Top 19 Vegan Eats In Sydney

We are lucky to be vegan in Sydney because there is so much variety to choose from. I tend to try to stick to vegan only places (most seem to be in Newtown) when eating out and if I’m going out to somewhere that looks like there’s no vegan options on the menu (and that’s happened a lot), I’ll either ring before arriving to check what they can do or I’ll just ask them to make up a big salad with loads of veggies which usually does the trick. I’ve also noticed how much cheaper my food bills are since going animal free which is awesome!!

I’ve decided to split my list into the top healthy vegan eats in Sydney and the not so healthy vegan restaurants in Sydney so for any of you thinking of going vegan, it’s actually not that hard at all. For those of you looking for a bit of inspiration, look no further as here are my top 18 vegan eats in Sydney…

The Best Healthy All Rounder (and perfect for a special occasion)

1. The Nourishing Quarter

I have often seen The Nourishing Quarter make it to the top list for vegan food in Sydney and I can see why – this place is AMAZING!! It’s the most random little kitsch restaurant serving up an incredible mixture of Vietnamese and Southern American cuisine whilst you’re seated in what feels like a living room with pictures and memorabilia of the British Royal Family, with 1940’s music in the background. I know it all sounds bizarre but it somehow works. We went for the degustation menu at just $45 per person (and they have BYO as well!). Every single dish was incredible – the crispy tofu is to die for!! I absolutely love this place and the staff must be the nicest in Sydney!

the-nourishing-quarter-review the-nourishing-quarter-review-1



The Best Healthy Vegan Restaurants In Sydney

(no particular order)

2. Lentil As Anything, Newtown 

Lentil As Anything is probably my favourite restaurant at the moment. The not for profit genius restaurant is a proper gem because of it’s quality, amazing vegan food, donation based cost and awesome atmosphere. I’ve already been here a couple of times in the last month! And because it’s donation based, you can just drop whatever money you think is fair in the box on your way out.


Sri Lanken Curry at Lentil As Anything

3. Bodhi, Sydney CBD

Bodhi was probably the first all vegan restaurant I went to since changing my lifestyle. It’s a gorgeous restaurant and perfect for a date as they have a beautiful garden. It’s tucked right behind St Mary’s Cathedral serving up all vegan food including dim sum and Asian food. The prawn dish literally tasted like the real thing – it was uncanny!!


Faux prawn dish at Bodhi 

4. Yulli’s, Surry Hills

Yulli’s is another great restaurant. I ordered the caramelised silken tofu and it was to die for!! A-mazing! Tip – book yourself a table downstairs. We didn’t book and moved 3 times before we found the best free seat outside. Upstairs is more of a laid back affair and a bit more like a pub than a restaurant with low lighting, low seating and tables.


Silken Caramelised Tofu at Yulli’s

5. Cafe Sydney, Circular Quay 

Did you know Cafe Sydney has a separate Vegan menu? I was astounded by this as it’s not listed on their website and when I called up to see if they could cater for vegans, they told me there was a separate menu!! This is an excellent restaurant for a special date or to impress anyone with the fantastic views of the harbour and great service.


Cafe Sydney Vegan Dosa


The Vegan menu isn’t listed on the Cafe Sydney site so I took a photo for you all!

6. Superfood Sushi, Newtown 

Superfood Sushi is all vegan and it’s so good we ordered loads and it still came to under $40. A must visit I even wrote a post about it here!!


Can you believe this is all vegan? It sure is and all from Superfood Sushi!

7. Foys @ The Flying Squadron, Kirribilli 

Foys, The Flying Squadron is a non vegan restaurant right on Sydney harbour and I am absolutely in love with their vegan Eggplant dish, it’s to die for I even wrote a detailed post about it here!


Foys Eggplant Dish with Almond Butter greens 

8. The Dandylion, Bondi

The Dandylion must be the hippest vegan restaurant in Sydney based in Bondi. I really love their menu and their awesome dishes. The sweet potato chips are the best I’ve ever had!! It also make a great bar to visit and also a cafe in the day time for lunch.


All vegan here at Dandylion

9. Yellow, Potts Point

This restaurant is Sydney’s first 5 Star vegan dining experience. We had the 7 course degustation menu and I have to say the service was impeccable and the food was out of this world. You’ll be wondering what on earth you’re eating  because it’s so different to anything you’ve had before but in a good way! This is the place to take a date and really impress!

Image taken from (I couldn’t find my own photos!)

Yet to try

I’ve not been to but… did you know…

Quay, Otto’s, and Rockpool all have vegan menus?

I’ve also got to try  Golden Lotus, Green Gormet and Mother Chu.

10. The Best Healthy Vegan Takeaway In Sydney

My go to vegan takeaway is Miss Chu (now called Saigon Lane). With loads of vegan options, I love the Vegan Pho the best.


