Cascade Falls Walk: A Family-Friendly Hike in Macquarie Pass National Park, NSW

Discover a family friendly walk near Sydney and put Cascade Falls in Macquarie Pass National Park on your list to do! If you’re looking for information about various family friendly walks in Sydney or in the Shoalhaven region, we highly recommend checking out this short and easy walk to a gorgeous waterfall.

Where is Cascade Falls?


The fairly short walk of Cascade Falls is located in Macquarie Pass National Park which is located just 20 minutes from Robertson in Southern Highlands. It’s also a 2 hour drive from Sydney and makes a great day trip add on with plenty of other locations to visit in the area.

We admittedly went and just typed in ‘Cascade Falls’ into Google maps thinking it would take us to the car park. Don’t do this as it will lead you up the pass if you’re coming from the ocean side. If you’re coming from Wollongong or any beach town, you’ll need to park at the car park at the bottom of the mountain before the road takes you up to the top.

You’ll probably see cars parked, you’ll need to go to the car park on the right of the road. From there, the path for cascade Falls starts in the far right corner of the car park.

Unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed on this tack as it’s in a NSW National Park. There is a picnic area and nice grassy section next to the car park you could sit down and enjoy with friends and family after the walk.

How long is the trail?


Cascade Falls is just 900m long and took us 12 minutes to walk to at a slow pace. The ground is flat and there are only a few steps to walk up in the walk as you basically walk along the path next to the creek.

We saw loads of kids running up and down the well maintained trail and it’s an super easy walk to follow that you don’t need hiking boots.

The trail leads you into a rainforest canopy so if you’re visiting while it’s raining, you’ll be covered for most of the walk. The moss covered rocks and general vibe actually reminded us of rainforest walks we do in Sunshine Coast which surprised us. The only thing missing were seeing palm trees amongst the trees in this forest.

Swimming in Cascade Falls


When you reach Cascade Falls in Macquarie Pass National Park, it’s a pretty waterfall with some epic tree roots falling down the side of it. I think that’s what makes it really cool to see. While this beautiful waterfall isn’t quite big enough to swim in it, you could have a dip on a hot day.

The other waterfalls on this track


Now, there are two more waterfalls on this track, but at the time of visiting the path is taped up in red tape with a sign saying it’s closed. The path is a steep climb up a muddy path which takes you to the top of Cascade Falls where this is technically another waterfall. Don’t attempt this path because it is closed but also accidents could easily happen.


You might see some people walking up and down through this path so if you do attempt it, be careful and do not take kids. And if you do decide to go, the second waterfall is literally at the top of Cascade Falls and is only one minute of walking after the climb. There is another path which will take you to the other waterfall but I don’t know how long that takes.

Looking for more waterfalls to visit in Macquarie Pass National Park?


If you love visiting waterfalls in Sydney, there are loads more to discover and one of our favourites right in Macquarie Pass National Park too! We loved how quick and easy Cascade Falls is to check out, but I also recommend visiting Jump Rock in Macquarie Pass National Park as well, but check NSW National Parks to see if it’s open yet as it’s been closed for a while. I’d check Clover Falls in Macquarie Pass National Park as well if Cascade Falls isn’t enough of a waterfall fix for you!

There’s also plenty of other waterfalls to visit nearby including the beautiful Carrington Falls, Belmore Falls, Fitzroy Falls and Minnamurra Falls as well. You could easily spend the day waterfall chasing! Check out Best Waterfalls In Kangaroo Valley Guide which includes secret swimming holes as well!

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