10 Best Things To Do In Mudgee NSW

Looking for things to do in Mudgee NSW? Don’t think it’s all about Mudgee vineyards, Beck from Travel Made Me Do It is sharing her favourite Mudgee attractions and hidden gems you had no idea existed! She swapped Manchester for Sydney in 2020, and has discovered so many amazing places to visit in NSW. You can check out her awesome Instagram account to keep up to date with her adventures.

In recent years, Mudgee has quickly built up a name for itself as one of best wine regions in NSW. It’s certainly a cool alternative to the ever popular and more well known Hunter Valley, and it’s somewhere many people are happy to drive the 3.5hrs from Sydney for one of the best weekend getaways from Sydney.

The sprawling vineyards are set to the backdrop of rolling hills and picture perfect scenery, making this region a most relaxing and enjoyable place to visit. Plus, the wine’s pretty good too!

However, wine isn’t all this area has to offer, as we were to discover. Stellar hikes and fantastic gorges, Aboriginal artwork and wondrous caves, cute cafes and historic colonial buildings- they’re all there in Mudgee, ready to be discovered. Let us tell you about the secret hidden gems in Mudgee, you had no idea existed!

How To Get To Mudgee

Sydney to Mudgee is about a 3.5hr drive away, located in the Central West of NSW, and makes a perfect weekend away from Sydney with a detour to the Blue Mountains.

Your best bet is to travel by car, by far the quickest and most efficient way to get there.

Alternatively, there is an option to train and then bus from Sydney to Mudgee, but this journey takes around 6 hours. Not so handy for a quick weekend getaway.

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Best Things To Do In Mudgee

We’re going to break down the best things to do in Mudgee NSW. But first…

1. Best Mudgee Wineries You Must Visit


It would be sacrilege, surely, to visit Mudgee without sampling at a cellar door or two. Even if not wine tasting in Mudgee, the scenery alone is worth a visit.

Our first Mudgee winery visit was Logan Wines, and we were not disappointed! Their outdoor terrace, complete with drool-worthy outlook over the surrounding countryside is a most relaxing start to the day.

They offer a choice of wine tasting menus, so if you lean heavily to either a red or white, you can almost tailor the tasting to your own preferences.

If you head to Logan Wines in Mudgee on a weekday, you might just enjoy the tranquillity to yourselves.

<em>A visit to Mudgee wouldnt be complete without a photo on the swing at Lowe Family Estate <em>

Our second tasting was at Lowe Family Estate. Their cellar door sits out on a gravel courtyard, with high tables, bar stools and obligatory oak barrels to sit around. There’s a lovely pond to walk around with a purpose built love swing from which to really soak up your surroundings.

Make sure you pop into Lowe Food Store at Lowe Family Estate, which sells a variety of cheese, meats and baked goods. Situated within the huge corrugated barn where the magic happens, the inviting little shop couldn’t feel more rustic. 

2. Castle Rocks Walk In Mudgee


If you didn’t already know, you’ll find some of the best walks in Mudgee are definitely worth the visit. Usually you’ll find Dan and myself on a trail somewhere as it’s what we love doing on any NSW trip. We were then thrilled to find our hiking needs met with the fabulous Castle Rocks track in nearby Munghorn Nature Reserve.

This 8.5km return Mudgee hike, taking round 2 hours to complete, truly exceeded our expectations. The majority of the track winds through forest, at a fairly even gradient, until you eventually arrive at Castle Rocks.

The stunning sandstone outcrops are littered across the landscape. They rise majestically like ancient pagodas through the trees. It felt like stumbling across a long forgotten civilisation. Be sure to climb up to get those 360 views- they’ll take your breath away.

3. The Drip Walk In Mudgee


Head to Goulburn River National Park and complete the Drip Gorge Track in Mudgee. This serene and peaceful hike will take less than an hour to complete. The trail meanders along the The Goulburn River until you reach The Drip- a huge, porous sandstone wall dripping with spring water.

The best time to experience Drip Gorge is after a heavy period of rain, though if you visit on a clear and warm day, a dip in the rock pools is a must. There’s parking at the entrance to the walk, along with a picnic area and drop toilets making it one of the best things to do in Mudgee.

4. Explore Aboriginal Rock Art In Mudgee


Just 2km north from The Drip you’ll find Hands On The Rock in Mudgee. This sacred and culturally significant site contains numerous Aboriginal rock art stencils belonging to the Wiradjuri people. There’s a viewing platform which gives fantastic access to really marvel at these ancient impressions. It’s a very special experience especially if you’re looking for Aboriginal Rock Art in NSW.

