How To Visit Kanangra Walls At Kanangra-Boyd National Park Near Sydney

Are you wondering how to get to the famous Instagram spot at Kanangra Walls at Kanangra-Boyd National Park near Sydney? Kanangra Walls is absolutely spectacular and the Kanangra Walls Walk is an excellent walk to get away from everything. Here’s our experience about what it’s like to visit Kanangra-Boyd National Park.

I saw a picture recently of a landscape that looked un-real. The vast scenery of rolling hills instantly made me think it must have been taken in somewhere like Borneo.

But, to my surprise it wasn’t only taken in Australia, but, only a 4 hour drive out of Sydney to Kanangra-Boyd National Park.

I hadn’t heard of this Sydney national park before and it made me realise there are so many national parks in Sydney, it’s hard to keep up with them all!


The unsealed Kanangra Wells road

How to get there

On the recent long weekend in Australia, we spent the night exploring the incredible Wombeyan Caves and left early in the morning on a two hour drive north to the mysterious Kanangra-Boyd National Park.

If you’re coming from Sydney, it’s takes around 4 hours passing through Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves. From Jenolan, it’s about 23KM.

When you turn off Edith Road onto Kanangra Walls Road for the final stretch, and it will take 50 minutes to drive the 27 KM on the unsealed road. We went in our small 2wd car and it was fine to drive through.

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At the end of the Kanangra Walls Road you’ll pass a beautiful campsite complete with a fire place for those winter nights, and you’ll then come to the end of the road to a car park complete with toilets.

Take The Plateau Walk To Kanangra Walls

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There’s three hiking routes to consider, one is to the lookout, one to the Kalang waterfall and one to the plateau walk. Take the plateau walk first to get that picture.

You’ll then descend onto a beautiful easy track before heading back up hill onto the plateau. The landscape is jaw-dropping. It felt like we had discovered a proper gem in the mountains.


It took us about 20 minutes to reach the top of the plateau. From there we wanted to walk further and as we did, the track drew faint and the clouds had formed so we couldn’t see too much of the view. But, it was incredible to know that we could see the famous Mount Tomah from where we were. It honestly felt like we had been transported to the Jurassic era.

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The Kanangra Walls walk is completely awe inspiring and definitely worth visiting. Steve said it was the best hike he had done in Australia, and I have to agree that it’s up there with the best.

Check out the video we made of the hike below!


Have you been on this hike before? If not what’s your favourite hike in NSW?


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