Are there any spiders in Sydney? This was literally the first question that ran through my head when I first came to Sydney on a a year’s working holiday visa back in 2006. As someone who is petrified of those beasts, I had always imagined huge spiders EVERYWHERE all over Australia.

Now I’ve been living in Sydney on and off for the last 3 years, I’ve decided to write a post about it because I think the same question runs through so many people’s minds when making the decision about moving over. I know this because a few friends have moved over all told me that they researched the subject so much before making the move. I think the British think Sydney is like living in the jungle where we are faced with creepy crawlies and random poisonous animals on a daily basis. The reality is there’s nothing poisonous here. It is a city and Australia’s largest one with over 4.5 million residents. You won’t find any Kangaroos or Koala bears bouncing around the city for a start and when it comes to spiders you won’t find anything to seriously worry about.

Now, yes, there are red backs (2nd most deadly spider in the world) that live in Aus but I’ve only seen them in the outback not ever in any city in Australia. One thing you’ll notice is that spiders all look very different in Aus and not the common black spider you’ll see in the UK as in they come in the form of various shapes, sizes and colours! I’ve noticed there always seem to be more spiders by the water. I always see them in their webs near the beaches and Sydney harbour but they are happy to chill in their webs so fear not, they won’t suddenly attack you and I’m not talking about loads, just one or two!

So it works out that the further you go out West into the outback, the more likely you’ll be faced with spiders and various animals. I actually found that WA (Western Australia) had the most animals. Think snakes, spiders, guanas, kangaroos etc. But I’m not talking about Perth here, that was up north of WA and also down in the wine region of Margaret River while I spent time fruit picking there.

In reality do you want to know how many spiders I’ve seen in Sydney in the last three years? One. Yes, that’s one. It was a huntsman, a big beast but let’s face it, it’s only one! Huntsmans are apparent in Sydney but the Australians will vouch that they are good to have around because they eat all the other bugs and cockroaches. If you ever see a huntsman, I’m not gonna lie, they are big and will shock you for their hugeness. But they aren’t gonna harm you and that’s the main thing. I’ve been told funnel webs exist around Sydney but I’ve never, ever heard of anyone ever witnessing one before.

You know what the best thing about living with spiders if you ever see any in Sydney is? It will actually get rid of any fears you once had. And that’s coming from me, the girl who would scream if she saw the tiniest of spider just a few years ago. Also, spiders, cockroaches and any other type of bugs like mossies only really come out in summer. You’re more than likely won’t see anything during winter 🙂

So, I hope I’ve cleared up any fears that you might have because if you are worried about moving to Sydney because of a fear of spiders then you really don’t have anything to worry about. I can promise you that.

N.B I’ve decided not to include any photo’s of Spiders because let’s face it, you’re reading this because you are fearful of them so I’m going to respect your fears (and mine) by not including any. You’ll notice the one picture I have included are of fake spiders 🙂

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