Ever thought about having cosmetic surgery but unsure where to even begin with the journey? For me, I’ve always wanted to get a lip filler, just on my top lip to even it out with the bottom. I put it off for years because I always had the fear I’d end up looking like Kylie Jenner or one of the Geordie Shore girls with the ‘I’ve had my lips done look’. Little did I know, you don’t need to go over the top with lip fillers like they did.Kylie Jenner’s radical transformation of before and after

After a lot of research I found out about Skin DNA, the home of genetic skin testing. This Australian company have made a global innovative product that uncovers your skin’s potential through a series of genetic skin testings. Once you receive your results, they have various ways to help prevent skin damage from their own product line called Biomimic, nutritional advice and a short term fix of fillers and anti-wrinkle injections (botox).Skin DNA’s Biomimic range

The fact that Skin DNA has developed a product that’s used around the world in various clinics made me feel like they would be a good company to trust for this first time client.

Getting Lip Fillers for the First Time at Skin DNA Sydney

To say I was nervous was an understatement, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and I’d been putting it off for so long, I nearly postponed/cancelled this treatment. I was also worried about what if it looked terrible or on the flip side, what if I loved it? Would I be signing myself up to this for life? But, after plucking up the courage, I went to Skin DNA’s newly renovated clinic in Sydney’s CBD to be greeted by the friendliest staff who weren’t only welcoming but reassuring.

Here’s a video I made of my experience at Skin DNA getting lip fillers for the first time!

They sat me down and explained the process before we got started. It was going to be a 45min treatment, longer than I actually thought. In my head, I thought it would take literally like 5 minutes!  After putting some numbing cream on my lips, out came that dreaded needle. Thankfully, I couldn’t see what they were doing as I actually have a fear of needles, so I tried not to think about the fact that they were about to put a big needle into my lips!! What was I thinking???Numbing cream on my lips before we got started

My lips were numb and with more help of some ice on them, the nurse was ready to begin. The first injection did hurt, I’m not going to lie, but as they moved on to inject me another 10 times or so in total on both lips, it wasn’t actually that bad. The pain lasted for literally a second each time they injected.

I’ve had blood tests which were more painful.

Ice block on my mouth for extra numbing!

You can only get a total of 1ml of filler injected into your lips. After 0.5ml I was able to check out the transformation in the mirror. The nurse suggested I had a little bit more as there was obviously swelling from the numbing. I trusted her because with her wealth of experience, she wouldn’t ever go over the top with fillers.And so it begins! 

I quizzed the nurse about the procedure and to my knowledge this is what I found out: the lip fillers last up to 12 months. I originally thought it would probably last about 3 months or so. Because you can only get 1ml at a time, you’ll have to wait at least 2 weeks before having more filler injected.

It turns out getting lip filler is the most painful process out of all the treatments they cover at Skin DNA so I felt quite proud that I didn’t find it that bad.

At the end of the treatment, it actually just felt like I’d been to the dentist,

and that’s saying a lot from me who’s generally a huge wimp when it comes to anyone coming within five feet of me with a needle. My body is also very sensitive and usually reacts quite badly with needles as well. Busy filming the experience for you to see!

Post Treatment Side Effects

When I got home, bruising started to flare up. Thankfully I had already decided to work from home the next day in case of anything happening. The bruising all cleared up within a week for me, which was easy to hide with a bit of make up. I was also allowed to drink and eat anything (except alcohol), and there I was thinking, right what will I be limited to for the next 24 hours?  It wasn’t painful at all and to be honest, no one even noticed I had it done.

One thing to bare in mind is because you have so much swelling when you get it done, it’s worth getting just a bit more than you would want as it does go down quite a lot. I actually just look more like me now. I feel like this is what I should have looked like all along. 

What’s the most popular treatments?

Although I thought cosmetic surgery was all about people who wanted to have the I’ve had cosmetic surgery look, it turns out I couldn’t be further from the truth. Skin DNA told me their corporate clientele would pop in for fillers or anti-wrinkle treatments (botox) during their lunch breaks! It’s all about the natural look now, you don’t need to have big duck lips anymore, and very few people walk into Skin DNA asking for that over done look.

I was really keen to hear what the most popular looks their clients would ask for and it turns out with their 60:40 women to men ratio, women are opting for the cheeks and lips fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Cheek fillers get rid of those dreaded smile lines!

Men are going for the brotox (you get the joke right?) and the angled jaw look. Yes, you can enhance the shape of your jaw to make it look more chiselled by using fillers. It seems men don’t want the completely smooth, can’t move your face look, it’s all about preventing the ageing process for them. People tend to use the anti-wrinkle (botox) on the forehead, between the eye brows or around the crows feet area.

Obviously having heard of botox, I never really knew what parts of the face it’s used on.

Vampire facials (thanks to Kim Kardashian) are also very popular which instead of injecting into the face, it’s a skin needling process to repair the skin and stimulate collagen production which provides extra healing properties.

Skin DNA’s Biomimic range to help prevent skin damage

After seeing so many people with some sort of cosmetic enhancement on TV, Instagram, walking down the street (let’s face it, it’s everywhere!), I’ve found this whole process completely fascinating. No longer will I think it’s a big deal or be scared by it, it’s actually not that bad at all, because it seems like it’s become the norm now – hell, people are getting it done in their lunch breaks! Would I do it again, now knowing what the process was like? Probably yes, but not every two weeks. We’ll see how the next 12 months plays out first.

One day apart from before and after surgery. Not a huge difference but it’s definitely big enough for me, and I now have a more defined cupids bow!

How much does it all cost?

Luckily for you guys, if you mention my blog “Londoner In Sydney” you’ll receive 15% off your first booking!!

Skin DNA offer the following services:

HOW MUCH DO FILLERS COST? (Not including the 15% discount)

  • Lip fillers and under eye fillers- From $450 (I had the soft fillers which were this price, but it goes up to $800)
  • Smile lines and cheeks – From $650 each
  • Jaw sculpting – $800

HOW MUCH DOES (BOTOX) ANTI-WRINKLE COST? (Not including the 15% discount)

The more units you have done done the cheaper it is.

  • For up to 20 units will cost $12.90 a unit
  • 21-40 units will cost $10.90 a unit
  • 40 units+ will cost $9.90 a unit.

Here’s so you have an idea how many units are per treatment with the cost for each treatment on their own. If you were to have have multiple treatments, the above prices will then occur.

  • Frown (15 units) – From $190
  • Forehead (19 units) – from $220
  • Crows Feet (15 units) – from $190
  • Teeth Grinding (70 units) – from $690
  • Sweating (100 units) – from $799

Have you had any cosmetic procedures or are you thinking about having anything done? Let me know in the comments below! Hope this has helped any of you thinking of getting a bit of botox or fillers!

Thanks for reading