Why You Need To Visit Wombeyan Caves In Sydney

Thinking of visiting Wombeyan Caves in Sydney and looking for a bit of information on it? Here’s our experience of our weekend from Sydney at Wombeyan Caves.

That time we swam through a canyon at Wombeyan Caves

I first went to Wombeyan Caves a couple of years ago to swim through Mares Forest Creek Canyon, and boy what a sight it was. I have to say, it’s probably the best thing I have ever done since I moved to Sydney years ago. The water was a turquoise green, and there wasn’t one other person in sight the whole day.

As my friend and I scrambled over rocks, we swam our way through the most pristine waters and scenery I have seen in Australia. That day we spent a few hours in the canyon but we didn’t get a chance to see any of the caves it’s famous for.

Swimming through the Mares Forest Creek Canyon at Wombeyan Caves

How to get to Wombeyan Caves

As the long weekend drew near, I was slightly worried about the rain in Sydney so I decided to venture back down to a dryish Wombeyan Caves for the weekend to explore the area a bit more.

We left Sydney later than we wanted and made it down to Wombeyan Caves in four hours.

Make sure you take the Goulburn route to Wombeyan Caves above

A huge tip is to go the Goulburn route. Last time I went, we saw a big sign near Bowral to the caves and took it despite Google Maps telling us otherwise. This took us on the Mittagong route. Do not take this route. It’s really dangerous and a horrible winding road right on the edge of the cliff. The Goulburn route is a thousand times better.

Which cave to visit at Wombeyan Caves?

When we arrived, we went straight to the tourist information office to find a hike to go on. There’s various guided hikes throughout the day to go on.

We didn’t have the time to go on one as it was late in the day so we opted for the self guided tour to the Fig Tree Cave. It costs $20 per person to enter the cave (you get given a special coin to open the door).

The Aussie and I were completely over whelmed how amazing this cave was. It’s based on sensors so as you make your way through the cave, it all starts to light up. Best of all, you’ll probably have these caves all to yourself like we did!

At the end of the walk through the cave!

The end was the pièce de résistance where the cave completely opened up with a big hole of light shining straight through it, and it was definitely one of those “wow” moments.  

We only visited one cave that day, but, we cannot wait to go back and explore more. Wombeyan Caves is an amazing gem in NSW. We thought it was much better than Jenolan Caves, especially as the hoards of tourist buses weren’t anywhere in sight.

There’s also a beautiful campsite with a lot of kangaroos bouncing around to enjoy and a few cabins to rent as well.

Wombeyan Caves Campsite 

We actually stayed on a farm in an airbnb instead as it’s the middle of winter and it would be a tad on the chilly side!

The farm however was just a 30-40 minute drive away and absolutely gorgeous. For $102 a night, you’ll be staying with Mick and his dog Rocko, horses and some sheep!

You’ll also get your own ‘wing’ of his house complete with own TV room, bedroom (with electric blankets!) and bathroom. I couldn’t recommend it anymore. See Mick’s place here for more details.

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