British Artist Stuart Sale Brings Life To The Best Street Art In Sydney

Looking to find some of the best street art in Sydney? Whilst Sydney is home to some epic mural artists and street artists, we couldn’t believe our luck when we stumbled across an incredible laneway painted by London mix media artist, Stuart Sale.

If you’re looking for new things to do in Sydney, or even free things to do in Sydney, put Faversham Lane in Marrickville on your list to visit. Here’s everything we learnt about how this street is home to some of the best street art in Sydney!

Where Is Faversham Lane In Marrickville?


Faversham Lane is a small laneway in Marrickville next to Faversham Street. It’s around the corner from the Marrickville Bowling Club (which in itself didn’t look like the average bowlo, with ACDC rocking out on a Saturday morning!).

It’s a 10 minute walk from Sydenham Station or an 18 minute walk from Marrickville Station. If you’re driving, you can easily find parking on the street in the adjacent Faversham Street.

Visit Luso Liquors When You Visit

Make sure you pop into Luso Liquors which is opposite the Faversham Laneway. It’s a bottle shop run by a hilarious Portuguese couple who sell imported Portuguese Wine. Their knowledge of wine is incredible as we spent about an hour chatting to them.

How We Found Faversham Lane In Marrickville


We were actually on our way to find a vintage shop in Marrickville at the time of visiting. When we couldn’t find it, we walked around the corner to discover an epic piece of street art in Sydney!

As I walked down the street, I actually bumped into the street artist’s friend Dave Goode whilst filming an Instagram Story at the time! Dave is a well known DJ having played to audiences all over Australia and around the world (and was part of the band whose song was the soundtrack for that Jeep ad).

He now looks after Stuart’s digital work and he’s about to launch the world’s first Crypto Art Show in Sydney in January 2021 called Future Art with art from the legendary DJ Carl Cox and more global crypto artists.

Who Is Stuart Sale?


After chatting to Dave, Stuart Sale appeared from his studio to say hi to us. Stuart is originally from London and moved to Australia back in 2006. Whilst he studied sculpture at University of East London, he is by trade a painter & decorator. It’s quite remarkable to think Stuart is a painter by day and creates incredible street art by night.

If you’ve been in Sydney for a while, you might remember when he did a series on Love Hearts all around the city back in 2014. This project was all about highlighting how one image can bring positivity to everyone, everywhere in Sydney.

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Whilst he’s been creating his own art for the last six or seven years in his studio at Faversham Lane, he’s taken to the walls of the street right outside of it to get more creative with his work. Using the laneway as a blank canvas, he started to practice stencil art by filling the lane with his life filled memories.

You’ll notice a lot of famous celebrity faces cover the walls, from Jack Nicholson, to Amy Winehouse, John Lennon and a more recent depiction of football star Diego Maradona. Each one of these famous people have reminded Stuart of a moment in his life.

His more recent work of George Floyd painted on a garage door has brought attention to the artist. Many people have flocked all over Sydney to visit his work in memory of the tragedy.


When I asked Stuart which painting is his favourite, he said it’s the lion which sits right outside of his studio. The large mural clearly stands out amongst the other paintings, and it’s something you can see he’s proud of.

We absolutely loved finding Stuart’s work on Faversham Lane. Not only is the lane amazing, it felt like a real gem to stumble across. Plus, it was awesome to meet Stuart himself.

Art Shows Coming Soon!

Dave and Stuart had planned to launch Faversham Lane with an art show in March 2020. Because of the pandemic, they plan to re-launch in March 2021 with a street party, DJs, and paintings and prints to buy.

Make sure you keep up to date with this show by following Stuart and Dave on Instagram below.

Follow Stuart’s Pages: @stuartsale and @stuartsaledigitalartwork

Follow Dave’s Pages: @davegoode and @futureart

And don’t forget to check out the Future Art show from 15-17 January at Paddington Town Hall. This is a show hosted by Dave who is showcasing literally the future of Art in a world’s first crypto show.

We absolutely love going to art galleries and finding amazing street art. From the Art Islands in Japan to even the National Gallery of Australia, you’ll find the best art galleries in Sydney right here. Expect to have your weekends in Sydney sorted for the foreseeable!

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