I Found The Best Yoga In Newcastle At Infuse Health

Looking to find the best yoga in Newcastle NSW? Whilst there might be many yoga studios in Newcastle to choose from, our review is about the amazing Infuse Health yoga in Newcastle. This yoga studio in Adamstown has impressed us so much, we felt the need to write about our experience doing the 6 week Iyengar Beginners Yoga Course at Infuse Health.

Here’s our experience of what the six week Iyengar beginner’s yoga course looks like at Infuse Health in Adamstown, Newcastle NSW.

Why did we decide to do a yoga course at Infuse Health?


We’d just come back from 13 months of travelling the world which involved eating a lot of bad food and lounging around on beaches. We knew we needed to get our health back on track so we started to research yoga in Newcastle.

With so many to choose from, how on earth do you know what is the best yoga studio in Newcastle? I’m sure we’ve all seen those yoga deals for $30 for 30 days, that you begin to wonder whether they are actually legit and any good?

Sometimes you need to put your money more towards your health & wellbeing which is why we signed up to do the six week beginners Iyengar yoga Newcastle course at Infuse Health based in Adamstown.

But here’s the real reason…

We decided on this studio purely because it is near to where we live so if there were any moments that we would make excuses about how we had more important things to do, we knew it would be easy to drag each other over the road to get a good hour of feeling awesome about ourselves.

What we both didn’t realise at the time is that Infuse Health isn’t just any yoga studio, it’s more than that.

We also chose Infuse Health because it’s not like you have just one class a week for six weeks, they have a timetable that offers a class every single day (except Wednesdays) to go along to during the six weeks. This makes it much, much easier to manage and you can can change up your routine as and when you like to fit the classes in.

We thought this option would work out well for us seeing as we had different events and meetings in Sydney to attend to.

Did we have any yoga experience?atmavikasa-yoga-mysore-india

At the end of the yoga course in Mysore India.

We’re not exactly experts in the yoga department and we’ve never tried Iyengar yoga before so we thought it might be interesting to do something different.

We did a beginners Ashtanga yoga course in Sydney about five times because we never felt we had the confidence to step it up to the next level. During our travels last year we did a few Hatha classes in Kerala, India along with a month long Hatha course in Mysore, India which was incredibly hard but amazing at the same time.

We had been doing our own yoga practise for a couple of months before we started this course with around 20 minutes about 3 times a week of stretching into various poses.

That is literally our entire yoga experience.

Why do you have to do a beginners course at Infuse Health?

yoga-newcastle-infuse-healthOne of the things they are adamant about at Infuse Health is that everyone has to do the beginners course when they join the studio regardless of how much experience you might already have. Although this might be a bit off putting for some more experienced yoga peeps, it’s actually a well thought out and sensible manoeuvre by the owners, Josh and Rachel Pole.

When we did that yoga course in India, most of our class was filled with yoga teachers but that didn’t matter because our teacher taught us from scratch. It didn’t matter that Steve and I were totally inexperienced at all because everyone was learning how to actually hold the poses properly.infuse-health-yoga-newcastleWe felt like Infuse Health had taken a similar approach, to teach their new students correctly regardless of their previous experience. This made us feel like this yoga studio in Newcastle knew what they were talking about.

We love that there are no egos when it comes to Infuse Health, we even remember the owners Josh & Rachel telling me they are still beginners because yoga is something you’re constantly learning all of the time. We found that really humbling and refreshing to hear.

Although we had little experience with yoga, truth is Iyengar yoga is totally different from Ashtanga and Hatha. Even at Infuse Health, it honestly doesn’t matter how much experience you have because they are teaching everyone from scratch.

Is the beginners course at Infuse Health intimidating for over 50s?

infuse-health-yoga-studio-newacastleSo Infuse Health have a great emphasis for the over 50s – they offer their own yoga classes and even a very popular over 50s Movement Class. But, what’s it like as an over 50 to join a beginners yoga course in Newcastle with younger people? To be honest our course had a real mixture of people attending; from anyone in the mid 20’s to people in their 60’s, but the main thing is no one acted with any pretence on this course that it would be difficult to feel intimidated.

I know I battle with myself and my ability to hold a pose but to be honest the teachers make it clear that it’s our own practise, that we are in control of how far we want to push ourselves – something I’ve never heard before in a yoga studio. This is a great way to teach and to remind us all that we’re doing yoga for ourselves and no other reason.

What are the teachers like at Infuse Health

infuse-health-team-photoOne thing we really love about Infuse Health is that all of the teachers are really nice, like could be your mates nice that we spent a lot of time after the classes having long chats about our travels with them.

When we first joined we heard that a lot of their members say it feels like it’s a family, you know the type where a member just waters the plants outside the studio without even having to check, just because they want to help out. We’ve not really been to a yoga studio like this before, you know we were used to them always being nice but more like you just turn up, say thanks and go home.

