Discover The Best Christmas Lights In Sydney In Erskineville

Looking for the best Christmas lights in Sydney? Find out how our new writer Nina Moussu found some of the best Christmas outdoor lights in Erskineville. Originally from France, Nina has been living in Sydney for the last six years and is based in Newtown. Make sure you follow her adventures on Instagram, as she explores places around her local suburb of Newtown and the surrounding areas.

Whilst Christmas in Sydney might not feel the same as being back home, I do love checking out the Christmas lights in Sydney every year, especially when I’m feeling a bit homesick in Australia. There’s something really magical about seeing the effort people go through to share the Christmas cheer. But this year, I managed to come across a hidden gem in Sydney, I knew I needed to share on Londoner In Sydney.

Let me describe the amazing Christmas lights in Sydney’s Inner West suburb of Erskineville. I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

Where Are The Best Christmas Lights In Sydney?

We stumbled across these epic Christmas lights in Sydney at Pleasant Avenue in Erskineville, Inner West. The street is actually a heritage conservation area which is a 7 minute walk from Erskineville station and a 9 minute walk from St Peters station.

Although it’s in a residential area, remarkably it’s only a 4 minute walk from King Street in Newtown so it’s accessible for everyone. If you’re driving, there’s loads of off-street parking in the area so you shouldn’t have any problems trying to find a park.

Why These Christmas Lights In Sydney Are So Special


I have to say I’ve never seen anything like these Christmas lights in Sydney before. It’s an amazing street which has become really popular with Sydneysiders because it’s simply wonderful. It’s also one of the best things to do in Sydney for families at Christmas as you can guarantee the kids will be mesmerised by the flashing lights, flying reindeers and blow up Santas everywhere!

The Incredible Christmas Lights Display


It’s an incredible street as each house has its own style of decorations. Whilst some of the homes have big banners wishing Merry Christmas and welcoming people on the avenue, expect to see the classic Santa’s on the roof.

Other homes have gone for a more unique stamp on Christmas this year. Expect to see a photo booth outside one home, whilst others more adult friendly and even gone for the minimalist look. For the Brits reading this, there is even a British theme going on, but you’ll have to see it for yourself!


In one of the houses, you are actually invited to step in the front garden to see the fairy houses which was my favourite. The detail that went into creating this masterpiece is so incredible, it will take a while to look around and take it all in. Expect the kids to absolutely love this one!

The Secret Christmas Street Competition


Whilst we were in absolute awe of these Christmas lights in Sydney, I got talking to a neighbour to find out more about it. It turns out this Christmas street in Inner West has actually been a long running tradition for many years.

The residents aren’t just spreading the Christmas cheer, it’s actually a competition run through a secret website the residents set up. Every single resident on the street takes part in this competition as they all have to vote for the best house each year to win prizes.

One of the conditions of the competition is they have to change their Christmas decorations each year so you can only imagine the expense they go to, to take part in this fun competition.


It’s clear they are all proud of their street and make the effort to go all out on their Christmas lights in Sydney. It’s also obvious the neighbours are all close. In fact, the home owner I spoke to was on his way to his neighbours house for dinner.

And it turns out, this is an exclusive street, one that no one tends to move from as they’ve all been friends for years. When he told me about how they had Christmas lunch altogether on a long table in the street a few days ago, I just day dreamed about living somewhere like this in the future.

Why You Should Visit This Street In Sydney


If you’re looking to find the best Christmas lights in Sydney, definitely go and check out this street in Erskineville. It will certainly help you get into the Christmas spirit and I’d be surprised if anyone didn’t love it as much as we did! The kids will be in absolute awe and it’s also one of the best free things to do in Sydney at Christmas! What more could you ask for?

Best Christmas Lights In Sydney


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