Why Stevie English Hair Is The Best Hairdresser In Sydney

Looking for the best hairdresser in Sydney too? Let me finally introduce you to Stevie English Hair in Glebe. It’s taking me years to find an amazing hair salon in Sydney, so I wanted to share some of my recent transformations with this incredible British salon in Sydney!

Stevie English Hair Salon is not only an award winning salon, it’s literally like a London hair salon complete with British staff and awesome modern hairstyling.

Watch How Stevie English Hair Has Transformed My Hair

Find out how Stevie English Hair in Glebe has transformed the condition of my hair in the video below! You can read the whole story here >

I had the same hairdresser for years in London who is brilliant, but it’s one of those things you realise you miss when you move to another country.

Although it’s taken me awhile to find the best hair salon in Sydney, I’ve found a gem called Stevie English Hair in Glebe.

Why Stevie English Is The Best Hairdresser In Sydney


Cool, modern salon which reminds me of London

Eco friendly Sydney salon (they even run seminars on sustainable practise)

Modern and beautiful haircut Sydney options (you know you won’t be walking out disappointed!).

Best hair colourist in Sydney! Owner Stevie regularly wins awards for the best hair colourist in AUSTRALIA!

Nice, welcoming Sydney hair stylists as well as the best barbers in Sydney.

Watch our Video At Stevie English Hair

Who is Stevie English?

Stevie English is owned by British husband and wife, Steve and Mel.   

Stevie moved his family to Australia over 18 years ago and opened his iconic salon in Glebe in 2007. He’s the top hair colourist not only in Sydney but in Australia and he travels around the world with Matrix as their global director.

How did I find out about Stevie English?


I heard about this Sydney salon a while back and loved the name for obvious reasons, so I managed to visit them just before we left on our travels around the world last year.

For some reason women in Sydney mostly have the same hairstyle – balayage, centre parting and loose curls. I once went to one of the most expensive salons in Sydney thinking I would get an awesome cut, only to have to go back to them again a few days later because they just couldn’t get a bleached pixie cut right. I think this is because every girl was walking out with that same loose curls style.

But I get it now, some salons are renowned in Sydney for being able to produce a certain style well but with Stevie English, they aren’t producing one style, these stylists are brilliant hairdressers creating extraordinary, beautiful cuts and colours. 

The first time I went to Stevie English salon in Glebe

When I visited Stevie English before we left on our travels, I got them to basically give me a buzz cut because my hair is so hard to manage, I didn’t want to spend time dealing with it whilst we were travelling. There’s honestly nothing worse than spending ages trying to sort out your hair in the unbearable heat every single day whilst travelling.

I loved this look and it was perfect during our trip because I could just shave it myself and bleach it when needed. 

Recent cut in England

The pink I asked for lasted two days when I got it done in London recently. 

When we went back to England for six months, I returned to the salon in London I’d been to for years. I had some great cuts again and asked to go pink which didn’t quite work out to how I planned (think very faded violet) and washed it out within two days.

Back in Sydney and straight to Stevie English

When we returned to Sydney after our around the world trip, my hair had grown so much in just two months to a (usual) huge mushroom shape as it somehow grows outwards rather than downwards.

So I called up Stevie English and booked myself in with a stylist and a colour with owner and Australian Hair Colourist of the Year in 2018, Stevie.


You can see why Stevie is the best colourist in Sydney and the whole of Australia! Photo taken from his Instagram account

What I love about this cool salon in Glebe is that everyone is super nice to you when you walk in and they are actually cool, like London cool. There’s quite a few stylists from London working there, even Shaun worked in London for a good few years too and Stevie owned a salon in Covent Garden before moving to Sydney.

I finally get pink hair from the best colourist in Sydney

When I mentioned to Stevie about the idea of going candy colour pink, he just said it was easy. Before I knew it, I had this beautiful pink and creamy blonde hair that everyone in the salon was commenting on how amazing it was.

I couldn’t believe it  – after a long time of wanting to go pink, Stevie got the right tone immediately.


Stevie (on the right) bleaching my hair at his salon, Stevie English in Glebe.

But it’s not unusual for this salon to be creating different colours. You’ll see everything from rainbow hair to orange, blue and more from these guys making Stevie English the best hair salon in Sydney.


Shaun transformed my mushroom hair!

Once Stevie had turned my hair into an awesome shade of pink, Shaun could see immediately that my hair needed the back and sides sorting out.

My hair is very coarse, thick and incredibly hard to manage which is why the back and sides seem to create a mushroom effect on my head!


He just literally cut the sides and back completely off and although I wasn’t expecting it to be so short, I was actually confident because I know what a good a hairdresser he is, I knew he would create a good style for me. Shaun cutting my hair at Stevie English.

So Shaun worked his magic in creating a lightweight versatile cut that can be worn so many ways which I am loving!

The before and after hair at Stevie Englishhair-transformation-stevie-english-sydney

My before (left) and after (right) thanks to Stevie and Shaun at Stevie English just a day apart.


It’s amazing how much my face looks totally different and less puffy thanks to taking a visit to the best hairdresser in Sydney! Amazingly my hair actually felt in better condition after Stevie turned it pink.

Since I got my cut and colour at Stevie English Hair, I’ve had so many people come up to me already commentating on it which hasn’t happened in a long time, thanks to this Sydney salon!

If you’re looking for the best hairdresser in Sydney, look no further, I’ve found it for you. Here are some other hair transformations from the team at Stevie English.

More transformations

Here’s some more transformations since I’ve started going to Stevie English.


Before in England on the left, and after since I started going to Stevie English in Glebe. 


Since I started going to Stevie English Hair, the team have completed transformed my hair into silky smooth and white blonde hair I really love. I have never had soft hair like this ever before! It’s no wonder Stevie English Hair is the best hairdresser in Sydney!

Here’s another before and after since I’ve started going to Stevie English in Glebe!

Want to see more?


We love a good before and after, so here’s how they’ve transformed other people’s hair in Sydney!

Get 15% off your first appointment at Stevie English!

So how much does it cost to get a haircut at Stevie English?

Cuts start from $85 for a New Talent and can range up to from $145 with a Director like Shaun.

Colour starts from $70 for partial highlights with a New Talent and can go up to $340 for a full head of highlights with Stevie.

As mentioned above, just mention Londoner In Sydney when you book and you’ll receive 15% off your first appointment!

Check out Stevie English Hair Salon on Instagram to see other inspiration cuts!

Don’t forget to watch Our Stevie English Video

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