How Grace Removals Interstate Removalists Helped Me Settle In Australia

If you’re moving interstate and looking for an interstate removalists, we’re sharing our Grace Removals review, so you can know what to expect when looking for house movers in Australia.

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly 10 years since I moved to Australia, and it’s the first time I have ever had all of my belongings in one place. When I moved here in 2011, it wasn’t planned.

I didn’t use international moving companies to move to Australia as I accidentally came here on my travels after meeting Steve in India. For the next seven years or so, I had some clothes sent out to me, but other than that, I literally started from scratch again.

<em>Moving my stuff from my storage container in England to Australia <em>

It wasn’t until the end of 2016, I decided to ship everything over to Australia. I had previously been keeping all of my belongings in storage, which I had to pay for every month. I think I left it for so long because to be honest, I didn’t really know I would end up living in Australia for good. I always thought it was a temporary thing and I’d end up moving back to England.

When I finally got onto the international shipping companies to move everything over, I stored most of it in Steve’s mum’s garage. We were going to go travelling around the world a few months later so I left the majority of it all unopened.

I had paintings I had painted as a student which I didn’t open, photos from my childhood packed up in boxes and so many other sentimental things I hadn’t seen for a long time.

When we packed up the rest of our belongings in Sydney to go travelling around the world for a year, we stored everything back in the garage, Steve’s mum kindly let us takeover.

We’ve Been Living Out Of Suitcases For The Last 3 Years


When we returned a year later, we’ve spent the last two years pet sitting around Australia until we finally found somewhere to live in Agnes Water in Queensland. This means for the last three years, we have been living out of suitcases. All of our stuff has remained in Steve’s mum’s garage until we could decide on where to live in Australia.

We ended up moving to Agnes Water accidentally. When we came here for a pet sitting gig for three months at the beginning of 2020, we then decided to stay during lockdown. The more we stayed here, the more we loved it, so we decided to put some roots down and stay.

Why Has It Taken Us So Long To Move Interstate?

<em>Grace Removals at Steves Mums house <em>

It’s taken us a long time to find interstate movers because we struggled to find one we could trust initially. I called up a few interstate removalists and they mostly told us they wouldn’t deliver to Agnes Water in Queensland from Newcastle in New South Wales.

We were told by some removalists that it would be much cheaper to get our belongings to Sydney, then it would be sent on a train to Brisbane. We didn’t know of anyone in Newcastle who could take our stuff to Sydney for us and it seemed like a big mission.

We then looked into getting a removalist from Agnes Water to pick our stuff up from Brisbane to see if we could get the costs down. It all sounded like it was going to be a nightmare, especially when trying to move during Covid.

Then We Found Grace Removals From Our Moving Companies Page


As we were building this new site, I decided to try out our International moving companies partner SIRELO from our Moving Companies page to see what they would come up with. We promote SIRELO as they help you find moving companies in your local area. When you type in your details, you’ll receive five free shipping quotes for when you’re moving to Australia or moving back home from Australia.

I didn’t realise but they also provide interstate removalists and moving companies in Australia too. So when we punched in our details, we were then emailed by Grace Removals. Being one of the best moving companies in Australia, I knew I’d be able to trust them, because SIRELO will only send you the best house movers.

It was then really easy working with Grace Removals. We had around 30 boxes as we estimated and it looked like it was going to cost us $2000 moving interstate. This was the first interstate removalists we had found who were happy to help us move from NSW to QLD.

When we calculated it, it would have probably cost us more to drive 15 hours back to Newcastle a few times to pick up our things in stages anyway. Plus my larger items like my paintings wouldn’t have fit in our car anyway.

Interstate Removalists Grace Removals Review

We then received really good and friendly communication during the whole process of our relocation move from Grace Removals. They called us up to confirm the move and told us someone would be arriving at Steve’s mum’s house within the following week.

When they arrived at her house, she has to this day continued to tell us how good Grace Removals are. She’s even gone on to say if she was moving, she would use Grace Removals in a heart beat!


Two friendly guys turned up to her front door and moved everything into their van very carefully within an hour of being there. All items were checked, numbered and documented in their inventory and condition report so nothing would go missing. They were really friendly and allowed her to take some photos so we could share them with you.

Our belongings were then put on a train and sent up to Brisbane. We were told they would arrive in Agnes Water in the coming weeks. Because we live so remotely being 150km from the nearest cities of Bundaberg in the South and Gladstone in the North, it’s not that easy to send a delivery guy 5.5hrs from Brisbane.


But, I was impressed that we received everything within a two weeks time frame. It could have been quicker but we weren’t in a rush to get everything back.


It honestly felt like Christmas on the day Grace Removals arrived. I was so excited to finally have a huge weight off my shoulders knowing everything was going to arrive. When they turned up to our house, I ran downstairs so excited to see them.

The two guys had come from Sunshine Coast and our local town of Bundaberg to deliver our belongings. It was quite weird seeing everything in the van, like that was our whole lives packed up in there.


They moved everything into our garage within about 30 minutes or so and were really friendly and careful with it all. Once they had emptied the van, I signed the documents to say everything had arrived and they were off.

I then spent the whole day going through everything and feeling so happy that I had everything in one place again after nearly 10 years.

I Finally Feel Settled In Australia


It’s a big debate amongst expats about whether to move your belongings to Australia, so I’m going to go into more detail about this in my next article. But for now, I’m just going to say that I personally think it’s really important to move your belongings to Australia.

interstate-removalists-grace-removals-1 2

I feel like I can finally feel settled in Australia because I now have all of my memories and sentimental things in one place. I no longer need to think about having a life before Australia and a life in Australia, because it’s all in one place now. There is something that I think maybe only expats will understand because Steve didn’t get it. But for me, it’s an amazing feeling to have part of my life all around me now.

A big thank you to Grace Removals for moving our stuff for us. They’ll have no idea how important it was for me and how grateful I will forever be to them. If we move house in Australia again, I’ll be using Grace Removals for sure!

We hope this article has helped you find a reliable interstate removalists you’ll be able to trust just like we did!

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  1. I’m happy you had a good experience.. but Grace removals are a company to be avoided. I wish we had read the reviews. We had damaged and missing items. We were offered $500 for $9000 of missing and damaged goods.

    We are entering a dispute case and will take legal action. So many others have had high value items taken. Moving overseas shouldn’t be this stressful.

  2. Your tips and thoughts are exceptionally useful for me, some are very brilliant. I appreciate these suggestions!

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