How To Travel Western Australia With A Baby

Looking for tips on how to travel Western Australia with a baby in a caravan? Sounds like a mission right? Fortunately, German expat Jasmin Ramsay recently embarked on a WA road trip as a new mum with her husband and baby in a caravan and is sharing what she learnt, where you should stop and so much more.

Jasmin said:

Little ones just soak up everything they see and I could definitely see a change in his personality as he explored so many new things.

She recently travelled the WA coast line with her husband and baby in a caravan and is sharing her tips for any first time Mums and Dads on how to travel Western Australia with a baby.

Read on to see how she planned it, her top tips and where to go in WA with a baby. Follow her travels on Instagram as a German expat living in Brisbane, at @travellinginheels, as she shares how to keep your passion for travel a live with a baby in tow.

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Why travel Western Australia with a baby?


When our baby boy Luca was born in May 2021, we were keen to include him in our travel plans as early as possible. He went camping for the first time when he was three months old and has been to Europe when six months old.

My husband Ryan and I love road trips and decided to use my maternity leave to explore West Coast Australia a bit further. We had visited in 2013 for the first time and loved the beautiful beaches, the remote areas, the weather and the wildlife. We therefore decided, to take a Perth to Exmouth road trip with a little detour to beautiful Margaret River.

A few things I was slightly apprehensive about


Covering 3,000 kms in two weeks with a baby definitely sounds a bit bonkers and made me nervous. We knew we would have some big driving days ahead of us and we were not sure how Luca would take it.

I was also worried about the extreme temperature differences. Margaret River went down to 7 degrees at night while Exmouth went up to 40 degrees.

Spending so much time in the car, I was also concerned about keeping our baby safe and it was clear early on that we would take his own car seats to WA. I know that he can spend hours in there, it is safe and clean so definitely worth packing.

Luca is also a very active child and loves to play outside all day long in the Australian sun. Being in a car or a camper for long periods of times was a bit worrying.

How to prepare for a road trip in Australia with a baby


I wasn’t aware that most airlines allow you to take so many free items when travelling with babies to make trips for the whole family easily accessible. Definitely take note if you are flying!

We were flying Jetstar and they allow you to carry on a pram, car seats, high chair and baby bed onto the plane. We bought a second hand pram as Luca’s normal pram has been bashed on a previous flights to Europe and also took his car seat and a camping high chair.

We didn’t have enough space for his travel cot in the caravan and decided to buy a bedside rail on market place in Perth.

We also love to hike and bought a toddler hiking backpack to carry him in. This made it way more comfortable for Luca to spend a couple of hours in the backpack and also have a nap when needed. The further north you go, the more flies you encounter. We therefore bought a mosquito net at Kmart to keep our baby safe, mainly for his pram but we also put it over the backpack.

Being remote areas, I also packed a lot of Luca’s medicine in a first aid kit, which was a blessing as he got a nasty cold two days in. I had heaps of panadol, nose spray and coughing medicine on hand.

We also took Luca’s portable travel light with us in our bag. He could sleep in the van with his light on, even when we didn’t have power while we could still sit outside.

I also made sure that we travelled as much on his schedule as possible. We booked night flights to Perth (he slept from take off and the whole way through) and we tried to drive during his naps and planned activities during his awake times

A great idea I had was to go to Kmart in Perth to buy some new toys to keep him entertained as well as a sun canopy to keep him safe when at the beach. Both great to keep your baby happy!

Organising a caravan suitable for a baby


We booked a spacious 4WD and a caravan via Camplify, a website where people can rent out their personal vehicles. This was the best thing we could have done and it is super easy to book onto caravan parks!

We had a big retro caravan with two single beds, a table, two seats, a kitchen, an aircon and heater. When it was too hot or cold (or there were too many flies) we could stay inside and Luca still had some space to play with his toys.

I breastfed Luca after dinner and put him into my bed with the bedrail. He played in the van in the morning and we also had an outdoor carpet he could use for playing outside.

Even with babies who are bottle fed, there is more than enough space in a van kitchen to store formula powder or baby food and you can make boiled water for your sterilised bottles.

Seeing a new perspective through my baby’s eyes


Travelling with a baby changes everything. In the past, we probably would have driven all the way up to Broome and back but having Luca with us, we needed to adapt to his speed a bit.

This gave us so many great opportunities to stop and see new things, slow down and enjoy everything a bit more. It is amazing to see new things through your babies eyes. He loved playing in the sand, going for swims and exploring the vineyards.”

Little ones just soak up everything they see and I could definitely see a change in his personality as he explored so many new things.

It is also great to realise that even though you are having a child, you can still do the things you love.

I feel that parents are often a bit scared to take their little ones to new places but they are so robust and the memories you make are just priceless.

It can be challenging driving for hours with a baby


Driving days are hard with a baby. We had two eight hour days and while he did a great job sleeping most of the time, he was done after six hours. We planned those days by starting to drive early in the morning when he was napping, had a break in the middle at a beach and played with him and started the drive again when he was due for his second nap. I normally spend the last two hours in the back, entertaining and feeding him.

He also got a bit sick at the start and we had to change some of our plans, e.g. we couldn’t do a hike as planned as he just needed a nap. You have to be flexible and adapt to their schedule.

During our time at Exmouth, it was also whale shark season. My husband and I would have loved to snorkel with them but we didn’t want to take Luca on a boat for a whole day. We then decided to split up on 2 seperate tours, that Ryan would swim with the whale sharks while I did a tour to swim with sea lions.

