5 Amazing Places To Visit In Byfield National Park, Queensland

If you’re wondering about things to do in Byfield National Park or whether you can explore it in a normal car – ie a 2WD – we’re here to give you the complete low down on everything you need to know.

Byfield National Park is one of its kind. You’ve got Byfield National Park, Byfield State Forest and Byfield Conservation Area all in the same area. Essentially they all fall within the name of Byfield National Park.

We heard about the beautiful swimming holes and creeks in Byfield National Park but it wasn’t until we went to Yeppoon, just 30 minutes from Rockhampton did we start to hear more about this proper hidden gem in Queensland.

When we asked the locals what we should do in Yeppoon, everyone told us to go to Byfield. When we told them we didn’t have a 4×4, they told us about some of the swimming holes we should be able to get to in a normal car. And we did.

So here’s what to expect about exploring Byfield National Park.

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Byfield National Park Map


It’s so much easier to understand how to get everywhere by using this Byfield National Park map as a reference.

Places to visit in Byfield National Park in a 2WD

<em>The road is like this most of the way in Byfield State Forest<em>

So to make things a littler clearer for you, you can visit most places in the area of Byfield State Forest in a 2WD. The highlights include the following mentioned below.

1. Stoney Creek


We had seen photos of Stoney Creek in Byfield National Park on Instagram. The crystal clear turquoise waters looked so incredible, we wondered whether the photos had been enhanced.

When we were told by the locals that we should be able to make it to Stoney Creek in our normal car, we thought we’d just take our chances. To be honest, the road is completely fine. It’s not paved but I think any car will make it to there as long as you take your time on the gravel.

As we followed the directions on Google Maps, we came to a sign telling us to turn around and not follow the path any longer to Stoney Creek. We had to turn around, go back towards Yeppoon for about 5km and then go into it on the other side. What you need to do is turn off on Stoney Creek Road and follow the road from there, don’t go to Upper Stoney Creek Road.

When we arrived at Stoney Creek, we were greeted by a fantastic big picnic area with toilets and BBQ facilities as well as a campground. As we approached the creek, we couldn’t believe how incredibly clear it is. Honestly, we’ve not seen anything like it before.


You can access the creek on both sides, one having a swinging rope to jump into the water. We were the only people there at the time of visiting but I imagine it would get busy during the Summer months.

<em>A turtle came over to say hi to us<em>

Whilst we were there, we actually saw a turtle and a couple of eels in the water. We couldn’t believe it! I’ve never seen a turtle in clearer water before, it was amazing.

You can go on a couple of hikes at Stoney Creek too which take you up stream for about 4km.

Whilst it’s a beautiful spot, make sure you bring mossie repellent with you as it didn’t take long before they came for us. Bushman’s tends to be the best and one I always go for.

2. Waterpark Creek


We were also told we should be able to visit Waterpark Creek in Byfield National Park as well. The journey takes just 30 minutes from Yeppoon and is definitely fine for a 2WD to make it.

There’s also fantastic BBQ’s and picnic areas just up from Waterpark Creek as well as camping too.


Whilst Waterpark Creek didn’t have the wow moment like Stoney Creek did, it’s still worth checking out on your day trip to Byfield National Park because you can paddle down through this creek in a kayak if you wanted.

3. Nob Creek Pottery


We saw a sign to Nob Creek Pottery whilst we were at Byfield National Park and we thought we’d just check it out. We ended up spending a good hour, if not longer here because it was just so cool.

We spoke to the owner who is also called Steve for a while as he showed us around and explained how he makes his own off designs.


Turns out each piece is made in a Japanese kiln which has to be manned for 4 solid days whilst it heats up to make the pots. It was really amazing to see and we loved his beautiful studio.

Places to visit in Byfield National Park With 4×4

I thought I’d share the above video so you can see what it’s actually like to drive around Byfield National Park in a 4×4. Essentially the main section of Byfield National Park is only accessible in a 4WD because you’ll be driving on the sand.

Byfield National Park is actually home to some of the largest parabolic sand dunes in Australia at over 5 metres tall!

The highlights to visit in Byfield National Park in a 4WD include the following:

4. Five Rocks Beach

Five Rocks Beach is pretty much the main place the locals told us to visit in Byfield National Park. Whilst the beach looks absolutely amazing, the ride out there looks as equally exciting.

It takes about 1 hour from Waterpark Creek to get to Five Rocks, so that’s about 1h30m from Yeppoon. 5 Rocks is also Byfield’s most remote beach, plus it’s vehicle free so you’ll need to park up and walk over to it.

You can camp here or stay at Stockyard Point Cottages if you manage to book in. Just make sure you bring absolutely everything with you including water and food.

You can check out Five Rocks Visitor Centre if you have any concerns or need some help.

5. Nine Mile Beach

Just around the corner from Five Rocks is Nine Mile beach which is a huge stretch of sand at nine miles long! This a great driving beach so you can just pick your spot for complete seclusion! Expect freshwater streams, and miles of surfing options – home to one of Yeppoon’s only surfing spots.

Make sure you Stockyard Point to take in the amazing views of both Five Rocks and Nine Mile beaches.

Byfield Camping

<em>Stoney Creek Day Area<em>

If you want to find the best Byfield camping spots, there’s a couple to choose from. Check here to book camping in Byfield.

Camping in Byfield National Park in a 2wd

Both Stoney Creek and Waterpark Creek have campsites. Both are excellent but my personal choice would be Stoney Creek because there’s a fantastic large area to chill out in and cook up a storm on the BBQs. Expect these Byfield campsites to be busy during school holidays.

If you’re bringing your dog with you, you can camp at Red Rocks Campground. This could be a better option if you’re looking to get the campsite all to yourself.

Byfield National Park campgrounds in a 4wd

If you’re looking to camp in Byfield National Park with a 4wd, you have access to Five Rocks Camping which has cold showers and toilets as well as picnic tables.

At Nine Mile Beach you can camp but there’s no facilities here. Whilst there are camping areas, it’s a first in type of set up here.

Remember to book your camping spot before you go.

For more information about this national park, check out this awesome guide by Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service.

Don’t forget to watch our video!

Byfield National Park


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