Episode 1: Why you’ll love this new expat podcast

In our very first episode we’ll explain what The Expat Reality Podcast is all about. After running a successful expat site, we felt it’s time to dig deeper and share insights and our thoughts about being an expat in Australia.

We’ll share why we started Londoner In Sydney, what it’s like living in Australia and how it’s not like being on a permanent holiday. We’ll also talk about what it’s like trying to fit into Australian life while navigating a new life and making friends in the process.

We’ll also talk about how we’re trying to overcome our gut issues in Australia, and we’ll share some of our favourite places to visit in Australia as well.

If you’re feeling like you’re constantly being pulled in different directions, know that you’re not alone as you try to settle in Australia. This podcast is all about opening up and trying to figure out where you’re supposed to live in this world while trying to settle.

We’ll also talk about what it was like when we moved back to England, and why we’ve come back to Australia, and ultimately how becoming an expat can change you. We know only too well how expat guilt can become really exhausting that many expats move back home because of the fear of missing friends and family. And of course, join us as we are still in the search for finding our place in the world.

And while we discuss all of this, we’ll be talking about Home & Away, Muriel’s Wedding, MAFS, travel pillows and English pubs.

Welcome to your new podcast to listen to each week!