched Y-Jobs, a brand new tourism & hospitality job board.

I had to do the dreaded fruit picking jobs to secure my second Working Holiday Visa when I was a backpacker. But, since the law was scrapped recently (count your lucky stars!) you don’t need to do this anymore to secure a second year working holiday visa. You can check out our honest What Fruit Picking In Australia Is Really Like guide to find out what it was like if you’re interested!

Thankfully, times have changed, and YHA is now making it super easy for you to find some amazingly memorable backpacker jobs in Australia to help you travel further and for longer.

Y-Jobs have teamed up with some of the best tourism and hospitality operators in Australia to support local businesses! This means you’ll have access to apply for unique jobs I would have dreamed of doing!

Connecting Working Holiday Makers with epic tourism jobs

Imagine working as a tour guide for Ocean Rafting in The Whitsundays

Backpacker jobs in Australia aren’t just about working in hospitality at a cafe or behind a bar, you can get super creative while travelling this incredible country.

At Y-Jobs, you can work as a tour guide, on a boat, in a hotel, and so much more! Work on one of the most popular boat trips in The Whitsundays with Ocean Rafting, add being a cook/dive instructor for Passions of Paradise in Cairns to your CV, and decide whether you want a long term, short term or a flexibly located job to suit you.

Submit your resume, so you’re organised for when you land in Australia, ready to kick off a memorable year working for some of the best companies in Australia!

What does Working Holiday Visa mean in 2022?

Seeing as it can be confusing to understand what the working holiday visa means in Australia, right now, if you apply for the WHM subclass 417 or 462 and arrive before 22 April 2022, you’ll receive a refund for the visa, which costs AUD$495. The government have basically done this to encourage more people to come to Australia due to the employment shortages. Australia is calling out for more people to come and work here!

The processing times to get your Working Holiday Visa takes around one day for about 50% of applicants. 75% are approved within 19 days, so apply now and you could get your visa free from the Australian government!

If you work in tourism or remote areas (amongst others) for three months, you could become eligible for a second working holiday visa, which means you’ll have another 12 months to stay here!

You’ll also need to be between 18-30 years of age to access this visa, although certain countries like Ireland, Canada and France can enter up until you are 35 years old!

How much money do you need to travel Australia as a backpacker?


Unsure how much money you’ll need to travel Australia? It’s probably one of the most expensive countries in the world, but if you’ve found a cracking job from Y-Jobs while you’re travelling, the pay will make up for the costs.

Check out our article on Everything You Need To Know About Backpacking In Australia Costs before you go!

Why you should stay at YHA in Australia

We always stay in Sydney Harbour YHA in Sydney

We always stay at Sydney Harbour YHA when we’re in Sydney because it’s honestly the best affordable accommodation in Sydney! Trust me! Whatever you do, don’t stay in an Airbnb, they are the worst in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour YHA

Sunrise from Sydney Harbour YHA rooftop

Sydney Harbour YHA is a massive hostel that caters for everyone. We’ve seen couples like ourselves, solo backpackers, families, local Australians etc stay at YHA because it’s so good. You won’t find another place to stay in Sydney with Sydney Harbour views, a massive rooftop and even views of Sydney Opera House from your bedroom! Rolling out of bed for sunrise over Sydney Opera House on the rooftop is seriously worth it alone!

Railway Square YHA

Railway Square YHA

Railway Square YHA is perfect for solo backpackers (you can read our review) and sleeping in train carriages is quite the novelty for many! It’s also the better option if you’re looking to stay somewhere a bit more lively as Sydney Harbour YHA and Sydney Central YHA are both quieter hostels. Sometimes I think it’s better to go to the party and stay somewhere where you’ll get a good sleep!

FYI – Railway Square YHA will close on Monday 21 March for a 5 year refurbishment.

Sydney Central YHA

Sydney Central YHA

Sydney Central YHA is also a great place to stay right next to Sydney Central train station and has a great kitchen if you want to work from there, which we have often done so. That being said, YHA is now catering for remote workers and digital nomads, so if you’re looking for a co-working space, stay in YHA.

Unsure if backpacking in Australia is for you?


We get asked a lot from our readers if backpacking in Australia will suit them. Many people feel too old to go backpacking in their late 20s or 30s, but truth be told, you’re never too old!

Australia is such a vast country that there’s something for everyone. The only problem you’ll have is wondering whether to go back home! Here I am, 10 years on and still here! You can check out one of my earlier articles about How Backpacking Changed My Life if you’re unsure whether to take the plunge.

Looking to read more backpacking in Australia guides? Check out our Backpacking Page for more articles and inspiration to plan your trip!