Here at Infuse Health, we started to see that it’s more than a yoga studio and more than anything, we didn’t have to drag ourselves over to the classes, we were actually going because we really wanted to. I’m not sure how many people could get Steve & I up and sat on our mats ready for a 1 hour yoga class at 6am than a teacher like Luke could.

How do the unlimited classes work on the beginners course?


As we mentioned earlier in this post, we could attend a beginners class every day during the course (except on Wednesdays) but if you’re like me and wondering how this works,  you technically only need to do one class a week but as long as you make it to the one class a week, you won’t miss out.

There’s four yoga teachers at Infuse Health who teach the beginners course and alternate each day, technically teaching the same class throughout the week before it progresses week on week.

The interesting thing we learnt very quickly is every single class we went to felt like a different class. All of the teachers teach in slightly different ways so none of the classes felt the same at all.

One thing we really loved about this process is that having different teachers felt like we could learn a lot quicker. For example, when we were shown how to get into a questionable shoulder stand chair pose in week 5, I didn’t understand it in the first class, but by my second class of the week I got it as another teacher explained it slightly differently. It was techniques like this that made us progress a lot quicker than a normal course with one teacher, once a week.

What is the Infuse Health beginners yoga Newcastle course actually like?

So I’m going to briefly tell you how we found the Iyengar beginners yoga Newcastle course at Infuse Health throughout the six weeks and whether it’s worth investing in.

Week 1


As week 1 started, I was actually quite reluctant to use any of the props. I’d never used props before and more than anything it was still drilled into me on my last course in India not to use them. After all, I had to remember this was a different type of yoga and we were here to learn Iyengar. I must admit it took me I think until week 5 before I finally mentally and physically accepted that using props is actually OK.

We spent the first week learning all about the positioning of the feet, something that’s so obviously vital to the benefits of yoga, I wondered why I hadn’t ever been taught this before. It made my own practise a lot easier when I took this into account with making sure I had all four corners of my feet right on the ground.

We checked out two teachers on our first week and noticed immediately how different their teaching styles were. Throughout the course we managed to see all four teachers and to experience their completely different styles of teaching.

Week 2 & 3


By week 2 we had progressed into concentrating on both our lower and upper body. I was learning all about how to make those twists in various poses and how to actually spend more time on breathing.

Week 4 & 5 


By week 4 we had started using the ropes which had been staring at me for the last three weeks. I had been wondering how they are used in Iyengar yoga and it was in week 4 that we used them to do a downward dog pose.

In week 5 we started to use the ropes more and I was finally able to see the benefits into how props can really help you progress in yoga. This was the week that things started to make more sense to me. In week 5, I started to really get into the course and not be reluctant to use the props at all.


It was in week 5 that we had progressed from my favourite legs up the wall pose to a shoulder chair stand. At first I wondered how on earth I was able to get into this pose using a chair for the first time but it somehow worked. With the guidance of the teachers we all made it work.

Week 6 


On our last week of the course we notably picked up the pace that most of us remembered the names of the poses to get straight into and the overall progression of everyone had improved immensely. Interestingly we had a member come into the class on our final week who had missed the entire course bar the first week. This is where I could really see how far we had all come.

What we love about Infuse Health in Newcastle

When I finished my final class, I knew it wasn’t time to say goodbye yet because both Steve and I had enjoyed our six weeks at Infuse Health so much that we wanted to continue on with the Level 1 classes.

There’s just something about Infuse Health that makes you want to go back for more. With a combination of the fantastic, friendly teachers, it’s literally like a second home.

infuse-health-movement-class-for-everyoneOne thing we really like about Infuse Health is that they actually have a lot more going on than yoga. They have another studio in the building where they hold Movement classes, something we’re going to try out next week because it just looks so different from anything we’ve ever done before.

They also specialise in over 50’s classes in Movement as well, and after Steve’s mum visited the studio today, she signed up on the spot because she couldn’t believe how nice the studio is and how friendly the staff really are. We can confirm they are not only nice people but they are incredibly passionate about helping others as well.

There’s also a gut naturopath on site called CK Health who we’ve also just visited. With both of us suffering with gut problems after all of the random countries we’ve visited around the world, we’ll update you on how this path goes for all of the people following our SIBO journey.

And with personal training and an Ayurvedic Medicine coach on site as well as numerous health events, Infuse Health is much more than a yoga studio in Newcastle.

Who knew we had hit a jackpot when all we were looking for was a yoga studio nearby that we wouldn’t be able to have any excuses not to visit. I can confirm that when you invest in going to the best yoga in Newcastle, you won’t go wrong.

There’s just something about this place that if even Steve’s 74 year old mother can sign up on the spot, then they must be doing something right.

The beginners six week yoga course costs $149 and a 2 week unlimited movement class offer is just $50. Find out more here.

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