How to plan what baby food to bring on a road trip

Our go to baby food dishes while on the road and camping were oats with milk and fresh fruit, bananas, iron cereals, whatever we ate and packed snacks and pouches. He loves veggie straws, oat biscuits, yoghurt and musli. When it comes to pouches, I always check that they don’t include any sugar.

I created a meal plan before our trip and we did a big shop at Aldi in Perth for all our basics. We then just bought fresh ingredients as needed. Food prices are definitely going up the further north you go. I suggest shopping in Geraldton, Exmouth or Carnarvon as they are the only towns with and Aldi, Coles or Woolworths.

Best baby friendly activities from Perth to Exmouth


These are some of the stand-out baby friendly activities from our Perth to Exmouth road trip.

1. Busselton Jetty


Busselton Jetty was our first stop. It’s such a cool place to spend the day at the beach. There is a big playground and the jetty also has a train which is great for kids. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time for it.

2. Margaret River wineries


We have done tours in the past but didn’t feel comfortable taking a baby. As I am still breastfeeding, I couldn’t drink anyway, so we just decided that I drive and Ryan does some wine testing. The breweries are also very kid friendly and often provide some great playgrounds. We loved the Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co. You need to try their fried pickles!

3. Places to eat in Margaret River


We went super early in the morning when Luca had a nap and had a table right at the water. The view is just amazing and there were only locals, enjoying a coffee after their (freezing) morning swim.

Breakfast at White Elephant Cafe Margaret River for breath-taking views over the water. Coconut Bircher and wild mushrooms tasted amazing. Try to get a spot at the front for best views

Lunch at Cheeky Monkey Brewing in Margaret River: Two words: Fried pickles! I didn’t know they exist and I dream about them now. Crunchy on the outside and juice on the inside, OMG! Their beetroot and goats cheese salad was also to die for!

They are right at a lake, so try to get one of the picnic places at the water. They also have a big playground for kids.

4. Hamelin Bay (Margaret River)


Hamelin Bay is known for its sting rays. They come around 10am every day and just swim past. We put Luca in his carrier and he had a blast being in the water and watching them swim around us.

5. Swimming with sea lions in Jurien Bay


This was an absolute bucket list item for me to swim with sea lions in Jurien Bay. Unfortunately, they didn’t come to play on our first trip and we got a voucher for another one for our next trip.

Luca was on the boat for the first encounter and was screaming a lot, refusing to feed. I think he got sea sick, so we decided to not take him on the second trip. Regardless, the team were super nice and helpful with him. I was very lucky to swim with around 15 of them and even got a hug.

6. Coral Bay


Camping right at the beach and just playing in the sand at the beautiful Coral Bay in WA was a big highlight for us. It’s a beautiful little town to relax and recharge and let baby have a sleep. Great tip, they also have great snorkelling just off the beach!

7. Cape Range National Park, near Exmouth


Cape Range National Park near Exmouth is just beautiful with so many cool hikes that even the baby liked too. We loved the Yardie Creek hike, were you walk up the cliffs to some breath-taking views over the Gorge and ocean and Mandu Mandu Gorge.

You will need a proper hiking bag and pack a fly net. Both hikes take around two hours. Start early in the morning as it gets really hot in the gorges! And, be aware of dingos, especially with little ones!

8. Tourqouise beach in Cape Range National Park


The water is just out of this world and comes in all different shades of blue in Cape Range National Park. Babies loved swimming and playing in the sun and you can also do some great snorkelling just off the beach.

9. Sunsets in Cape Range National Park


Every evening at 5:30pm, we took some drinks and baby crackers and went to the beach for some epic Cape Range National Park sunsets. It does not matter what age you are, seeing the sun set in an incredible location is always fun.

10. Swimming with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef


Ryan took a day trip to Ningaloo reef and swam with some whale sharks. It’s possible to tick off some adult bucket list activities when travelling with a baby, don’t let family life stop you adding more ideas to your travel list, you just need to work around it.

Want to tick this bucket list item off? Check out this popular swim with whale sharks tour from Coral Bay.

11. Breakfast at Social Society in Exmouth


We were blown away when we found the Vegetarian friendly Social Society in Exmouth – 1,200kms away from Perth.

The Chai Tea brewed on soy, vegan banana pancake stack and smoothie bowl were delicious and something I was expecting to eat in a big city and not halfway up the west coast. They also sell beautiful local jewellery and clothes. We loved sitting outside but be aware of mosquitos early in the morning.

12. Kalbarri National Park


How I wish we would have spent more time at Kalbarri National Park. Nature’s window is a place out of this world. The red rocks are absolutely stunning and Nature’s Window captures the Murray River in the backdrop perfectly. There is also a 5 hour hike along the river, we would have loved to do but we were running out of time.

The newly opened Skywalk in Kalbarri National Park is a viewing platform over the valley, offering breath-taking views. Babies love walking and crawling along the platform. Great tips for families, don’t forget to pack your flynets!

Visit the cafe at the Skywalk as well – the sandwiches and cakes are excellent.

13. Pinnacles


The Pinnacles in Western Australia are a natural limestone structure, formed 25,000 years ago. You can take your car into the park and do the 4km drive through the formations and stop along the way. It looks like a place out of this world and is a great little stop for children to explore and have fun.

Still wondering if you should do a Western Australia road trip with a baby?


Be brave and do it. Babies and toddlers are not made of glass and they will love the trip as much as you do.

The earlier they get used to it, the easier it will be. And the experiences they gain are just priceless.

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How to travel Western Australia with a baby



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