10 Things To Know About Baxter Falls Walk In Sunshine Coast

While many people head to Kondalilla Falls in Montville or Gardners Falls in Maleny, why not explore the lesser-known Baxter Falls in Sunshine Coast next time you’re looking for a waterfall or swimming hole?

In this Baxter Falls guide, we’re going to share everything you need to know about how to get here, how long it should take, and the hidden second swimming hole you might not realise is there to discover!

Since we moved to Sunshine Coast recently, we’re on a mission to visit as many waterfalls and swimming holes as we can find! I heard about Baxter Falls but couldn’t find that much info about it on the internet. We tried to do this hike a few weeks ago, but Steve forgot his socks, so we did the shorter Kondalilla Falls walk instead.

After visiting today, I knew I had to share what we learnt so that you can do this hike with ease.

1. Where Is Baxter Falls?


Baxter Falls is located in the northern end of Kondalilla National Park in Sunshine Coast, and part of the legendary Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. It’s an 8-minute drive from the gorgeous little town of Mapleton, so if you need to find a lunch venue, then you could check out the Mapleton Tavern, which has spectacular ocean views or pick something up at the bakery in town.

Watch Our Baxter Falls Video!

We filmed our hike to show you what to expect!

2. Start from the North or the South?


There are two entrances to the Baxter Falls walk. You can start from either the North or Southside. We walked from the Northside, although I don’t think it takes any longer to do it from the Southside if needed.

If you’re coming from the Northside, you’ll need to go to Suses Pocket Road. If you’re coming from the Southside, you’ll need to drive to Flaxton Mill Road and walk via the Flaxton Walkers Camp.

3. Starting The Hike


Because we did the Baxter Creek Falls walk from the northern end, we drove to Suses Pocket Road. Even though there is a sign saying there’s no through road, we drove down it anyway, quickly realising there’s nowhere to park. Instead, you’ll need to park on Obi Obi Road, which is the main road. It might feel a bit random, but that’s your only option.

Take the right path when you get to the Peaceful Provence BNB

Then you’ll need to walk up Suses Pocket Road, where you’ll come to Peaceful Provence BNB within about 2 minutes. There are signs saying it’s private property, so continue the path on the right, and you’ll come to the gate and a sign saying Great Walks.

Cross over the gate and continue down the fire trail for about a few minutes before seeing another sign for the Great Walks on the left. This is the start of the walk.

4. What Is The Track Like?

When we started the hike, there was a sign saying it’s only appropriate for experienced hikers. We were expecting it to be a challenging track to follow, but it’s not. The trail isn’t that well maintained and feels like it’s not as well-trodden on as other walks in Sunshine Coast.

There are no signs for the way to Baxter Falls until you are right near them. Just continue the path as you wind your way down into the valley.

We saw a couple of kids with their families on the way to Baxter Creek Falls. It’s not a challenging walk, but it feels like a slog on the way up and not suitable for very young kids.

5. How Long Is The Baxter Falls Walk?

We timed the entire hike, and it took us 2h30m total and around 4km return. It took us 45 minutes to walk there, 35 minutes back up the hill, and we spent 1 hour there. We strolled so you could do it much quicker if you wanted.

6. Distance Between The Suspension Bridge And Baxter Falls

I read there’s a suspension bridge to walk over on the Baxter Creek Falls walk, but I didn’t know if it’s part of the Northern or Southern approach. It’s on the Northern approach of the walk and only 100 metres or so from the waterfall. It’s wonderful to see the river and rocks on the way up the Baxter Creek.

There’s no rock hopping involved as the path will take you right up to this Sunshine Coast waterfall. It is safe to swim in when you get to the waterfall, although the water wasn’t clear due to the recent rain.

7. Finding The Second Secret Swimming Hole

When we flew the drone up to get a better view of the falls, we were pleasantly surprised to find another swimming hole beneath the waterfall. We even saw someone up there, although we’re not sure if they found another path leading to it, rather than swimming up to it from the bottom where we were.

8. Is The Baxter Falls Walk Worth it?

We weren’t expecting a lot and wondered whether to bring swimmers with us as we read that Baxter Falls is quite a small swimming hole. The truth is, we were actually quite surprised at what a little hidden gem this waterfall is.

9. Longer Hikes Including Baxter Falls

If you’re looking to include Baxter Falls as part of a longer walk, you can do the following:

Suses Pocket Road – Flaxton Walkers Camp and down to Mill Road – 4.3km one way

Kondalilla Picnic Area – 7.7km one way

Baroon Pocket Dam 18.9km

Mapleton Falls to Baxter Falls – add another 1.5km one way to the Mapleton Falls Lookout

Sunshine Coast Great Walk – if you’re up for completing the entire Great Walk, it’s a lengthy 58.8km walk which will take you to all of the highlights around the hinterland.

10. Where To Stay Nearby


If we were staying in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, we would stay at one of the following:

  1. Peaceful Provence BNB – we saw this bnb at the start of our hike and it looked really beautiful, plus it comes with a pool!
  2. Destiny’s Run Retreat – those epic views are enough for us to book instantly!
  3. Mapleton Springs – five star adults only with a killer infinity pool and spa. It looks like heaven to us!
  4. Kondalilla Eco Resort – beautiful accommodation in the middle of the rainforest with excellent restaurant on site.

Watch Our Baxter Falls Video!

We filmed our hike to show you what to expect!

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Baxter Falls Walk in Sunshine Coast