Find Hidden Gems With Adventure Clues Walking Tour In Sydney

We love finding new ways to explore Sydney which is why we’re introducing you to Adventure Clues – an awesome self guided Sydney walking tour.

This walking tour in Sydney is different from the rest!

In this guest post you’ll find out how fellow British expat Sam Baldwin started his own walking tour company called Adventure Clues and how you’ll be wanting to add this to your list of fun things to do in Sydney. 

Think of the Amazing Race but you’re the star of the show and you’ve got the opportunity to reach the top of the leaderboard. Yes, there IS a leaderboard – you’ll be competing against everyone who has ever taken on Adventure Clues.

It’s not just for tourists…

Adventure Clues is for everyone!

It cost’s just $25 per person!
It’s a great Sydney date idea
Quality time for the whole family (even pram friendly!)
Compete against your friends in one of the best fun things to do in Sydney
Discover new hidden gems around Sydney!

How Adventure Clues was born


When searching for things to do in Sydney, it’s easy to get inundated with ideas, feel overwhelmed and in some cases – overbook yourself and have to cut out some activities to better suit your time in the beautiful city.

If you’re wanting to really take in the sights or immerse yourself in a cultural experience, some guided tours can be too quick, too slow, skip the parts you were most interested in, or quite frankly just be plain boring! Thankfully, if you’ve taken a guided tour of Sydney and thought “well, this could be better” you’re not alone.

So Sam found himself in the same position when he arrived in Sydney and undertook a walking tour in 2018.

While there are obviously a lot of amazing tours in Sydney, he couldn’t help but think there could be a new and fun way to do it, and it was from there that the idea for Adventure Clues was born.

What is Adventure Clues?

Adventure Clues is a cryptic self-guided scavenger hunt game in Sydney, with Melbourne locations as well (and more to come). It’s a small business with one simple goal: making exploring the city of Sydney fun and educational.


With Adventure Clues find hidden treasures tucked away in the CBD like this art installation ‘Forgotten Songs’.

There’s also one massive twist. You solve a series of cryptic clues on your mobile that take you to the most interesting secret spots of the city.

Think hidden speakeasy bars for the best cocktails, art installations and spectacular viewpoints and this is what you’ll find when you take part in Adventures Clues.

Bring out your competitive side and play as a team. Even compare your points with other teams thanks to universally updated leader boards and team play options. It’s a great opportunity for a fun filled day out exploring the wonderful city at your own pace. It even makes for an awesome Sydney corporate team building day out as well.

How does Adventure Clues work?

Watch the video to see how Adventure Clues works below.

Basically, you book your trail and enter your details at the checkout. Once booked, each team captain receives the trail instructions and unique play links for all players.

Team captains then forward this email to the other team members. Simply head to the start location and click play to start your adventure and solve your first clue. It’s quick and easy with no downloads required.

Then get ready to start thinking outside the box as the cryptic clues lead you on your adventure. If you like, you can be competitive and try to post a good score and time to feature on the leaderboards.

Alternatively, you can take your time and stop off for lunch or explore whatever catches your eye on route.

The most important part of Adventure Clues is that it’s designed for you to have as much fun as possible while still getting to see everything along the way.

Choose from 3 different Sydney tours

Adventure Clues is perfect for anyone who loves to explore hidden gems but here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

Choose from these three walking tours in Sydney by Adventure Clues.

Bloomin’ Botanic GardensUnlock The RockS
Best for dates and bar lovers >Best for families >Best for history buffs >

Secret Sydney Trail


Secret Sydney trail is a whole lot of fun, where your team are assigned as private detectives and provided with 14 clues. When you get to each destination, you’ll find yourself discovering hidden alley ways, secret speakeasies and forgotten street art.

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Sydney and you’ve already seen all of the hot spots, then Adventure Clues has already forged the path for you.

These hidden laneways are today charming walkways with lots of hidden gems that contribute to the tapestry of modern day Sydney.

Many people (including the locals) who do this trail are surprised to find such secrets hidden away in plain view of the city.

Secret Sydney is perfect for…

If you’re a group of fun-loving siblings and cousins, or just a group of adult friends or colleagues, Secret Sydney is a great choice to get competitive or enjoy some drinks together.

Stopping off at bars for an exclusive cocktail while also exploring the city is a fantastic way to introduce each other, catch up on lost time, and really make the most of your day.


Enjoy some refreshing drinks mid trail at carefully selected bars.

So whether you’re organising a date, an office work party or even a bachelorette or bucks party for adventurous types, Secret Sydney could be the best option for you.

Bloomin’ Botanic Gardens Sydney Trail


The Bloomin’ Botanic Gardens Sydney Trail is essentially a beautiful nature walk.

The Botanic Gardens are at the top of the list for most tourists and even locals when looking for sights to see in Sydney. Rather than wandering aimlessly around the bloom filled area, you can add some fun and education with this Adventure Clues trail.

Clue hunters agree that The Bloomin’ Botanic trail is a great way to spend a few hours or make a day of it with your friends and family, especially since it’s such a great spot to stop off for a picnic. There’s also public facilities available in the area, including bathrooms. Perfect for parents!

Bloomin’ Botanic Gardens is perfect for…


Bloomin’ Botanic Gardens is a great trail for family days out, since you can pack a lunch and enjoy some quality time surrounded by the beautiful blooms in the Sydney Botanic Gardens.

The trail is also stroller and pram friendly, a great option if you’re traveling Sydney with kids.

Unlock the Rocks


The Rocks is a huge focus point for educational things to do in Sydney and ways to learn about Sydney’s rich history. Of course, the Adventure Clues Unlock The Rocks Trail is simply a more fun, hands on way to do just that.

Along the way you even get to see 3 awesome stop off points to enjoy some beverages if you wish, so this a great idea for any occasion including birthdays and bucks – especially if you’re a bit of a culture or history buff.

Unlock The Rocks is perfect for…


Unlock The Rocks is the perfect trail to do if you’re looking to explore Sydney’s history, perfect for tourists and locals who are keen to learn more about the city. It’s also a great trail to go on where you’ll stop at three bars along the way including an underground whisky bar.

For the solo travellers in Sydney


And, if you’re more a solo type traveller, they get a lot of people taking the trails alone. Why not impress your friends back home by taking out the number one spot on their leader board by yourself, while learning a little about Sydney on your way.

Sound like a great idea? Check out the Adventure Clues website to book now or find out more about each trail and different locations!

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