8 Best Things To Do In Nambour Sunshine Coast

Looking for things to do in Nambour in Queensland? Nestled at the bottom of the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, this is the biggest town in the area complete with a small shopping centre, lots of vintage shops, restaurants and hidden gems.

Although Nambour in Sunshine Coast gets a bad wrap by some people, it’s a refreshing change to see a completely unique town that is definitely up and coming. With a new tram line set to open soon, I can imagine it will be a very popular place to live within the next 10 years.

We loved meeting locals and getting to know some of the cool things to do in Nambour. To us, it seems like an underrated place to visit in Sunshine Coast with an eclectic mix of people living here.

Here are some of our personal favourite things to do in Nambour.

Where Is Nambour In Sunshine Coast?


Not heard of Nambour in Sunshine Coast before? No problem. Located 1h20m drive from Brisbane and 40 minute drive from Noosa Main Beach, it’s also under a 15 minute drive up to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland town of Mapleton.

Best Things To Do In Nambour Sunshine Coast

1. The Pottery Studio


We had so much fun at the Wine & Clay night at The Pottery Studio in Nambour. This beautiful studio is the perfect place to come and unwind after a busy day. Steve absolutely loved it and built a new dog bowl for our puppy and an incense holder.

Just be aware that you have to wait for two weeks before you can pick up your piece of pottery so it might be tricky to do if you’re on holiday. Nonetheless, it’s a fun way to meet Sunshine Coast locals and have a chat while doing a relaxing activity in a beautiful space.

2. Mill Street Kitchen

What a gem Mill Street Kitchen in Nambour really is! We absolutely loved meeting the British owner and chef, James Ostridge. His passion for creating excellent locally sourced farm to plate dishes is something that is so captivating, I felt totally inspired by him after having lunch at his restaurant. We tried the Friday night tasting plate menu which is a unique and creative menu thoughtfully put together using fresh and local produce.

James comes from a background of working in gastropubs in UK and has worked all over Australia including Hamilton Island. I love his creativity and how he purposely uses ingredients all bought from local farmers which means his menu changes constantly. We would go back and eat at this absolute gem of a restaurant next time we’re in the Sunshine Coast. Plus, it’s dog friendly too, so it’s a win from us!

3. Mr Beesley’s Vintage Clothing


We love visiting vintage shops and purposely went back to Nambour to check out Mr Beesley’s Vintage Clothing. Run by Vicki Arthur, it’s one of the most well-known vintage clothing shops in Sunshine Coast.

When she showed us around, I asked her what was her favourite item in the shop at the time. She showed us three matching 1970s bridesmaids dresses and a wedding dress which would go perfectly with them. I loved her passion for her shop, it’s somewhere I’d definitely go back to again and again.

4. Backbeat Records


Blackbeat Records is located next door to Mr Beesley’s and although it was closed as the time of visiting, it’s a bit of an institution and has been operating around Sunshine Coast for nearly 20 years. With over 5,000 records, t-shirts, CDs, DVDs and books to rummage through, it’s so nice to see this unique record shop is still going strong to this day.

5. Arsenic & Love Letter Vintage Shop

Around the corner from Mr Beesley’s and Blackbeat Records on the vintage shop trail in Nambour is Arsenic & Love Letter Vintage Shop. Run by a mum & daughter, this antique and vintage furniture shop is definitely worth stopping by and checking out next time you’re in Nambour.

6. Nanas Secret Tea Room


Next door to Arsenic & Love Letters is Nana’s Secret Tea Room in Nambour. Run by Malcolm and Cassie Barker, it’s a popular space for book clubs, artists and writers to meet up. They offer tea readings, tarot readings and high tea making it one of the unique best things to do in Nambour.

7. Husk & Honey Grain Free Cafe


If we had more time in Nambour we totally check out Husk & Honey Cafe which is a gluten-free and grain-free cafe! As we both suffer from gut issues, we’ve not actually ever seen a grain-free cafe before. If you’re looking for some of the best healthy cafes in Sunshine Coast, look no further! The food looks fantastic and we’ll come back here next time for sure!

8. The Secret Robinsons Falls


Looking for more things to do in Nambour? Look no further! Did you know there’s a secret waterfall in Nambour? The dog-friendly Robinsons Falls walk takes you to the waterfall in less than 1km. Park up at the end of Waterfall Road and bring your dog to explore this little hidden gem, right in the middle of Nambour at Cilento Bushland Conservation Reserve.

Places To Visit Nearby

With so many little towns and villages in Sunshine Coast to visit near to Nambour, here’s some of the best things to do in Sunshine Coast.



Just a five-minute drive from Nambour will bring you to the small village of Woombye. We recommend visiting the famous Woombye Pub for a drink which is over 100 years old. Go to Grounded in Woombye for breakfast and check out the Big Pineapple and the amazing Treetop Challenge.

Next door to the Big Pineapple precinct is the hidden gem makers of Sunshine & Sons gin at Cavu Distilling. We loved this gorgeous spot to get away from it all and sit back in the sunshine drinking a fabulous cocktail or two.


Ricks Garage in Palmwoods

One of the biggest Sunshine Coast attractions is Ricks Garage in Palmwoods. It’s a 1950s themed diner that brings in people from all walks of life. You’ll more than likely see a lot of 1950s cars outside as it used to be a garage that fixes timeless cars. We loved this place and would happily visit again. There’s a cool whiskey bar up the top of the diner too.

Otherwise, pop over to Homegrown Cafe which serves up excellent healthy food with a gorgeous courtyard out the back.


Collective Haus in Yandina

We absolutely love Yandina in Sunshine Coast! Head over to Gun Cotton Coffee Roasters for breakfast, Collective Haus for some of the best vintage shopping in Sunshine Coast, Wappa Falls & Wappa Dama and pop over to the amazing Terella Brewing Co for lunch and craft beer!

Things To Do In Nambour