If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I have a love for Acai bowls pronounced ahh-sigh-ee. I’ve recently been on the hunt for the best acai bowls in Sydney because once you start trying them, they can differ massively.

So for those of you who are thinking what is this Acai bowl phenomenon that seems to be everywhere at the moment? Let me break it down for you. It’s obviously a big food trend which is packed full of goodness and health benefits. Acai  (pronounced ass-sigh-see) is a frozen berry superfood is from Brazil. It comes in the form of a frozen puree and the secret is how to mix it to get the right texture. I’ve found Sydney cafes are using their own spin and they vary big time in taste. Some use the powder form (not so good) others use the puree and most water it down with apple juice but I prefer it mixed with coconut water.

The beauty of acai bowls is it’s pretty much like having the best dessert but for breakfast. Sort of like eating icecream with loads of fruit and granola on top for a delicious guilt free breakfast that makes you feel amazing. There’s no sluggish feeling that you’d usually get from the refined sugar of a usual dessert.

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The best Acai Bowls In Sydney

1. Culture Bean Cafe – Kogarah, Sydney

The best acai bowl in Sydney is hands down Culture Bean Cafe in Kogarah, Sydney. I actually used to live right near this suburb for 2 years and never went into this cafe until I recently saw a post on Instagram that said they had the best Acai in Sydney. Yes they were totally right! Why is this the number one?  I saw them blend the acai puree with frozen bananas and other frozen fruit giving it a really thick texture so that the fruit didn’t sink into the dish at all and the mixture of fruit and granola on the top was the right amount and super yummy. This is easily my favourite is Sydney.

Culture Bean Cafe

2. Fresh Blend – Mosman

Sometimes simplicity is all you need and that’s what you get with Fresh Blend which comes in at number 2 as one of the best acai bowls in Sydney. A juice bar that serves it’s Acai in a cup, it’s full of goodness and is made just out of the puree so it’s not watered down with watermelon or bananas. I visit this store the most out of all of the places mentioned in this post because it’s my local and it’s so so good and pretty cheap as well ($13). I love stopping off to get one on the way to Balmoral beach like below! So this one is going straight in at number 2!

fresh blend acai

3. Bare Naked Bowls – Manly and Bronte

Bare Naked Bowls hasn’t been around for that long but it’s fast becoming an institution for the go to place for Acai in Manly. My second time round to the popular place was absolutely spot on. With many variations to choose from this time round I decided to mix up their options. I absolutely love my coconut water so I picked the Bliss bowl with  the Manly Topping (without honey). They worked really well together and the acai blend was absolutely amazing. A cafe dedicated all to Acai in my favourite part of Manly in the lane ways, also serve up a few vegan dishes which is more brownie points in my mind.

And as a new addition to this post (May 2017) – Bare Naked Bowls recently opened a very trendy and instagram worthy new cafe in Bronte. Located next to the 3 Blue Ducks, this has to be the most beautiful acai cafe I’ve ever seen! My Aussie had the Hippie Bowl (on the right, below) and said it was THE best he’s ever had! It included macadamia milk, something I’ve not ever seen mixed with acai, and boy did it work. I feel like this company has really stepped up with their combinations and it’s somewhere I’ll be going back to time and time again. I think the more I go here and try all of their bowls, this could be easily pinching the top spot of the best acai in Sydney! Look out Culture Bean!

4. Bondi Wholefoods – North Bondi

This was my first ever acai bowl and it has been my favourite until I went to Culture Bean. Bondi Wholefoods is a great cafe and their acai bowl is legendary. It’s blended with orange juice and frozen fruits topped with gluten free (yes!!) millett macadamia muesli, organic coconut flakes and organic fruits. YUM! It’s so good but just a little bit too cold which actually make you feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s nothing a good cup of tea can’t cure! Their presentation has to be my favourite, done with so much thought and love and the texture was great with a beautiful topping. Just gorgeous and easily one of the best acai bowls in Sydney for sure!

Bondi Wholefoods

5. Girdlers Grind, Dee Why

I discovered Girdlers Grind after searching for cafes that made Acai bowls whilst I was in the Northern Beaches recently. It was a really hot day and to me there’s nothing better than getting a great Acai bowl. The texture was awesome and I absolutely loved the granola mix. What made it super special was the surprise of a few frozen strawberries at the bottom of the bowl. So, so good! And it wasn’t a one off because I went an ordered another bowl straight afterwards because it was so delicious and there was that frozen strawberry at the bottom again.Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

6. Acai Brothers – Bondi & Neutral Bay

Acai Brothers only opened last year and it’s a cafe dedicated all to Acai.

