How To Get To The Bottom Of Dangar Falls In Dorrigo NSW

If you’re looking to find the most perfect waterfall to swim in Australia, Dangar Falls in Dorrigo National Park NSW is the spot you need to go to.

We’ve spent ages searching for awesome swimming spots in Sydney and it came such a surprise to find an absolutely perfect wild swimming spot that didn’t require much effort to get to.

Which Dangar Falls is it?

dangar-falls-drone-shotDangar Falls drone shot.

We found it a bit confusing to begin with because there’s like two waterfalls near each other that pretty much have the same name – Dangar Falls and Dangars Falls.

Dangars Falls is located a few hours away near Armidale and Dangar  is the famous one with the awesome swimming spot we’re talking about in this post.

How to get to Dangar Falls

It’s is located 2km outside of the town Dorrigo which is 1 hour drive from Coffs Harbour and 6 hour drive from Sydney.

You’ll be able to reach the falls on Coramba Road. Although you can’t see it from the road, when you turn off for the falls which is signposted, the waterfall actually sits right next to the main road.

dangar-falls-nswViewpoint from the carpark.

You can park up right next to the lookout which offers a spectacular vantage point of the falls. There are toilets at the carpark and picnic benches.

How long does it take to hike to the bottom of Dangar Falls?

dangar-falls-walkIf you think it looks like a long way down to get to the bottom of the falls it isn’t at all.

We’re writing this post because we spent a while trying to find out how long the hike would take. We wouldn’t even call it a hike to be honest as it’s well set up for families to walk down as well.


It turns out that it only took us a total of 7 minutes to get down to the bottom and is around a 500m walk. We filmed it and took photos so we were going very slowly and we timed it on our trusted Garmin 235 watch.

dorrigoThe walk down is absolutely amazing and it’s a beautiful walk.

When you get to the bottom, you get a totally different perspective of the waterfall and are able to see the scale of it and how amazing it really is.

There’s another viewing platform at the bottom of the falls which gives you another opportunity to take more photos.

viewing-platform-dangar-fallsViewing platform at the bottom of Dangar Falls.

There’s only one way to get back up to your car which is the same way you came down.

Can I take children down to the bottom of Dangar Falls?

walking-path-to-bottom-of-dangar-fallsYou can certainly take children down to the bottom of Dangar Falls as it’s an easy paved walk but has a staircase to get there. The only thing we can advise is that at the bottom next to the falls, the paved section stops and it can be quite muddy and slippery so please be careful.

Also be very careful with your kids in the water because it gets very deep quickly.

Can I swim at Dangar Falls?

You can swim under the falls but they are pretty strong so just be careful and only do so if you’re a good swimmer.

Can I camp at Dangar Falls?dangar-falls-camping

There’s a camp site at the top of Dangar Falls you can camp at but don’t try and pitch your tent at the bottom of the falls. The campsite at the top has a beautiful view and good facilities for everything you need.


When you’ve finished your swim, we recommend heading over to the Skywalk at the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre and heading out on a hike to Crystal Shower Falls.

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Dangar Falls In Dorrigo NSW

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