Easy 20 Min Hike To America Bay In Sydney

Looking for the best walks in Sydney but don’t want to walk too far? America Bay in Sydney is a fantastic little hike in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park which takes just 20 minutes to get to some knock out views over the Hawkesbury River.

I found the America Bay track on Google Maps ages ago (this had been my form of finding a lot of hikes around Sydney), and recently when I was up in the area of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, I was finally able to go and explore this little gem.

<em>West Head Lookout which looks over to the famous light house at Palm Beach<em>

After our stay at the beautiful Scotland Island Lodge In Sydney, we drove just 20 minutes around the corner to West Head Lookout, the famous lookout over Palm Beach. It was nice to go back and see a different perspective of Palm Beach again.

We then ventured back to the America Bay walk. I had read it was about a 20 minute hike but you never really know what to believe when it comes to reading about hiking times on the internet.

I can actually confirm, it was indeed 20 minutes to walk just the 1KM to the lookout. The track was really easy and child friendly, and you definitely didn’t need any hiking skills to find the lookout.

america-bay-hike (1 of 1)
<em>The track to America Bay<em>

When you get to the end, you’ll see a red gate saying the track is closed. Just venture onto the right hand side where the rocks are and you’ll see the lookout.

<em>The closed sign just turn right through the bushes and youll come to the lookout<em>

When you reach the America Bay lookout in Sydney, it’s absolutely beautiful! This is a great spot where you can bring a picnic and enjoy the views that look out over Pittwater. It sort of made me feel like I could have been in Vietnam.

Note there aren’t any toilets here as it’s just a lookout.

<em>The view at America Bay back burning to control the bush fire season coming up in the background<em>

If you’re looking for an short walk in Sydney, you must go to America Bay!

Easy 20 Min Hike To America Bay In Sydney