The road is supposedly 2WD accessible, although we chose to park a little further back from the car park and walk the remainder of the road as a precaution- the surface was looking a little too precarious for our liking. Just be warned if you do attempt the drive.

5. Find The Hidden Frog Rock


Frog Rock is a fun formation of granite rocks shaped like, well, a frog! The rock is situated just at the side of Ulan Cassilis road, around 19km north of Mudgee.

There’s not much in the way of parking and the sign is easy to miss, so be sure to keep a lookout and pull in appropriately. There’s room for just a few cars at the side of the road, but the turnaround of visitors is quick so it’s doubtful you’ll ever be queuing.

We’d recommend familiarising yourself with the image of Frog Rock, just so you know what you’re looking for!

6. Check Out Wellington Caves


If, after all that, you’re still hankering for a little more things to do in Mudgee, then look no further than Wellington Caves. Just over an hours drive west of Mudgee lies this wonderfully preserved and awe inspiring underground, prehistoric world.

Fossils and remains of mega fauna have been found here at Wellington, including giant Wombats and Kangaroos! Guided tours must be booked to gain access to the caves, with the tour guides being hugely knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions along the way.

The main cave is Cathedral Cave. This contains ‘The Altar”- a 15m high stalagmite that really has to be seen to be believed. The caves are thoughtfully lit, so as to show off the interiors in all their splendour and, importantly, enable you to see where you’re going. So don’t worry, no getting lost in the dark.

We found loads of things to do in Mudgee which combined the perfect mix of relaxation and low key adventure. It’s also home to some of the best wineries in Australia we’ve personally been to which are definitely worth a look in next time you’re planning a weekend away from Sydney.

The natural delights, hikes and cultural significance of the area are truly magnificent and will surely be hard to forget. 

Best Mudgee Restaurants & Cafes

Wondering where to eat in Mudgee? Whilst it’s home to some of the best restaurants in NSW, here’s our low down on the best Mudgee restaurants and cafes.

7. Best Coffee In Mudgee


Finding a good coffee when visiting a new town or city is always high up our to do list. When looking for the best coffee in Mudgee, you must check out Alby + Esthers. This charming little cafe is situated at the end of a brick alleyway off the main drag of Market Street. You’ll spy the festoons and draped vines hanging above a small and incredibly inviting cobbled courtyard.

The coffee is delicious and more than lives up to the expectations this eclectic and chilled cafe conjures up. Sit al fresco or enjoy the cosy surrounds of the few outbuildings that wrap around the courtyard.

8. Picnic In Mudgee’s Lawson Park


We were lucky to enjoy excellent weather during our stay, and so took advantage and bought some goodies to take down to the Mudgee’s Lawson Park. The park itself is a lovely spot to visit in town.

There are bike and walking tracks to saunter along, as well as secluded spots by the river in which to enjoy lunch. We popped to Mudgee Bakery & Cafe for a couple of hot baked treats before finding our spot in the park. Pure bliss.

9. Eat At Lawson Park Hotel In Mudgee


The standout pub in town is the beautifully styled Lawson Park Hotel in Mudgee. It’s also the oldest pub in town, dating back to 1860. Their Red Heifer Bistro is award winning and offers some delectable options for dinner.

Alongside an excellent grill menu, which will be a struggle to choose from, you’ll find all the usual pub classics. Add to that the heritage Main Bar, from where you can enjoy a glass of Mudgee’s finest, and you’ve found yourself the perfect evening spot to kick back and relax

10. Where To Stay In Mudgee

The Woolpack Hotel as reviewed in below. Image via Trip Advisor.

If you’d prefer to make it a weekend getaway from Sydney rather than a Sydney day trip, then check out the Woolpack Hotel in Mudgee. It’s situated on Market Street and so, pleasantly, all amenities are on your doorstep.

We’re always after a good deal on accommodation and so opted for the budget friendly Woolpack Hotel with shared bathroom facilities. Of course, that may not suit all tastes, so fear not, there are room options for private en suite or even a one and two bedroom flat. 

Mudgee is not short of accommodation options and so if you desire something town or countryside based, you’ll find plenty to meet your individual needs. Find more Mudgee accommodation options here.

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Best Things To Do In Mudgee


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