9 Tips For The Drawing Room Rocks Walk In Berry NSW

Thinking about doing the Drawing Room Rocks Walk in Berry, New South Wales, but unsure how long or hard it really is? I did too. The natural rock feature near Berry in the Shoalhaven area is located on the edge of the Illawarra escarpment, offering incredible views over Kangaroo Valley and Berry. It’s not one to be missed for the sweeping views.

If you’re heading to Berry for the weekend or for a day trip from Sydney, the Drawing Room Rocks hike is definitely worth putting on your list to do. While Berry is known for the famous Donut Van, beautiful homeware shops and cafes, there are some incredible walks to discover too, especially as you’re just a stones throw from Kangaroo Valley and the rest of the Southern Highlands.

But if you’re like me and you’re wondering if Drawing Room Rocks is going to be a long and sweaty walk, I’m here to break it all down for you, so you’ll know what to expect.

Now, I have seen on other sites that this famous Berry walk takes a couple of hours. Truth is, it doesn’t. But I’ll explain that more in this post.

1. What’s so special about Drawing Room Rocks?


Located in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, this hike has a unique name because the rocks at the top resemble tables and chairs which has given it the aptly named Drawing Rock Rocks! The weathering of the Hawkesbury Sandstone has given the tops of the rocks a flat edge which makes it look like similar to flat table tops and chairs!

2. How to get to the starting point of the hike


I have been caught out many times by assuming that typing the hike’s name into Google maps is sufficient enough. I didn’t actually do that much research before deciding to spontaneously do this hike early in the morning during a recent visit to Berry. I just typed it into Google maps and hoped that it would lead me to the right walking track.

The truth is, Google maps is spot on. There is only one entrance to Drawing Room Rocks car park so you’ll know you’ll be going the right way. It was just a 15 minute beautiful drive to the car park which is at the end of the road.

3. Where to park


At the end of the road, you’ll find a sign at the starting point of the track. There is a private residence next to the track so don’t park infront of it. You’ll see some parking spots on the side of the road with a slightly bigger car park about 50-100 metres from the starting point. You don’t need a 4×4 car to get here on the unsealed road.

Be prepared because Drawing Room Rocks isn’t a hidden gem. This is a popular walk so unless you go early in the morning, you’ll more than likely see other people on this path and it is limited parking so you might have problems finding a space.

4. Is the walking track child friendly?


The walking track is child friendly but I wouldn’t take very young kids with you. Just be careful because a lot of the track has a lot of rocks, so make sure you wear decent footwear – ie trekking boots. I went on a dry morning but I could totally see that the path would become very slippery and muddy if it’s been raining.

You’ll also need to be careful when you reach the top because you’ll be high up. There is no fencing at all so make sure you don’t get close to the edge. I didn’t actually walk over the famous rocks, and just stayed back when I went up there.

5. Is the path as steep as people say it is?


I was expecting the path to be really steep walk as it says it’s a Grade 4 walk. To be honest, it wasn’t that steep as I’ve definitely experienced steeper walks. But, you’ll definitely want to stop a couple of times to catch your breath. There are a few side trails but I recommend staying on the main track, especially if you’re heading up in the dark for sunrise or back down after sunset.

6. What to expect from the Drawing Room Rocks Walking Track


The walking track is actually quite beautiful as you walk through the forest and straight up to the top. After about 10 minutes of walking up hill, the path starts to flatten out, but it doesn’t last long before the climb starts again.

I timed the walk and after 26 minutes, it flattens out completely. This is when you’ll know you are nearly there. Within 2 more minutes, you’ll come to the top and see the famous Drawing Room Rocks!

The views are incredible as you can see right out to ocean from here.

7. How long is the walk?


The Drawing Room Rocks is a very short walk! It took me 28 minutes to walk up to the top using just the main trail, and the same back down again to complete the 3km the Drawing Rooms Rocks. I didn’t really stop, only to take a couple of photos, so the walk took me an hour. I think it would probably take 1h30m at the most for anyone wanting to make longer stops.

8. Other things to do nearby Berry


Looking for more things to do on your trip to Berry and the Southern Highlands? Here’s some ideas for you.

I would recommend heading to Kangaroo Valley and spend a couple of hours here. Rent a canoe and float down the Kangaroo River, and enjoy food at The General Cafe for lunch or The Friendly Inn.

Head up to Bowral and stop off at the famous Fitzroy Falls and walk around the multiple viewing platforms. Make sure you check out our full Best Kangaroo Valley Waterfalls before you go as you don’t want to miss Belmore Falls and Carrington Falls either.

When you’re in Bowral, make sure you go to The Press Shop for breakfast, visit the beautiful Red Cow Farm and don’t forget to do the Box Vale walking track!

And if you’re heading towards the ocean, check out our Best Things To Do In Wollongong guide as there’s some amazing hidden gems you need to visit like Sandon Point Boatsheds, Bombo Quarry and much more.

9. Accommodation near Drawing Room Rocks


Wondering where to stay near Drawing Room Rocks? I recommend staying in Berry for your trip. Berry has so many beautiful cafes and good pubs as well. Just be careful, if you’re not staying on the weekend, the two pubs are the only places open during week nights.

  1. Berry Boutique Motel – we stayed here opposite the Berry Donut Van – perfect location!
  2. The Homestead – luxury stay in beautiful accommodation just outside of town.
  3. Mercure Gerringong Resort – close to Berry but a fantastic trustworthy resort for families and couples.

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