9 Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales

Looking for things to do in Yorkshire Dales? We were completely blown away by the Yorkshire attractions and wanted to share with you what to do in Yorkshire for anyone thinking about going on a holiday in England.

It’s weird to think of how little I’ve actually seen of England. When I was living back there in 2018, we decided to spend the weekend up in the Yorkshire Dales. I honestly had no idea how spectacular the English countryside would be and how much I would personally live there if I could.

I’m going to share the amazing 9 Best things to do in Yorkshire Dales that you’ll want to spend more time there than the weekend!

1. Explore The Yorkshire Dales Countryside

As we drove through the Yorkshire Dales, we were all in absolute awe. 

One of the best things to do in Yorkshire Dales is to go on a drive and soak up the spectacular countryside views.

I knew the countryside would be quite nice but I had no idea how utterly amazing it would be. As we drove around in the summer sun, the rows and rows of rolling fields were just mind blowing.

I did actually grow up in the countryside and I have never seen anything as beautiful as what we saw in Yorkshire. Hats off to The North of England for providing the best countryside in England! Bravo, bravo.

2. Stay In A Cottage In Yorkshire Dales

Our beautiful cottage is on the right, next door to Fountains Abbey

We stayed in a beautiful picturesque cottage which we found on the National Trust website. If you’re looking to stay in the most picturesque English cottage, this one is for you. The views out to the stream and onto the hills in the distance makes it a magical stay.

The cottage wasn’t cheap though and cost us £700 for 3 nights to fit 6 people. You’ll get the entire house to yourselves with a dining room, living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, a bathroom and extra toilet, a parking space. Technically it would only work out to be just over £100 each for five of us which a great deal!

3. Visit Fountains Abbey In Yorkshire Dales

We stayed right next to Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire Dales, a UNESCO world heritage site. Because the cottage is part of the National Trust, we were able to gain access to the ground after hours. This meant we had access when all the visitors had gone home or before they arrived in the morning and we had absolutely no idea how amazing Fountains Abbey would be.

Built in 1100’s as a monastery, the remains are still in tact (just) that the huge area is a sight to be seen. With plenty of paths, lakes and beauty surrounding the monastery, it’s somewhere you could easily bring a picnic and spend the day at. We all absolutely loved it here.

4. Eat At The Yorke Arms In Yorkshire Dales

Our private dining area at The Yorke Arms in The Yorkshire Dales.

I couldn’t believe I found the gem, The Yorke Arms in Yorkshire Dales. We were celebrating my brother’s birthday and I wanted to find somewhere special for his big day. I then stumbled upon The Yorke Arms which is a Michelin star pub right in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

The drive over to the pub was incredible and as I booked us our own dining area out in the garden with our own waitress, it was absolutely magical. We even had one diner who came over by helicopter because it’s that beautiful.

5. Visit The Sculpture Park In Wakefield

Thought all the best art galleries are based in London too? Yep, I did.

The Sculpture Park near Wakefield is so amazing, I couldn’t believe the long list of artist’s works sat in the large grounds.

From Ai Wei Wei, Barbara Hepworth, Anthony Gormley, Henry Moore, the list goes on.

This park is a great day out, you’ll need at least 3 hours and it’s FREE.

You just need to pay for parking which is £20 for the day or £6 for 2 hours. Make sure you don’t miss the incredible James Turrell’s ‘Skyspace’ piece, it’s awesome!

6. Visit The Hepworth Museum

Another amazing gallery just six miles away from The Sculpture Park is The Hepworth Museum, dedicated to British sculptor, Barbara Hepworth. I’ve been to her studio in St Ives before but the museum in Wakefield is amazing. Her work is so beautiful, you’d be mad to miss out on seeing it. And, it’s FREE too!

7. Visit Beautiful Harrogate


So we popped into Harrogate to actually visit the famous Betty’s Tea Rooms but there was a long queue so we decided pop into the shop, pick up some tea to take home and some sandwiches to sit on the green. Harrogate itself is beautiful. It’s amazing to think it’s not that far from Leeds yet what a huge difference the two are.

After seeing a standard UK city, you’re transported into a beautiful town that one would dream of living in. I think we quickly learnt that the small towns and villages are what really bring out the character of Yorkshire.

8. The people

We found the people in Yorkshire to be absolutely lovely. Although we live in South England, it almost felt like we had gone to another country. There was something really endearing about the people up’North that we just loved. And I know what you’re thinking, the people up’North are always much nicer than down Saaffff.

9. There’s just so much more I need to see


The beauty about Yorkshire is you’re surrounded by so many places to visit that the list goes on and on. If there’s one thing I quickly learnt, it’s that I’d love to go back and visit as soon as possible because here is just 9 reasons to visit Yorkshire Dales. Next time I’ll be bringing my hiking boots and will go out exploring that beautiful countryside more, and of course all of those little villages again.

If you’ve been to Yorkshire Dales, where is your favourite place?

9 Things To Do In Yorkshire Dales

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