If you’re looking for things to do in Sydney and up for a bit of adventure, we whole heartedly recommend visiting the Mares Forest Creek Canyon at Wombeyan Caves. Honestly, I doubt you’ll find anywhere more impressive than this spectacular place.

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Last year, I was sent a book called Wild Swimming in Sydney. It was the best book I have ever had as it introduced me to a whole new world of adventure.

I spent the summer, exploring all the best wild swimming spots in Sydney, but the most mind-blowing, incredible place mentioned was at Wombeyan Caves in the Mares Forest Creek Canyon!

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It actually took us 4 hours to get there because we went a long way round but go to Goulburn then up from there. The scenery on the off road track is amazing.

There’s an awesome camp ground there at the caves and an information centre so naturally we went in to ask where the track started. After 30 minutes, we got to the canyon and hid our few things under a rock before stripping off in our swimmers.

At the start of the pool, it doesn’t look like anything but around the corner it gets awesome.

The water is unbelievably cold but we powered through after it taking so long to get there! Once you get round the corner, it becomes amazing. Crystal clear water in the canyon and best of all, we were the only people there the entire time! The canyon is thought to be million of years old, it really is incredible!!

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There’s alot of this – climbing up and down rocks in between swims

We went as far as a final pool where there was a rope you’d have to pull yourself up and it looked really hard. We were also knackered by that point as it had been a couple of hours of swimming and climbing over rocks.mares-forest-creek-canyon-sydneyThe second last pool 

Tips before you go to Mares Forest Creek Canyon


One thing to be careful of are snakes. Towards the end, I actually saw a massive brown snake in the rocks which freaked me out but it’s obvious they are going to live around there.

Waterproof Shoes

Definitely wear waterproof shoes as it is very rocky. We didn’t know about this and our feet were killing by the end.


Also wear a wet suit if you can because the water is FREEZING!!! We went in summer and read it’s best to get there before 12pm as the sun will hit some of the water by that point, slightly warming it up!


And lastly, make sure you take a camera with you!! It’s so incredible, you’ll be snapping away like there’s no tomorrow!

Where:3 hour drive South West of Sydney, 30 minute hike to the pools, allow 2-3 to go through the canyon and back. 

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Mares Forest Creek Canyon

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