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Why You Need To Go To Organic Bondi Wholefoods Cafe

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Looking for one of the best cafes in Bondi for brunch? Bondi Wholefoods is one of THE best places to eat an organic breakfast in Sydney.

I’m sure like most of you out there, I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram not only for the amazing cafes I’ve yet to come across around Sydney. I haven’t written a food post for a while and seeing as I’m passionate about health & wellness I thought it was time to let you in on my new favourite place…

I saw this cafe called Bondi Wholefoods pop up a lot recently on the photo taking site and the food looked amazing so we decided to check it out last weekend for breakfast. Located in the suburban back streets of North Bondi, this place was booming with a lot of people standing outside of the corner cafe. We only had to wait five minutes or so and the friendly host sat us down inside by the window next to the little supermarket.

All the staff are so friendly and you could see they lived a healthy lifestyle as they were all glowing and best of all, they were really passionate about the food they were serving which I’ve rarely seen before!

I loved that idea that it’s not just a cafe but a wholefoods store as well. Not only that, but they also had a delicious takeaway menu and loads of health & wellness books on sale too.

salmon bondi wholefoods5

Once we looked through the menu and I finally made a decision because I wanted it all, I started to look through the books and I wanted to buy them all. I really liked the look of Eat Drink Paleo book by Irena Macri even though I only eat a bit of salmon here or there now, I loved the simplicity of the recipes and once I actually get round to buying it, I will incorporate the recipes into a veggie or fish option.

That’s the thing with Paleo, I know I was one to think it was all about eating a lot of meat yet a lot of the recipes in the book are vegetarian anyway. I don’t like to label myself as a part time vegan or a vegetarian because I’m not.

I’m just trying to eat a clean and simple diet which is mainly of fruit and vegetables. Sometimes I might have some salmon and sometimes I might eat bread once in a while but I’m just trying to stay off the processed foods as much as possible and I’m trying to give up my one love – Chocolate!

salmon bondi wholefoods4

Anyway, back to the food so this is what we ordered:



I had – Mango Mint Refresher

A refreshing blend of mango, mint, banana, baby spinach, whole lime, chia seeds, apple, pear juice and coconut milk

Steve had – Carob Maca Hazelnut Smoothie

Carob blended with hazelnut milk, banana, maca powder, chia, linseed, cinnamon, coconut oil and cold pressed pasture fed whey protein powder

I loved my Mango Mint Smoothie, it had a completely perfect balance of sweetness and the texture was so smooth and creamy. Steve’s was also lovely although his really needed to be a bit colder but it wasn’t as sickly as I was expecting. These have to be some of the best smoothies we have ever had. I would go back to this place just for the smoothies if I was looking to go for a drink somewhere.

The Food:


I had – Acai Antiox Breakfast Bowl

Frozen Acai berries blended with organic juice from frozen fruits, topped with gluten free millet macadamia musli, organic coconut flakes & seasonal fresh fruits

salmon bondi wholefoods1

Steve had – Toast with smashed avocado, tomato and basil salsa with fresh lime with one papnui egg on the side

served with organic sourdough

Now the food… o my… this was amazing. My breakfast bowl tasted so good, I heard it was the most popular on the menu after I chose it. I can see why. It tasted so fresh and I was buzzing after I had this for ages! Steve’s on the other hand also tasted very fresh and clean and was really good for such a simple dish. We loved it there so much that we went back again today, that’s twice in one week! And so… did it live up to the quality as last week? This is what we had…

Week 2


salmon bondi wholefoods2

I had – Green Cleanser

kale & spinach, orange, fresh lime, Australian Chia Seed, ginger, biodymanic apple & pear juice, Mercol cold pressed pasture fed why protein powder

Steve had – Mango Mint Refresher (same as I had last week)

A refreshing blend of mango, mint, banana, baby spinach, whole lime, chia seeds, apple, pear juice and coconut milk

I definitely think the Mango Mint Refresher is the best one we’ve had so far. The consistency and texture of the green smoothie was amazing but I wasn’t feeling this one purely because it tasted so bitter. It was a shame as I usually love green smoothies. Still it wasn’t horrendous and I probably found it a bit weird as I’ve not had the protein powder before.

The Food:

salmon bondi wholefoods3

I had – Superfood Summer bircher bowl $16.90

Spiced quinoa date bircher with linseed and goji or coconut and date bircher served with organic unsweetened yoghurt, fresh fruit, maple roasted almonds and drizzled with raw honey. 

salmon bondi wholefoods

Steve had – Toast with smoked salmon, avocado, fresh greens and fresh lime $15.90

The waitress recommended I try both bircher’s as I hadn’t had bircher bowl before and it tasted amazing to begin with but I became very full, very quickly. It was a little bit much for me and very rich but I’m glad I got to try them both.

I think the coconut and date bircher was the better of the two although it was definitely interesting to try quinoa as a breakfast item. Steve’s was really good and the smoked salmon tasted amazing, no salty taste whatsoever!

To see the menu click here

The Summary?

I absolutely love this place and I’m loving the variety in wholefood cafes in Sydney now. There are so many, I rarely go out for a meal that isn’t a wholefoods place nowadays! I can see why Bondi WholeFoods is so busy because they actually put a lot of love into their meals and it’s obviously working well. A well priced menu and an amazing one at that, it’s definitely a place I’ll be going back to again very soon!