Welcome To The New Londoner In Sydney

Whether you’re new to Londoner In Sydney or you’ve been following us for a while, you might notice how our site is looking a bit different. With a brand new layout, design and branding, we’ve added some new sections to the site, as well as some exciting new additions. We’re pretty proud of the outcome as we’ve built the entire site and new logo ourselves!

As we’ve taken a few months out of creating content, we’ve thought a lot about the direction of Londoner In Sydney. Plus, we’ve taken all of your comments into consideration from the surveys we put out there earlier on this year.

Londoner In Sydney has changed quite a lot over the last six years and as it’s become more apparent with the longer we continue to pour our heart and souls into it, the faster it’s growing.

Our site is split into two parts. On the one hand we write about cool hidden gems to visit in Australia and around the world. And on the other hand, we write about expat life to help other expats currently living in Australia or who are yet to move here.

What’s New On Londoner In Sydney

We’ve got loads of new features for you on Londoner In Sydney, so we thought it would be easier to write it all down for you.


Enter Our Re-Launch Competition To Win Luna Park Tickets!

<em>Name this Sydney beach to win Luna Park tickets for 2<em>

As part of our re-launch, you could win Luna Park tickets simply by telling us what this beach is called in Sydney. To enter, simply go to our Instagram page for more details!

Be quick though, the competition only lasts 48 hours!

We’re Expanding And Looking For Writers



If you’re Australian based and you love exploring new places, we want to hear from you! You don’t need to be a professional writer, we just want to hear from like minded people who like to have fun.

Find out more about how you could be sent on free trips around Australia for Londoner In Sydney!

We’ve decided to do something we’ve wanted to do for a really long time. Yes my friends, we’re opening up Londoner In Sydney to become a more inclusive and interactive site, sharing your favourite places around Australia too! We’ve shared our stories for six years and we feel it’s time to start sharing more stories from our readers too.

So, we’re looking for anyone to write for us. This means we’re looking for expats, Australians, families, single travellers, young professionals… literally anyone living in Australia. You don’t need any previous writing experience as we’re here to fully support anyone wanting to share their tips or looking to get into becoming a writer. We’ve made it really easy so all you’ll need to do is fill out this form.

Why Write For Us?

If we publish your stories, you could be sent on free trips in your spare time to write about. This could include day trips, weekends away and so much more!

If you want to start a blog, we are happy to teach you everything you need to know about getting your content seen on Google. This means you can learn all about what SEO is and why it’s important for every website on the internet.

We’re Giving Away A FREE Sydney Activities E-Guide

We’ve been meaning to get into e-guides for ages because we wanted to create downloadable’s for you to be able to save on your phone or computer.

Our first ever e-guide is free to download when you simply subscribe to our monthly newsletter here!

It’s full of loads of cool things to do right in the heart of Sydney so you won’t need to travel outside of the city.

Share Your Expat Story


One thing you guys wanted to read more expat stories. So, we’ve got a whole new section on the site dedicated to sharing other people’s expat tips and what their life has been like moving to Australia.

Every month we’ll share a new expat story which will help so many current and future expats in Australia. Sometimes as an expat we can feel quite isolated and have no idea if our thoughts about leaving our friends and family is normal. In our new section, you’ll be able to gain new insights and reassurance about being an expat in Australia.

You can read our current expat story of the month below from expat Ollie.

We’re Sharing The Best Companies For Expats In Australia

We’ve built a whole new Expat Resources section dedicated to the companies we have personally used in Australia to help you guys out.

From moving house companies (we literally just used this one to find move our stuff interstate), to getting free international money transfers from the only company we’ve ever used.

We’re also sharing how we personally book our trips around Australia using specific accommodation tools and tours.

Plus, we’re sharing the only migration agent in Australia we’ve ever used who are kindly offering Londoner In Sydney readers a free visa assessment. This means you’ll be able to email them all of your questions you might have and they’ll get back to you at no charge.

We’re also sharing how to get your backpacker tax back and the only travel insurance company we’ve personally used when we go on trips around the world. You’ll find out what situations they’ve saved us thousands of dollars from!

Find Our Content Much More Easily

On our old site, our content wasn’t that easy to find. Now, when you check our pages, you’ll find a sub menu so if you’re looking for places to visit in a certain area, you’ll be able to go straight to the content.

Take for example on our New South Wales & Canberra page, you’ll be able to find our content is split into areas. So if you’re looking for places to visit in Byron Bay for example, you’ll find all of the Byron Bay content grouped together.

Our East Coast Of Australia Map

Although we shared our East Coast of Australia Map on our previous site, we think it’s really useful for you to get your head around the various places we’re writing about. This should help you when you need to find inspiration fast.

New Travel Guides Features

You guys told us you wanted to see more local Sydney suburbs guides. So… we’ve listened to you!

You’ll find a new page all on Sydney Suburb Guides which will be forever growing! It is something we would love you to help us continue on and write about your favourite places to visit in your local suburb. Fill out this quick form to get involved!

We’ve also got a section on Sydney accommodation because we think it’s important to share the best places to stay in Sydney, especially when you first move here.

You’ll also find our featured hidden gems of the month throughout the site so make sure you check them out!

We’re Sharing More Video Content

We’re highlighting all of our travel videos because video content is so important for you to understand the feel of the place or activity we’re talking about in our detailed guides. We’ll continue to make sure we film and publish videos about every place we visit from now on!

Watch Our About Us Video

We’ve put together our first about us video! If you’re new to our site, you’ll be able to learn more about who Londoner In Sydney is.

We filmed it just after lockdown on Lady Elliot Island (you’ll notice our post lockdown hair!) and we took some of our favourite video moments from our trips around Australia to create this epic video.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

We’re sharing a fun 10 things you didn’t know about us on our About page, so you can get to know us a bit more. Find out which movies I quote all the time, and which movie Steve was an extra in!

So that’s about everything to share with you about our new site! We hope you love it as much as we do!

Thanks for sticking by us, here’s to creating a bigger expat community thanks to your help!


Annie & Steve