12 Crucial Things To Know About The Champagne Pools In Fraser Island

Have you seen the Insta worthy Champagne Pools in Fraser Island across social media and wondering if they are worth the hype? After visiting recently, here’s everything you need to know about visiting one of the most popular attractions in Fraser Island, for anyone visiting from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay.

1. What makes the Champagne Pools special?


Wondering what makes Champagne Pools in Fraser Island so special? The natural jacuzzi style rock pools got its name from the waves crashing into the pools to create a jacuzzi style bubbles thanks to the volcanic rocks it sits on.

It’s a popular spot for swimming in Fraser Island as there are some places you cannot swim in Fraser Island which I’ll talk more about below.

2. Where you CAN’T swim in Fraser Island


If you’re wondering where you can’t swim in K’gari (Fraser Island), you’d be looking at the ocean literally opposite where Champagne Pools is located on 75 Mile Beach. This is because of the shark population in the ocean here, so whatever you do, do not swim in the ocean, even if you get carried away in the pools. While the Champagne Pools will protect you from sharks, just don’t go swimming past them.

3. When to visit the Champagne Pools


We visited Champagne Pools on a cloudy and rough day so the water was a bit wild with the crashing waves smashing into the rock pools. It was also going into high tide so it wasn’t the best time to have a dip in the recreational pools.

If I were to visit again, I would visit during low tide for experience the shallow pools and natural jacuzzi. I think it would be a bit safer and absolutely stunning at sunrise as well.

4. Be very careful at the pools


When we visited Champagne Pools, what surprised me about this place is the amount of sharp rocks in the rock pools. Some of the British tourists on our K’gari Explorer Tour mentioned the rocks, but I thought they might be over exaggerating. Turns out they weren’t and it only took me to be dragged slightly by a wave over the top of the rocks to graze my thigh. When I got out of the water, I saw people with their legs and back cut form the rocks.

When you visit Champagne Pools, make sure you are super careful here as the ocean waves crash into the pools. We saw people climbing up the rocks not quite realising that big waves could totally take them either into the ocean or over the rocks. You need to be really careful here as accidents can happen.

5. Parking at Champagne Pools


I noticed a lot of cars getting bogged at the carpark at Champagne Pools because you are essentially parking on sand (all roads are on the sand here). Our tour guide left our coach running to avoid getting bogged, so just be careful when you do park up.

There are toilet facilities here so you can get changed into your swimmers if needed.

6. Where else you can swim in Fraser Island


Wondering where else you can swim in Fraser Island? With over 100 lakes on the island, and 40 perched lakes (coastal sand lakes), I would recommend you check out our 10 Tips To Know Before Visiting Eli Creek, the famous creek you can float down. I would also recommend Lake Mckenzie, Basin Lake and Lake Boomajin (the largest perched lake in the world!).

7. Stay at the nearby hidden gem


Not far from Champagne Pools is the hidden gem of Orchid Beach. You won’t find many tourists here at all at this local small town on the island. With plenty of accommodation and even a bar here, stay here and you’ll be able to enjoy some peacefulness without the crowds but with local amenities to enjoy.

8. Stop by Indian Head on the way there


Indian Head (also known as Tukkee) is the highest point on the island, and is a fantastic viewing platform with spectacular views to spot humpback whales during the whale migration. You can park your car and walk up the short walking track to access the top of the headland here. It’s located on the Northern End of 75 Mile Beach and is just a few minutes drive from Champagne Pools.

9. Don’t get confused with Champagne Pools in Moreton Island


There is another Champagne Pools in Queensland! Don’t get the Fraser Island version confused with the Champagne Pools in Moreton Island near Brisbane! Located at North Point on the North-Western tip of Moreton Island, they share a similar effect like the Fraser Island version as the water foams with bubbles from the volcanic rocks.

If you’ve not heard of or visited Moreton Island, I strongly recommend going. You can check out our What A Day Trip To Moreton Island Looks Like because it really is an amazing place to visit.

10. Before you visit Fraser Island


Unsure how to plan your trip to Fraser Island (K’gari)? Check out our guide for 15 Things To Know About Planning A Fraser Island Trip as I break down some of the things you might have no idea about including sacred places only women are allowed to visit, hidden gems and much more.

11. How to get around Fraser Island


Meanwhile in terms of getting around Fraser Island, you have a few options to consider which is either a 4WD Coach Tour (which is what we did), a tag-along tour which is popular with backpackers, hire your own 4WD or trek the island on the 90KM Fraser Island Great Walk.

Check out our guide for the Best Fraser Island Tours vs Tag-along Tours vs Self Drive to help you decide which option suits you best.

I’d also recommend checking out my 4WD K’Gari Explorer Tour Review so you can see what our tour actually looked like. I break down everything about the tour in the most honest light so you can decide if it’s right for you.

12. Where to stay on Fraser Island


Wondering where to stay in Fraser Island? Here’s our top picks if you’re not doing the Fraser Island camping experience and looking for hotel accommodation.

  1. Kingfisher Bay Resort: located on the West Coast, Kingfisher is an upmarket resort with heaps of daily activities, multiple swimming pools and restaurants to choose from.
  2. K’gari Beach Resort (formerly Eurong Beach Resort) – Located at Eurong, this centrally located hotel is perfect for those looking to tick off all the 75 Mile Beach attractions.
  3. Fraser Island Retreat – located in Happy Valley, this retreat offers bungalows as well as a swimming pool and an onsite bistro and bar.

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