It was an institution to meet up with friends and pig out on a good sunday roast when I lived in UK.

So The Aussie and I decided to check out what pubs do a good Sunday roast in Sydney and the first pub we started off with had to be without a doubt my favourite pub in Sydney – The Lord Dudley based in Woollahra. I absolutely love this pub because unlike most other pubs around, this one has so much character and feels like I could be back in England. With an extremely British feel to the place, you can even buy a pint in here and the place even smells of British pubs (chip fat smell, you know the one that has sunk right into the carpet!).

We had the British chef to cook us four Roast Beef’s which didn’t take more than 20 minutes. The only thing about The Lord Dudley is, everyone else heads there on a Sunday so it’s hard to get a table unless you book. I really like the upstairs that has sofas and little booths but its always packed 🙁

So, this is what we had:

4 x Roast Beef $27 each

(w/pumpkin, yorkshire pudding, green beans, roast potatoes & carrots)

2x Warm Chocolate & Hazelnut Brownie, Salted Caramel Ice Cream $12

1x Eton Mess $12

The roast was really good apart from the yorkshire pudding was a pretty poor effort and there wasn’t a huge amount on the plate. Nonetheless it was really good and the desserts, o my – they were good!! I went for the highest sugar content with the Eaton Mess, a proper British dessert.

So, next week we will try somewhere else out and see if it’s any better than The Lord Dudley. Atmosphere and pub wise, I’m not sure anywhere else will top it but food wise, who knows??? Check out my other post about a good Sunday Roast Pub here.

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