8 Things To Do In Kenilworth, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Looking for things to do in Kenilworth in Sunshine Coast, Queensland? Have you only heard about the famous Kenilworth doughnuts and Kenilworth Dairies in this small town? Let us introduce you to a beautiful town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland you need to visit.

We were unsure whether Kenilworth would be worth visiting, but we discovered a gorgeous little town with absolutely beautiful national parks to explore nearby. There’s plenty of top attractions in this part of the Sunshine Coast you need to know about.

Discover art galleries, a street full of independent shops and the lovely Kenilworth Town Park in the centre of town to chill out in. It could easily be a place to explore on a day trip from Brisbane or a weekend getaway for sure.

Here are some of the best things to do in Kenilworth to give you some travel inspiration for your next visit to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Where Is Kenilworth?


Kenilworth is situated 30 minute drive from Maleny and a 25 minute drive from Eumundi. It’s also a 45 minute drive to Coolum Beach and 1h30m from Brisbane.

Located next to the Imbil State Forest (also known as the Kenilworth State Forest) and Conondale National Park, it’s a beautiful town you should really make the effort to visit. If you’re looking for some of the best hikes in Queensland or swimming spots, look no further.

1. Head Straight For Doughnuts At Kenilworth Country Bakery


We heard about the legendary 1kg doughnut challenge at the Kenilworth Country Bakery and decided to go and see what the fuss was all about. We actually had no idea the bakery would serve up absolutely amazing doughnuts, like way better than what Doughnut Time used to. We had to pick fast because there was a little line behind us, so I went for a Nutella doughnut and Steve had a pistachio one.

Delicious dog biscuits at Kenilworth Country Bakery

When we went to pay, they had doughnuts for dogs too, so we got our pooch one which she loved. In their main bakery next door, we picked up a big dog biscuit which we’re still feeding our dog now, a month later! If we lived in Kenilworth, I would totally buy a doughnut every day from here. It’s worth the drive alone!

2. The Yoghurt & Mousse At Kenilworth Dairies


Our next stop was to the Kenilworth Dairies. We had tried their passionfruit yoghurt when we first arrived in the area and both said it was the best yoghurt we’ve ever tasted. So when we turned up to Kenilworth Dairies, we went straight into the shop and picked up loads of yoghurt which is so cheap at just a couple of dollars each.

When we went to pay, we saw a sign asking us if we had tried their award-winning chocolate mousse, so we picked some up as well. All I can say is, it is without a doubt the BEST chocolate mousse either of us has ever tasted. Get to this Kenilworth factory now and stock up on this ridiculously tasty mousse!

3. Check Out The Easy Fig Tree Walk

Although the Fig Tree Walk only takes about 15 minutes, it’s really beautiful and a fab dog-friendly walk on Sunshine Coast too! When you park up, you have to walk over the bridge which connects Little Yabba Creek and the Mary River which is so beautiful, the fern trees really reminded us of being in Colorado.

When you walk into the start of the Fig Tree Walk, it takes you into a tropical rainforest which is simply stunning. The entire walk is on a boardwalk so it’s family-friendly and wheelchair friendly too.

4. Visit The Famous Strangler Cairn By Andy Goldsworthy

Image via sunshinecoasthinterlandcomau

Did you know there’s a sculpture by famous British artist Andy Goldsworthy in Conondale National Park? The famous Strangler Cairn sculpture stands at 3.7 metres tall, which has been created by piecing together hundreds of rocks from a nearby quarry.

Although the art piece is a work in progress, a strangler fig has been positioned at the top of the sculpture so that when the roots grow bigger, it will grow through the rocks which will influence how much the structure will change.

You can get here by walking the 6.5km return walk from the Booloumba Day Use Area. You need a 4×4 to get to the starting point as there are three creek crossings to pass by. Otherwise, you can park up before the first creek crossing and add another 3kms to the hike.

5. Booloumba Falls

Image via qtcomau

One of the famous swimming holes in Sunshine Coast is Booloumba Falls which is a 35-minute drive from Kenilworth in Conondale National Park. Surrounded by lush rainforests, this 3km walk is a favourite amongst locals and those who like exploring hidden gems. It’s suggested to allow 2 hours for this Sunshine Coast walk, and you’ll need a 4×4 car to access the walking track.

6. Swim At Artists Cascades

Image via aussiebushwalkingcom

The Artists Cascades walk in Sunshine Coast is part of the Conondale Great Walk which follows the Booloomba Creek. As it starts at the same starting point as the Strangler Cairn artwork, you can do a side tour to there before continuing on to Artists Cascades. It’s a 10km walk so be prepared to put aside between 4-5hours to complete it.

7. Swim At Little Yabba Creek

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Discover the gorgeous Little Yabba Creek circuit in the Imbil State Forest on the Sunshine Coast which is accessible by 2wd cars. The 45 minute walk starts and finishes from the Charlie Moreland day-use area with access to swimming spots all along the beautiful Little Yabba Creek.

8. Kenilworth Bluff

Image via aussiebushwalkingcom

Just a 7 minute drive out of town will bring you to Kenilworth Bluff which is a 5km return track, with epic lookout views over the Imbil State Forest. Starting from the Kenilworth Bluff Wilcox Family Park, it’s a moderate climb up to the top of the mountain and over the Mary Valley.

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A big thanks to Visit Sunshine Coast for hosting us on this trip to Kenilworth. As always, all words are our own and we would never recommend visiting somewhere we personally wouldn’t go to!

Best Things To Do In Kenilworth In Sunshine Coast