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Who is Londoner In Sydney?

If you missed our About Us page, we’re made up of Steve and Annie, an engaged couple who met in India in 2011.

Steve’s the Aussie and Annie’s the Brit and whilst Annie does a lot of the writing, Steve is the man with the drone, the man with the awesome photography skills and the man who also comes up with a lot of the content ideas and looks after the web design.

Who’s reading our blog?


Whilst most people automatically think Londoner In Sydney is a blog for people living in London who want to move to Sydney, did you know…

…66% of our audience are actually based in Australia, and unsurprisingly mostly Sydney.

Here’s a quick run down of where our audience is based!

  • 66% Australia
  • 7% UK
  • 7% USA
  • 2% India

Our demographic

54% female and mostly aged 25-34.

Blog stats

  • We receive on average 130,000 views a month per month and 105,000 unique views per month. But it’s growing fast as we’re implementing more SEO techniques so most of our content ranks on page 1 of Google for their target keywords.
  • Over 1.9 million total views
  • Average time on the blog 3:30
  • 1,000+ subscribers
  • 12,500 social media followers

Social Media stats


  • 150-300 likes per post
  • 10-20 comments per post
  • 1000+ views per story


  • 175,000 monthly unique viewers
  • 10,000 engaged
  • 300+ followers


  • 2,500+ likes

You Tube

  • 30 vlogs
  • 300+ followers

What our readers love the most about Londoner In Sydney


Our content is split into two parts – half is personal experience of life as an expat which our readers love and the other is inspiring our readers to travel especially inside Australia and further a field to more destinations around the world.

Our readers love reading about the content we love writing about the most – secret gems located in Australia that even most Aussies wouldn’t know about. We also love writing about adventure travel and beautiful, natural places around the world.

Our blog has become the go to guide for things to do in Sydney and weekends out of Sydney for many Australians and expats.


We’ve written about a Japanese Bath House in Blue Mountains that had literally zero press coverage until we found it hidden deep within the internet. Within a couple of days of posting a blog, we saw over 1,000 Facebook shares.

Not all of our content is based in Sydney, we love writing about other parts of Australia and around the world.

South Australia


We’ve written an article about one of our favourite finds, a South Australian town called Mount Gambier. As we highlighted some of the best cave diving in the world as well as other mind blowing gems, this post saw 5,000 Facebook shares within days of posting and thousands of views.

Island hopping in the Maldivesbudget-guide-to-maldives-local-islands

During our travels around the world during 2018, we visited the Maldives on a backpacker’s budget to highlight that anyone could visit. We wanted to show people that it’s not just a honeymooner’s destination.

We make videos too!

The blogs we wrote about Maldives have had hundreds of Facebook Shares, our beautiful drone photography has been shared on Instagram to pages with millions of followers and we’ve received countless emails from our followers thanking us for making their dream holiday come true.

How we connect with our audienceEXPAT-IN-AUSTRALIA

We have an engaged, loyal audience as we always write honest, relatable blogs that we would personally look for on the internet. If we have to search to find content for a long time on the net, we will most certainly write about it. Our goal is to purely inspire and help other people live a rich life through travel.

Recent Awards

Notable Press

  • The Guardian
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Daily Mail
  • MSN
  • We featured on our own TV show called House Hunters International on HGTV and 9:LIFE

Want to work with us?

We offer a range of services. The type content we predominately promote are the following:

Travel & hospitality anywhere in Australia

Destination guides

Weekends away from Sydney

Holidays in Australia

Holidays within easy reach from Australia (whilst most of our audience are new to Australia, we want to show them how their holidays can be to more exotic destinations now like Thailand, Bali, Hawaii etc than in their old life around Europe).

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve worked with many local Australian companies from tourism boards to helping expats move to Australia – recruiters, migration experts, money transfers, shipping companies and more.

Recent collaborations!

Visit Sunshine Coast tourism board

We ended up writing nine blog posts and multiple social media posts after a four day trip to Sunshine Coast. Below is some of the content we produced.



Travel collabs around the world

When we travelled around the world for 1 year in 2018, we worked with various local travel companies such as the following:

  • We worked with 5 local islands in Maldives via accommodation and dived with Sharks with a local scuba company here.
  • We worked with accommodation all around the world in countries like India, Norway, Sri Lanka, Iceland and more.
  • We worked with a local Nepalese company to promote the Everest Base Camp Trek and hosted a competition on Instagram to win our exact trip here.
  • We’ve worked with a cycling tour company and the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.
  • We’ve worked with a Northern Lights tour company, reindeer sledding, and more in northern Norway here.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking to work with tourism boards all over Australia and outside of Australia. I travelled around Australia as a backpacker back in 2006 and am dying to write more Aussie content about how beautiful this country is to become the go to expat guide for the whole of Australia.

Services we offer

  • Sponsored posts
  • Sponsored social posts
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Competitions
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Destination famils
  • Advertising side bar banners
  • Drone photography
  • Video content

What we don’t offer

  • Guest posts from agencies looking for a link. We only write authentic content relevant to our audience.


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