Australia’s Go To Removalist: Removalist Seeker

So you’re moving house in Australia and need a good, reliable removalist? Finding a decent, well priced one can literally be like a lucky dip until I found out about the genius site called Removalist Seeker.

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My not so great experience with a random removalist

Trust me, I remember getting a removalist once in Sydney and it was honestly the biggest waste of money. Why? Firstly I took a whole day off work to move house thinking the removalist would turn up at 9am. I was wrong. When they eventually turned up at 4pm on an extremely hot day which was peaking in the 40C+ temps, the removalists literally stood by their van whilst we had to carry everything down to them. When they did eventually help, they scratched our coffee table, broke a lamp and it just went from bad to worse.

Getting a decent removalist is like going to a random restaurant and hoping to pick the best item on the menu only to be disappointed in many cases. Thankfully, we now have Removalist Seeker.

What is Removalist Seeker?


OK, so think of it as being a bit like Webjet, but instead of comparing flight prices, you’re comparing a range of removalists. Removalist Seeker is also the only company in Australia that allows you to receive pricing estimates in real time so you’ll know you’re not getting ripped off. It works with a scheduling engine which shows you which removalists are available in your area straight away and have spare capacity at the time and day that you’ve selected – it’s that simple.

You see Removalist Seeker is so transparent they also show you a ball park cost of moving your home whether it’s for a single person, couple, family etc and they have real reviews on their site. If you get a rubbish service, you could be looking at a personal $100 back from the Removalist Seeker’s themselves as service is a vital piece of the removalists they work with.

So how does Removalist Seeker work?

All you have to do is fill out the simple online form without including any personal details so you won’t have to opt into any spam emails! You’ll then see a list of removalists in your area, you choose based on the price, company info and past reviews. You see only verified users who’ve actually used this service before can post reviews just like what you see on eBay or Uber so you know Removalist Seeker can be 100% trusted.

So there you go, if you’re moving house in Australia, check out Removalist Seeker as your new place to find a trustworthy and brilliant removalist!