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We’ve Launched The Expat Reality Podcast!

Alright guys, we’ve been toying with the idea about starting an expat podcast for about four years, until recently we decided to make it a reality… and bingo! The Expat Reality Podcast was born.

In this article we’re going to explain why we’ve decided to start a podcast, why we chose this name and what to expect from us.

Why did we decide to start a podcast now?


Remember back in the pandemic how everyone decided it was a good idea to start a podcast that it became almost like ‘not another one’? Yeah, we thought the same too.

In actual fact, we were thinking about starting an expat podcast back in 2018 and the following year, but we put it off because we were already pretty busy with running this site. Plus, when we asked you guys about it, no one seemed to be into podcasts back then.

Then of course Covid came and I literally lost my mojo and motivation, and to be honest who on earth would feel like creating a podcast when they feel like that? I’m glad we held off because I don’t think anyone wants to go back in time and listen to those glum pandemic days.

We feel like it’s the right time for us to get started on this podcast journey now so we can dive a bit deeper on our thoughts about being an expat in Australia. After 11 years of being an expat, I have struggled to live between two worlds and I often hear our readers and followers say the same too.

We’re all looking for some sort of reassurance that we’ve made the right decision, that it’s all been worth it to move to the other side of the world, because the expat guilt that comes with it can be a bit unbearable at times.

So, while I can write all about what it feels like to be an expat in Australia, we felt like it was time to dive deeper on the subject by creating a podcast for you.

The podcast platform gives us that extra layer to open up whole-heartedly and share our insights and thoughts about what it really feels to be an expat and offer some sort of reassurance for our readers too.

Why we’ve called it The Expat Reality Podcast


The Expat Reality Podcast felt like the perfect name that sums up what it’s about. While we all know being an expat comes with pros and cons, we want to share the true reality of the baggage that comes with it, not only from a British perspective but from the Australian partner perspective too.

And you know, creating a podcast feels like it’s a raw format that you won’t find on a website. Just to make it slightly more vulnerable for ourselves, we’ve filmed it too so you can either watch it as a video podcast or listen to it.

It’s easy to write an article and sit on it and edit it before publishing and even after eight years of running this site, I kinda forget that people actually read it. With a podcast, it feels much more raw, like I’m exposing myself in 30-45 minute conversations that I can’t go back and edit once I hit publish.

And I know that with it might come trolling, but at the end of the day, our goal for doing this podcast is to brighten up your day and know that you’ve got two friends here that hope to inspire you in some way.

What to expect in this podcast


Although we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of being an expat, we’re going to talk about loads of different topics. Expect us to talk more in depth about topics we’ve not gone into detail before. We’re going to share with you what it was really like when we moved back to England in 2018 and how life has been since we moved back to Australia.

We’re also going to talk about our little gut breakthrough we’ve recently discovered after years and so much money trying to fix our gut issues.

And while we talk about loads of different topics each episode, there’s quite a lot of laughs, Steve’s very funny and off the cuff random chats and so much more.

To give you some insights, in our first episode, we share what this podcast is all about but we end up talking about Fosters (beer), Home & Away, Muriel’s Wedding, MAFS and fashion influencers. It’s random but it’s kinda funny and we hope you have a chuckle when you listen to it.

So my friends, here’s to a new content platform from us. We hope you enjoy our new podcast and we’d be super appreciative if you spread the word, let your loved ones know that it’s now live and give us a like or review wherever you get your podcasts from. It’s taken us a while to put this together and we truly hope you enjoy it.

Can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Listen to our first episode below!

Listen to our podcast