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As an expat, you’re going to need to transfer funds from your home account into your new account when you move to Australia. I still transfer money between my UK and Aussie accounts, so I’m sure there’s a lot of you who do too.

If you need to transfer money from your accounts, I have finally sorted us all out with an amazing offer…


This means, every single time you transfer your money from your UK account into your Aussie account or visa versa, you won’t have to pay any fees… ever!

I have to admit, I’ve only just started using OFX Money Transfers recently.

So after an embarrassing 8 years, why have I only just started transferring money with OFX rather than with my bank?

Here you’ll learn that not only have I been a fool in paying out fees to my bank by transferring money with them every month, I could have saved a lot in the last 8 years if I only knew about OFX sooner. I know, what an idiot!!

That’s right, OFX are giving not only myself but also Londoner In Sydney readers FEE FREE MONEY TRANSFERS FOR LIFE!

You can transfer between loads of countries – not just between UK and Australia!

Why has it taken me so long to use a money transfers service?

You know why it’s taken me that long? It’s because I never really trusted a money transfers service. I always thought it was going to be much more hassle than it would be to just transfer it myself between my accounts with my bank. I also thought a money transferring service would rip me off somehow too.

All of my accounts are with the same bank I’ve been with since I first opened an account when I was a teenager. It was the bank my whole family used, and you know banks are like something we seem to be loyal to.

I have never thought about changing banks regardless of the amount of times they’ve blocked my cards when we’ve been on our travels, because you know they forgot I had told them I was travelling to a different country.

So when I found OFX, I couldn’t believe there’s a service offering Londoner In Sydney readers fee free money transfers for life!!

Why you should use OFX Money Transfers

  • They have better exchange rates than the banks, and pass on Commercial or Business rates rather than Tourist rates saving members around 3-4% on their international transfers!
  • Fast and secure money transfers which take no more than 2 days to transfer over.
  • There’s no hidden fees total transparency so you know what you’re getting.
  • Everything is done online – Get quotes, access online tools, manage your own overseas transfers 24/7
  • 24/7 support – dedicated support team based in London, Sydney, Auckland, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, and Toronto
  • No International Receiving Fees on the majority of currencies
  • Fully regulated in Australia – OFX has an Australian Financial Services Licence (“AFSL”) issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (“ASIC”)

What happens when you sign up to OFX?


So I’ve been using OFX for a while now because obviously I’m not going to recommend you guys a service which is rubbish. I have to say not only is the communication and service literally amazing, you actually can’t fault OFX at all.

I’m going to walk you through what to expect when you sign up so you’ll know how it works.

I’ve transferred money from my UK account into my Aussie account and this is the process I went through.

I signed up to OFX by clicking here (just click on the Get Started button when you’re on the site to sign up!) >

They sent me an email about how to use their service which is really easy and allocated me my own account manager so if I have any problems, I can contact them easily.

I then went onto the OFX site and entered in my Aussie account I wanted the money to go into from my UK account.

I then agreed on the rate before pressing send.

OFX then called me quickly to confirm the amount had gone through.

Once confirmed, OFX sent me an email with their bank details and how much to transfer.

I then logged onto my UK account, and transferred the rate into OFX’s UK account. They sent it onto my Aussie account within two days at the most.

The good news is, OFX UK account was already in my UK bank’s drop down list so I didn’t even need to type in their details.

I’ve only transferred small amounts of $250 so far (which is the smallest amount you can transfer over) but when I checked it against my bank, I’ve saved nearly $10 just by going through OFX. Imagine how much you’d save if you transfer larger amounts?!

You can also save a reoccurring amount to transfer through every month so you don’t even need to do anything else again!

When you sign up by clicking here, you’ll see the following in the browser pid=12983. This means that OFX know that you’re a reader of Londoner In Sydney so the free transfers will take place. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll then get fee free money transfers every single time you transfer with OFX.

What are you waiting for..

Sign up to OFX to receive fee free money transfers with 0% commission every single time for the rest of your life!!

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