10 Reasons To Stay At The Beautiful Bellingen YHA In NSW

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Looking for the best place to stay in Bellingen in NSW? Whilst there is many options to choose for your Bellingen accommodation, we absolutely LOVE Bellingen YHA.

Also known as The Belfry Guest House in Bellingen, the Bellingen YHA is a beautiful building right in the middle of the town. I mean that white verandah that wrapped around the beautiful Australian hostel looked quite frankly amazing.

Whilst we have stayed in a few airbnb’s in Bellingen, we always come back to Bellingen YHA because it’s just so beautiful.

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For those of you who are wondering where Bellingen is, it’s a six hour drive from Sydney and inland from Coffs Harbour (aka the big banana territory!). And, if you’re wondering why we visited there, it’s known as Australia’s hippest small town. But we’ll tell you more about it very soon.

1. Bellingen YHA Location

bellingen-yha-hostel-australiaLet’s start off with the Bellingen YHA location. The YHA is actually the best Bellingen accommodation located right in the middle of the town.

Some people you might think it would be a concern having the local pub and the awesome Bellingen Brewery over the road, I know I thought in my head I’d be able to hear the music blasting right into our room. The reality is, it’s super quiet that if anything you’ll might hear the odd cows mooing from the fields outside your room (a fantastic reminder that you’ve left the city behind!).

2. Bellingen YHA Views

bellingen-accommodationIt’s hard to imagine that accommodation right in the middle of a town can hold incredible views, but let me tell you, Bellingen YHA has the kind of views that you’ll want to wake up early just to watch the sunrise.

Honestly, that one morning we woke up early was a moment I think will stay with us for a long time. Hearing the sound of the birds and nothing else whilst the sky turned pink was an absolute delight.

3. The Space

bellingen-accommodation-yha-bellingenThe Bellingen YHA is located in such a beautiful house that you’ll have so much space to chill out in, mostly on your own without anyone else around. We loved the verandah so much, from the swinging chair to the table and chairs that just screamed afternoon tea please.

yha-bellingenThere’s a couple of floors so you can also play pool downstairs or find one of the spaces out on the deck to do some yoga, and there’s even a meditation area too. There’s also a brand new space for yoga retreats which looks stunning!

4. The YHA Bellingen owner

We’ve come to realise that one of the reasons we really love Bellingen is purely down to staying at Bellingen YHA. The owner, Amanda has such a warm nature and generally wants to help you have a great stay that we feel like we’ve become friends with her after just a couple of stays.

Amanda’s kindness really made our stay absolutely perfect and it’s no wonder she’s created such a beautiful guesthouse for people to stay in.

5. The Other Guests At Bellingen YHA


We were a bit apprehensive about what the other guests would be like because it was our first stay in a YHA in Australia. In our heads, we wondered whether it might be noisy but it was far from it! There’s such a mixture of people staying there; grandparents, families and backpackers. Bellingen YHA also have wheelchair access as well which is fantastic.

But most of all, it was really quiet here! It’s also the kind of place you’d want to stay for weeks because it’s so chilled out.

6. Insta worthy place

affordable-bellingen-accommodationThis Bellingen accommodation is so beautiful, you’ll be able to take so many insta worthy photos, you’ll have all of your followers wanting to know where this gem actually is.

7. Great facilities to cook your own food

There’s a big clean kitchen that has everything you’ll need to cook your own food. I must admit it might be hard to pass up the $10 meals on a Wednesday night at the local pub though.

8. Stylish Modern Rooms


There’s actually no dormitories at this YHA in Australia, you’ll be able to find a variety of different rooms from double rooms to family rooms here!

9. Awesome cheap accommodation in Bellingen


I doubt you’ll find much better than this cheap Bellingen accommodation as the rates start from around $80 for a night’s stay.

10. Having access to so many local gems we didn’t know about

Bellingen-yha-accommodationWhen we woke up on the first morning at Bellingen YHA, we went down to the kitchen and saw a big map on the wall (at the back of this photo).

We couldn’t believe how many local gems were on this map and with the help of the owner Amanda to talk us through how we were going to spend our time in Bellingen, we put together a plan.

If we hadn’t stayed at this YHA, I don’t think we would have found out about some of the amazing things to do in Bellingen.

We must admit, you’ll want to come back to the YHA as soon as possible. We honestly couldn’t think of another place we’d could spend a more chilled out weekend at.

This post is brought to you thanks to YHA Australia for hosting us at YHA Bellingen.  

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