12 Tips For Visiting Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

Looking for things to do in Melbourne or wondering if the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs are worth visiting?

Be prepared to be blown away by the incredible Mornington Hot Springs, situated near Melbourne for a day of pure relaxation you won’t forget any time soon.

This Melbourne day spa has been on our bucket list for so long, luckily our resident writer Amii Freeman was visiting the area recently and popped in for the day to bring you this Mornington Peninsula Springs review.

Let’s get into it.

1. Why visit the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs?


This wellness destination located just 90 minutes from Melbourne is an award winning natural hot springs experience. You could spend a whole day at the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs and even stay over in their luxury glamping tents.

With many pools, wellness experiences and a spa dreaming centre, you will away feeling absolutely calm as a cucumber! Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is also an incredible wine region so definitely make a weekend of it, because when you combine wine and a spa, could there be a more idyllic setting?

2. How do the hot springs work?


The water in the hot springs originally fell down as rain water and filtered down until it hit solid rock and formed into pools collecting minerals.

The water is heated by the earths core and a 600m layer of natural clay which then rises back up to the earths crust through vents and form the natural geothermal mineral waters we love!

3. What to bring or hire from the spa


If you are visiting on holiday, it may be easier to hire your robe and towel from the Peninsula Hot Springs and Day Spa. The robes are so thick and luxurious so I would highly recommend hiring one for that ultimate relaxation experience.

You should bring slippers or thongs to walk around the pools and private baths, a refillable water bottle and of course your swimmers, because FYI it’s not a nude spa experience.

4. Book one of the beautiful cabanas


There are many lounge areas dotted around to relax in the spa but if you want that extra touch of luxury and privacy, I would recommend booking one of their cosy cabanas.

Not only are they kitted out with a day bed, pouffe, coffee table, air con, cosy lighting and a safe to lock your belongings, you can also order your food and drinks through an app to come to you instead of walking to the restaurant.


I’d recommend adding the grazing platter onto your booking which comes with a selection of two cheeses, local olives, dips, pita bread, crackers and local quince paste; it was delicious and the perfect amount of food when you are in a blissful daze from your bathing.

Hot Tip! If you are booking in any wellness activities (which you absolutely should) I would time your cabana booking for after your activities so you can make the most of your time in the space.

5. Surrender your body in the spa dreaming centre


The Peninsula Hot Springs website invites you to ‘surrender your body’ in their spa dreaming centre offering treatments such as radiance facials, Moroccan cocoons, botanical sea salt exfoliation and Peninsula vine massages.

When you book one of their treatments, you will have access to the blissful sanctuary and private baths in their spa dreaming centre (16 year olds and over only). The tranquil spaces in this area are less crowded, giving you the ultimate idyllic setting to connect into yourself and truly relax.

6. Bathe and watch a show in the Amphitheatre

How cool is this? The Mornington Spa has created a unique amphitheatre of geothermal pools all facing a purpose built stage showcasing local musicians. If this peaks your interest, check our their Whats On listings and book your bath house visit to see a new artist.

The amphitheatre pools are open all day and they were one of my favourite places to relax, there is a great energy as you can see everyone enjoying the thermal mineral pools. After sunset, fairy lights light up the space and there is low light pollution, it’s a truly magical way to end your day.

7. Treat your feet with a reflexology walk

Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the acupressure points in your feet and has been known to release stress and anxiety.

At the Mornington Hot Springs, you can walk your bare feet across 10 different stones ranging from big and soft to small and coarse, to stimulate your pressure points. The walk is in shallow thermal water which feels warm and soothes the kneading on your feet. Did I feel less stressed and anxious after? You bet!

8.Experience the benefits of hot and cold therapy


One of my favourite parts of my visit was the fire and ice wellness activity. If you have never heard of this therapy technique then let me tell you some incredible benefits:

  1. Boosts blood flow
  2. Higher energy levels
  3. Improved sleep
  4. More endorphins

Using the Wim Hof method, the guide talks you through the flow between the hot saunas and ice cave pool, building up to spending three minutes deep breathing in the deep freeze chamber (did somebody say brain freeze?). It was incredible, I felt so invigorated after the cold plunge pool and would book this workshop ever time!

9.Paint your body with detoxifying clay

Book onto the wellness experiences and discover the therapeutic benefits of natural clays from all over Australia. The clays are mixed with the natural thermal mineral waters and can detoxify, exfoliate and moisturise your skin.

Not only that, you get your own paintbrush to play with and are encouraged to draw on yourself and your party…be kind with what your draw on your friend…or not, have fun!

10. Watch the sunset at the Hilltop Pool


If you time your visit right, you can watch the sun turn the sky orange over the natural surrounds of the Peninsula vineyards and even as far as Murrays Lookout on the coast of Mornington.

The Hilltop Pool is a must visit for uninterrupted 360 degree views and low light pollution to watch the stars. I ended my visit soaking in the Mornington hot springs in such an idyllic setting, I could not think of a more blissful sanctuary.

11. Dine in the bathe house

The Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs have a few dining options so do not worry about going hungry! As previously stated you can order to your cabana, or you can visit one of their two cafes or buy a picnic hamper. The cuisine ranges from healthy wholesome meals to grazing platters and pizza (psst, the salami pizza is excellent).

12. Stay the night and bathe in moonlight


Stay the night in a hot springs spa? Yes you heard me, you can book into one of their luxury glamping tents so all you have to do after a late night bathing is stroll five minutes to your bed. Then get up again at sunrise and do it all over again! No wonder this place is an award winning natural hot springs spa!

I’ll be coming back here next time I’m in Melbourne for sure!

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs Review



This article is written by Londoner In Sydney team member, Amii Freeman.

Hi I’m Amii! I’m from Darlington in the North East of England. I moved from London to Sydney in 2019 for a slower pace and to be by the coast, without having to give up my love of cities. My passion is in film and TV, I screen-write and act as much as I can. In my spare time I love trying new food, exploring new places, kayaking, hiking and cycling. Follow me on Instagram @amiifreeman!

  1. My daughters saved their money and purchased a gift voucher for my wife and l. Due to Covid and other family issues we couldn’t use the gift voucher with in Peninsula Hot Springs time frame. They have steadfastly refused to honour the voucher even though it has been fully paid for. I don’t see how this is fair. It should not matter when you choose to use it as you have paid for it. Just be aware before deciding to purchase a gift voucher from Peninsula Hot springs because if circumstances prevent you from getting there in time you have totally wasted your hard earned money like my kids did.

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