12 Awesome Reasons To Stay At Sydney Central YHA Hostel

If you’re looking for a Sydney backpackers option, we whole heartedly recommend staying at Sydney Central YHA.

You might know that we love YHA in Australia. When we stayed at their Bellingen YHA (read about our stay here), we were blown away by how beautiful it truely is.

Then when we stayed at the Sydney Harbour YHA (you can read about it here), we couldn’t believe how there is a hostel which has one of the best rooftops in Sydney overlooking Sydney Opera House.

So when I was coming back from a dreaded long flight from London, I decided to stay at Sydney Central YHA. Because we’re currently living a few hours north of Sydney in Newcastle, I didn’t want to have any extra travelling time and I heard Sydney Central YHA is really easy to get to from Sydney airport.

Here’s why you need to stay at Sydney Central YHA, one of the best and cheapest Sydney accommodation options.


Watch Our Sydney Central YHA Video

Here you’ll see how easy it is to get from Sydney airport to Sydney Central YHA. Be prepared, I look VERY tired in this video!

Sydney Central YHA is the best accommodation near to Sydney Airport.


One of the best things about Sydney Central YHA is that it’s so easy to get to from Sydney Airport on the train.

Getting on the train at Sydney Airport is easy. You don’t need to walk far and can take your trolley right from the airpot to the station with your luggage. Trust me, I hate carrying a backpack far!

The train costs $19.10 per person, something that is just about viable for two people. If you are travelling with more than two people, get an uber.

Don’t be put off Sydney trains though at this price, this is probably the most expensive train ride in Sydney. I can travel up to Newcastle which is a three hour train ride from Sydney for around $7 during peak as a

The train takes about 10-15 minutes to get to Central Station (Sydney’s main train station) which is the nearest station to Sydney Central YHA.

Exit at Eddy Avenue and it’s literally a two minute walk down the street to Sydney Central YHA.

For me, this was the easiest journey out of all of the transport I experienced from London back to Sydney. Just to give you an idea the tube lines were down in London so I had to mission it over to Heathrow which took me about two hours, I then flew to Kula Lumper and had a six hour wait which was fine. What I didn’t know was that the six hour wait would turn into 10 hours because the systems were down at the airport. When I arrived into Sydney I was exhausted.

Honestly, you’ll be so thankful you booked Sydney Central YHA when you realise how easy it is to get to.


Sydney Central YHA isn’t just for backpackers


One of the things that continuously surprises me about YHA in Australia is that everytime we stay in one of their hostels, we find there’s all walks of life staying there too. From families, older couples (we’re talking in their 60’s), backpackers and more. Don’t expect because YHA is a hostel you’ll only find stereotyped backpackers there because it’s not at all. This applies to Sydney Central YHA too.

Sydney Central YHA is in a brilliant location–yNpx9Y/

Not only is Sydney Central YHA in a brilliant location in Sydney, it’s right next to Central Station, the main train station in Sydney. This means it’s easy to get anywhere in the city from here. Want to go to Bondi Beach? Just get the train over the road, or jump on the bus outside the hostel on Eddy Avenue.

Sydney Central YHA is also located next to China Town so you’ll be able to scope out all of the cheap eats in the area. It’s also just a 10 minute walk up to Town Hall, which is where you could call it as the main area of Sydney where all of the shops are located.

We also love Redfern as the area for a night out if you love the idea of finding hip secret bars around the non pretentious types. Just jump on the train one stop to Redfern and walk down the main street. Head over to MisFits and Ron’s Upstairs to get the night started.

If you’re looking to really get into the iconic Sydney dining scene, go for either the more upmarket The Butler in Kings Cross which has great views of the Sydney skyline or to Cafe Sydney which has an awesome view of Sydney Harbour. You’ll need to pre-book and make sure you dress up for both.

The Staff are super friendly at Sydney Central YHA

sydney-central-yhaIt’s no surprise the staff are really friendly and helpful at Sydney Central YHA as all of the staff at the YHA’s we’ve stayed at in Australia have been so helpful. They will be able to help you with anything you need to know about getting around Sydney.

The rooms are spacious with great city views


The room we stayed in had fantastic natural light, a comfy double bed, TV, ensuite and tea & coffee making facilities. You’ll definitely want a hot drink after a flight!


The views are out onto George Street which is one of the main streets that runs through the city but don’t worry, you honestly won’t hear a thing because it’s super quiet at night!

There’s an awesome kitchen area


We love the kitchen area at Sydney Central YHA. It’s the kind of space that you can sit in quietly and work from. On that note, Steve actually worked from the kitchen the entire day when I landed from that flight and would definitely stay at Sydney Central YHA if it was purely based on where he could work from again. And Steve’s very particular about where he works from as well…


Chill out rooms


We also loved all of the little chill out areas dotted around the hostel. There’s even board rooms for meetings on some of the floors including some desks if you’re staying in a dorm and want to use your laptop as well.

Cinema room

yha-sydneyThe cinema room on level 1 is a great touch at Sydney Central YHA. There’s bean bags and a projector, even complete with a popcorn machine so you can sit back and watch a movie for free. It’s especially good if it’s raining outside or if you’ve got a hangover and don’t want to face the world.

An awesome cafe in Sydney


There’s a great cafe downstairs at the Sydney Central YHA. I remember eating at this cafe a lot when I was a backpacker in Australia back in 2006 and I always loved how good and cheap the food was. Fast forward to now and it’s definitely been revamped and we can confirm the food still is good and cheap.

We had a classic avo on toast with poached eggs on top and it was super good.


There’s a tour office at Sydney Central YHA


If you want to make further plans to head up the East Coast then you can literally roll out of bed and get everything sorted without having to leave the hostel. How good is that?

Lots of activities organised at Sydney Central YHA


Looking to meet other travellers then hop along to one of their organised activities.

A brilliant rooftop pool & Sauna


We love the rooftop pool, a perfect spot to relax in after a long day of walking around the city.

So basically you have the awesome cafe to eat at, the kitchen to cook whatever you want in, chill out areas, a cinema and a rooftop pool.


You’ll probably wonder why you even need to leave the hostel with options like these!

How much is it?

There are various room types to choose from including the below:

  • Double /Twin with ensuite: Approx $139 per night (this was the option we went for)
  • Double / Twin with shared bathroom: Approx $121 per night
  • Quadruple room with 4 bunkbeds and shared bathroom: Approx $175 per night
  • Bed in 8 bed dorm: Approx $35 per night
  • Bed in 6 bed Male dorm / Female dorm: Approx $40 per night
  • Bed in 5 bed mixed dorm: Approx $35 per night
  • Deb in 4 bed male dorm / female dorm / mixed dorm: Approx $44 per night

Find the best deal to book your room or bed at Sydney Central YHA right here >

Sydney Central YHA kindly hosted us on this visit. We would stay here regardless, and as always we only write about places and experiences we are genuinely interested in and have enjoyed. 

Don’t forget to watch our Sydney Central YHA video!

Why you need to stay at Sydney Central YHA


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