Firstly their bowls are only mixed with coconut water – this is a huge plus for me! There are so many places mixing their bowls with boxed cartons of apple juice or pineapple juice. I’d never drink any of these as I know they are full of processed sugar let alone other nasties so it actually contradicts what Acai is all about. The manager told me they specifically mix theirs with coconut water as they are trying to promote health to their customers which include a huge influx of school kids. I loved their passion for acai and health, their positive energy was obvious throughout the small cafe.

Secondly you build your own bowl. Yep, that’s right – you build your own bowl. So you pick 3 toppings out of Banana, kiwi, strawberry, orange, pineapple, apple, watermelon or passionfruit for $8.95 (small) or $10.95 (large) and if you want a ‘special’ bowl then its an extra 50c for each extra topping of: goji berries, coconut flakes, bee pollen, cacao nibs or chia seeds. I ordered all with banana, strawberry and watermelon (which worked really well!). The acai consistency was spot on and I couldn’t rave more highly of this gem. A must visit!

acai brothers bondi

7. 2 Girls 1 Bowl – Farmers Markets at Bondi and French’s Forest

Coming from 2 girls who are passionate about Acai, they spend their weekends at Bondi (sat) and French’s Forest (sun) Markets in what’s one of the best acai bowls in Sydney. What I really loved about their acai was the fact that they only put Acai puree, bananas and coconut water in their blend as well as 5 different variations to choose from including; a detox bowl, nut butter bowl, organic original bowl, cacao crunch and 2G1B Super bowl. I picked the 2G1B Super bowl consisting of granola, fresh fruit and a choice of 5 toppings. Now I really loved this feature! Choices consisted of; coconut chips, buckwheat, bee pollen, chia seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries and raw cacao. Toppings can really make an Acai bowl and this one did not disappoint. Loved it!

two girls one bowl

8. Heart & Soul – Cronulla

We heard Heart & Soul had the best Acai bowls in Cronulla so it was a given we had to try them out! With a few varieties to choose from I loved how you could customise it, the first time I had seen anywhere in Sydney that you could choose from either apple juice or coconut water and then a selection of musli for the toppings. Awesome! Top tip – the macademia GF musli was beyond amazing! For $12 a bowl, it was one of the cheapest I have seen to date. I also had a banana, blueberry and coconut smoothie which was spot on. Looking forward to going back and trying one of their Coco whips next time!heart and soul acai bowl

9. Stay Grounded – Collaroy Beach

We made the trip up to Collaroy specifically to go to Stay Grounded Cafe to try their Acai bowls which again I found on Instagram. It was worth the trip with a great textured bowl and a strong hint of apple. They apologised for running out of bananas earlier in the day which made me realise the bananas topped on acai works so well together!

Stay Grounded

10. Sadhana Kitchen – Enmore

Sadhana Kitchen is without a doubt one of my favourite cafes in Sydney. As Sydney’s first Raw Cafe, their menu really opens your eyes to the world of being a raw vegan because every single dish is just out of this world. Their acai bowl really has their signature on it being totally different to the rest I’ve had. The acai was blended with frozen bananas, apples and blueberries served with fruit compote and their signature od spice grawnola! This acai bowl probably had the most flavour out of any of them in this list and this cafe is a must go to to try absolutely everything on their menu. A big thumbs up!

2018 update – unfortunately Sadhana Kitchen is no more 🙁 It closed down a while ago now. 


11. Ritual – Northbridge

This really small coffee shop has an amazing brunch menu. Steering away from the standard ‘eggs’ dish, it was so refreshing to see a cafe that has really thought about their menu. Imagine pumpkin, kale and olive muffins or their gorgeous Nourish bowl packed full of goodness? This cafe is great! After ordering their acai bowl, it turned out this one had a real cacao taste to it differing again from the usual bowls everyone else is doing. It had maybe a little bit too much cacao or my liking otherwise it would have rated higher. All in all, it was good though and definitely worth a visit.

Ritual Acai bowl

So there you have the best acai bowls in Sydney! Is there any gems I’ve missed out on?

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