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Looking for the best removalists in Sydney? Fear not… we used 4 removalist companies in Sydney to help us move house. It was a huge game changer. Find out how to move house in Sydney completely stress free!

I’ve moved house every year for the last three years in Sydney as I like a good change but each year hasn’t been an easy process, so I thought I’d show you how I’ve done it this year and why it was the best move I have ever done in Sydney.

The first year, we moved everything ourselves, spent ages packing beforehand and hired a van –  it was beyond tiring. The next year we decided to pay for a Sydney removalist to pick up our already packed boxes and move it to our new home. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out too well (more on that later), so this year we decided it was time to just get everything organised by 4 companies who specialise in house moves.

We literally didn’t have to lift a finger until the day of the move. This was something I have never done before (and I’ve lived in a lot of houses!) so it was a bizarre feeling knowing that it we were going to be moving the same day when everything was still in its original place.

We didn’t do a thing until 8am Friday morning and moved everything and cleaned the whole flat by 1pm Saturday. If you want to know how you can move house in less than 48 hours and not be charged any of your bond from the real estate, I’m going to share with you my top 4 companies to use when moving house in Sydney.

1. Use One Of The Best Packing Companies In Sydney


Moving Smoothly owner Alison Trowsdale (right) and colleague Brooke packed everything up for us

I tell you what, using a packing company is absolutely genius when you’re moving house in Sydney. When we used Moving Smoothly, we didn’t have to pack a single item. Just imagine how much time that saves you?

A few days before the move, Alison from Moving Smoothly came to our home to have a look at how many boxes she needed to order along with how much time would be needed to pack. The day before the move, 40 boxes were delivered. We couldn’t believe it as we actually don’t have very much at all and never would have thought we needed that many boxes.

Alison and her colleague Brooke turned up at our home at 8am on the move day. We obviously didn’t sit back and watch them but joined in and started packing. They told us we didn’t need to help, but we couldn’t help it!


Packing my stuff up!

They packed up pretty much every single item in paper. From our crockery to taking light bulbs out of the lamps in case anything happened during the move… They also folded our clothes and used moving robes for the rest of our clothes in the wardrobe. Their attention to detail was second to none.


Packing up the kitchen carefully!


Using robes to store our clothes

They also wrote on every box what was in it so when we unpacked our things, we knew exactly where to find it all.


All of Alison’s employees come from a design background which is fantastic as they also offer interior design. If you want your new home to look exactly like your old one, they will make sure everything is put in place as they offer the unpacking service as well.

They’ll also make sure you are set up for your first few days and will even make your bed for you, fill the fridge up and ensure the kitchenware is in place. It’s the touches like this that really make Moving Smoothly stand out from the rest. They are amazing!

2. The Best Removalists In Sydney


At 1pm our two, big, strong men (we’re talking 6″ 5) turned up from Men That Move to move everything into our new house. They quickly popped into the flat, took a good look around and logically started to fill up their van.


Last time we moved house, we booked a removalist who didn’t turn up until 4pm that day. The communications were so bad, we were really gutted we took the day off. It was 46C that day and when they did turn up, they just stood next to their van and we had to move it all ourselves. It was heartbreaking.

This time round with Men That Move, it was a whole new experience and they completely restored my faith. The guys were so professional and switched on, they called us a few times that morning to let us know what time they were going to be there.


They made sure they had loads of blankets to protect our things and logically thought it all out. They left our plants until last because they never seem to cope with a move but because the guys were really switched on, they knew to put them in the van at the very end.

Our bikes didn’t fit and so after they unloaded the van at our new flat, they went back to get them for us which was really great. I can just imagine other companies saying that couldn’t do that.


Men That Move were so, so good, I loved the fact that the guys just got on with it all straight away and they didn’t stop once. I honestly couldn’t recommend this company anymore! They also offer their services in Melbourne and Brisbane as well. So there you have it, we’ve found the best removalists in Sydney!

3. Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company In Sydney


The next morning, we met with Adam, the owner of Renigen Cleaning to help us clean our old flat. This again is something totally new for us, and Adam was so lovely, he just told us he would call us 30 minutes before he was finished to come back to check in on the flat.


It looked absolutely incredible and he left it in a far better state than what we received it in! I would definitely recommend using Renigen Cleaning as he specialises in end of lease cleaning in Sydney so he knows how the real estate companies can be with moving out.

4. Best Carpet Cleaners In Sydney


Lastly, our final service was by Con, the owner of the carpet cleaning company, Citra Clean. I had once before hired a carpet cleaning machine to clean a flat I lived in, in the UK, but I was still charged at the end of the lease. Real Estates will always try and charge you for something!!


The incredible finished result!

This time round, it was the first time I had ever hired a carpet cleaner in Sydney. As it’s a small flat, it took Con less than an hour to clean the carpets. The thing I really loved about him is he uses environmentally friendly products.

With over 10 years’ experience, he left our place looking absolutely amazing!! You’ll have to go through Renigen Clean to get his service as both Con and Adam work in conjunction together.

Why You Should Consider Removalists In Sydney When Moving House

This was the best and easiest and least stressful move I have ever done. All four companies were incredibly lovely to work with, they were professional and all did an outstanding job. I honestly couldn’t recommend them any more!

I still can’t believe that we were sat watching TV and ordering take out on the Thursday evening and by Saturday morning, our flat had been packed, moved, cleaned and carpet cleaned. It was a bit weird having not prepared myself for the move spending weeks before packing but my god, I will be going back to all of these companies time and time again to use them in the future!

Finally, after all of their help, did we get our full bond back? The answer is YES!!! The real estate did try to charge us $100 to change a light bulb which unfortunately blew a few days after we left the house but we managed to get back in to change it. Seriously, a $100 to change a light bulb? They will try anything won’t they?!

If you are in need of help when moving house in Sydney, look no further!! These 4 companies were the absolute best removalists in Sydney! For more information on these 4 companies, you can visit them below:

Moving Smoothly

Men That Move

Renigen Cleaning

Citra Clean

Best Removalists In Sydney


  1. Hi, thanks for this post as I’m just about to embark on my first house move in Sydney. Just wanted to ask a really dull question – did you come across companies that would pack and move you and end of tenancy cleaners who would do everything including carpet cleaning?

    1. Hi Lydia, I sure did. Contact Men That Move to organise your move. They also work with Moving Smoothly who do all your packing. Then for your cleaning, Renigen Cleaning will clean your house and they work with Citra Clean to do the carpet cleaning. The links to all these sites are above in this post. All of these companies were absolutely amazing!

      1. Aha! Got it…When I know exactly when I’m moving I will give them a call and let them know I found them via your blog…

        1. That’s great, thanks! They really were absolutely incredible and I’ll be using all these companies for my next move. Easiest move ever!!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about it. Picking up a house and moving it somewhere else — can, in fact, be the most practical thing to do when money is tight.

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