Amazing Hike To Hanging Rock In Blue Mountains

Are you looking for more information about the hike to Hanging Rock in Blue Mountains? This one hour Blue Mountains walk is one of the best hikes in the area. The unusual rock in the middle of the valley is a big draw card, especially for Instagrammers, but here’s the information you need to know about doing the Hanging Rock walk in Blue Mountains.

I saw conflicting posts about how long the track actually was – some said 3.5km others said it was 11km but we decided to go with it anyway.

8KM return from the second gate = 10KM return total

When we arrived at the car park at the end of the fire track on Ridgewell Road in Blackheath, there were quite a few cars – but it didn’t phase me too much.

There looked like a few paths by the gate but we just took the one directly opposite the gate which is named BURRAMOKO TRAIL. We saw a couple walking up who told us we were on the right path.

Take the path opposite this gate

Once we walked down the fire trail (you can take your bike instead of walking it), it took us 1 hour and just over 5km’s (I have the Garmin 235 watch to track distances).

The walk was easy, no big hills and mainly flat ground. It’s not the most exciting walk but there wasn’t a conga line of people on the route and it just felt really good being out of the city.

After an hour of slow walking, we came to the Hanging Rock & Baltzer Lookout which is just amazing! I had read that the view was worth the walk but I never knew how worth it it was until we got there. It makes you feel like you’ve found this secret spot, it’s incredible!

Can you spot me? At Baltzer Lookout

As we sat there in total awe of this beautiful spot, had some lunch and walked down to the edge. From there, we could see the famous hanging rock to the left. It was incredibly windy at this point and Steve wouldn’t come down to the rock with me as it was a bit on the dangerous side.

I made my way over there as I saw a couple down there which gave me reassurance that it would be OK.

When making your way over to the edge of Hanging Rock in Blue Mountains, there’s a big gap in the cliff to jump over. I had vaguely seen a picture of this on another site but there was no mention that the gap is a straight drop down. I contemplated it for a few seconds on how to jump it, but the gap was too big to do it safely so I had to turn back.


I managed to get this far! Not quite to the edge but with the winds, you’d be crazy to do so!

As I was walking back, I saw these girls contemplating the gap as well. It doesn’t look like much but it’s actually really wide. 

I saw the guy from the couple jump it, but to be honest, because it was so windy, it certainly was terrifying watching him do it and worst of all stand right on the edge of the rock for a photo.

There’s not a lot of space to make a wrong move on the rock. This girl takes a photo of her other half standing on the edge. 

We then decided to make our way back to the car with the satisfaction of just going to a beautiful spot. On the way back a lot of teenagers were making there way down there. I tried to warn them that it was way too windy to go down and it was dangerous. I’m surprised that other people didn’t warn others about the dangers of it when they posted pictures of it on Instagram.

This Blue Mountains walk is worth the views but I definitely wouldn’t recommend walking right over to the edge of Hanging Rock.

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Hike to Hanging Rock Blue Mountains

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