Why I Love F45 Haymarket In Sydney (Video Review)

F45 Haymarket is a fantastic gym to go to either before work, during your lunch break or after work. In this post, I explain why I love F45 Haymarket and how the guys at the gym have helped my fitness come along.

You may have heard of the huge fitness sensation sweeping through Australia called F45 but unsure of what it really is, or on the other end of the scale, you only know of someone who is obsessed with it.

A friend from work told me all about F45 over a year ago, and finally I plucked up the courage and tried out their 2 week free trial at Sydney’s Haymarket gym right in the heart of the city. It took me a whole year to do it because I thought it would be intimidating having not experienced any group sessions before, never lifted a single weight in my life and quite frankly, I thought you had to be super fit to do it.

After my 2 week trial I was hooked. It felt like I had joined an exclusive club that was fast becoming addictive. So, I sat down with one of the owners/trainers called T of the Haymarket gym to find out all about how and why he opened his own F45 in Sydney.

T and Dan, both from Brazil met in Sydney and because of their love for fitness they became friends and opened the Haymarket gym nearly 18 months ago.

Dan came across the fitness craze after researching fitness bootcamps in Sydney and after realising they could potentially help more people in a 45 minute workout rather than their previous jobs as personal trainers, it was a no brainer they bought into the F45 brand.


F45 Haymarket Owners T & Dan 

T moved to Australia 9 years ago and after various jobs in Sales and Construction, he knew his passion was fitness. With a love of soccer, judo and gymnastics, T went onto become a personal trainer at Fitness First. As an unstable job based on commission, he knew there would be a better way to fulfil his passion to help people train and better their lives.


During one of my training sessions at F45 Haymarket 

Being able to see someone transform themselves for the better was no greater feeling for T. I could really see this in these guys and because of their passion and energy in the classes, it’s really infectious. I’ve spoken to various attendees of their classes and they all confirmed they are loyal to F45 Haymarket mainly because of T and Dan. A lot of them had tried out other F45 gyms across Sydney and most said the trainers were either rude or uninterested in the sessions.

I know T has this incredible memory to remember every single person’s name in the class whether you’ve just joined, been going for a week or longer. It’s a great touch showing you that he really cares about his business and his clients.

So there’s me, the girl who’s never lifted a weight in her life. How did I get on? I made this video of a class I attended to show you all what it’s really like in an F45 session with F45 Haymarket.

Why Join F45 Haymarket?

If you’re thinking of joining F45, I strongly recommend the F45 Haymarket because of it’s amazing location (right next to Town Hall) and obviously because of the trainers.

They even have a female trainer in at the moment called Diana, who is really likeable. I honestly thought I’d find a female trainer intimidating but she has this likability that you don’t see her in a competitive way but in a ‘that’s your mate helping you get to your goals’ kinda way.

Most of all, the other people attending F45 Haymarket aren’t all body building types, they are just normal people trying all on their own path to reach their goals.

But it hasn’t all been an easy journey for me. After my first month at F45, I went on holiday. After nearly 3 months away from the gym, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get my health back on track by joining back with F45 Haymarket.

It’s amazing how much we tell ourselves we can’t do it, but luckily for me, the F45 8 Week Challenge was starting just as I was considering going back. So here I am, back at F45 and feeling like a new person again!

Get your 2 week free trial at F45 Haymarket here. It will change your life and give you more energy for a happier & healthier life. Trust me. It works.