Miss Chu (Saigon Lane) vegan pho


Iku Wholefoods is another option although it’s not somewhere I regularly visit hence no picture but it’s all vegan so a great place to pop into for lunch when you’re on the run. There are currently 10 located around Sydney at the moment to choose from.

The Best Healthy Vegan Cafes In Sydney

11. Heart & Soul, Cronulla 

Heart & Soul has recently turned 100% vegan and it’s a brilliant vegan cafe based in Cronulla. Their acai is exceptional (for my full list of the best acai in Sydney, see here)and I’ve also had their pancakes which were soooo good! I’m also a big fan of their smoothies and best of all this place is very well reasonably priced. I could put this one down as my favourite vegan cafe at the moment!


Heart & Soul Acai Bowls 

12. Pure Wholefoods, Manly

Pure Wholefoods in Manly is a great little gem. Based just off the main street this wholefoods is incredible with loads of vegan options. We went for the vegan nachos and vegan burger, both were outstanding. This is a place I will be visiting time and time again in the future!


Pure Wholefoods vegan burgr and vegan nachos

13. Proteini, Surry Hills

Proteini is a favourite of mine and even though it’s not a fully vegan cafe, the vegan bowl below is worth making this list alone. This healthy cafe also serves up awesome raw cakes and devine smoothies. A must visit and it’s just off Oxford Street too so a perfect location if you’re in the CBD. And… you can place your order via their app so if you need take out, then hey presto!


Proteini, Vegan Bowl

The Best Raw Vegan Food In Sydney

14. Sadhana Kitchen, Enmore & Bondi

We’re really lucky as there are a few Raw cafes in Sydney now. Sadhana Kitchen was the first to kick it off and their food doesn’t disappoint. I’ve been there a fair few times now and even though it’s more on the pricier side, all you’re getting is healthy tasty food with so many options to choose from! The raw lasagna is a classic but I also love their superbowl below. You’ll never think of a salad being boring again!!


Sadhana Kitchen, Super bowl

Yet to try

I still need to try out Plant Gallery and Egg of The Universe yet and I’ll be updating this post as and when I visit them.

The Best Healthy Raw Vegan Desserts In Sydney

15. Pana Chocolate, Alexandria

Pana Chocolate is hands down the most amazing dessert cafe based in Alexandria serving up the best desserts known to man. You can also buy their chocolate bars at most health food shops and I’ve seen a few newsagents selling them too now if you need a snack!



The Best Not So Healthy Vegan Eats in Sydney

(In no particular order)

16. Doughnut Time, various locations in Sydney

Doughnut Time has exploded around Australia. I’ve seen massive queues so people can get their hands on the $6 doughnut! They do a few vegan ones too which is amazing, and even though it’ not something I’d usually eat, I did try it and I didn’t notice any different to a usual doughnut!!


Vegan Donuts at Donut Time!

17. Gigi Pizzeria

This must be the ultimate pizzeria as it’s got to be the BEST pizza I’ve ever had in my life and it’s all vegan as well. The Italian family owned restaurant decided to make the switch to an all vegan menu in the last few years and when I asked them, they said they are even busier than before! This is an exceptional pizzeria and a great date night place. I’ve seen grown Italian men in there eating vegan pizza so you know you’re onto a good thing. Look out for the pumpkin pizza, it’s amazing and order a fresh green salad to go with it! The only let down is they don’t do gluten free pizzas which is why I’ve only been there a few times as my stomach is on the sensitive side!

18. Mister Toastie, Marrickville Markets (sundays)

I saw Mister Toastie at the vegan festival recently but the queue was so huge I didn’t bother. Luckily they are also based at Marrickville Markets so it wasn’t a problem in getting my hands on their vegan toasties. It was worth the visit as I loved this! Great job!!


Mister Toastie vegan toasted sandwiches

19. Gelato Blue, Newtown

Gelato Blue recently went 100% fully vegan and OMG it’s amazing!!! I seem to end up here most weekends for my one treat of the week and it’s totally worth it as the ice cream is incredible! I could even dare to say it rivals Gelato Messina (Australia’s best gelato) in my eyes!


Gelato Blue 100% vegan ice cream

Unhealthy Fact – Did you know Event cinemas popcorn is vegan?  Yep, they make it with coconut oil!

Yet to try…

Lord of the Fries – vegan version to Macdonalds

Bliss & Chips – vegan fish and chip shop

Soul Burger – vegan burger place

Funky Pies – vegan Aussie pies

Right, I think that’s it. Is there anywhere I’ve missed out that’s totally worth talking about? Let me know in the comments below.

As I’ve said throughout the post, this is a work in progress so I’ll keep up dating any more amazing places I come across.

Thanks for reading


NB Featured image taken from the Minimalist Baker 






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