Finding the right visa to enter Australia can be confusing so I’ve broken down the most popular visas to make it easy for you to understand. If you are wondering what visa you need to get for your holiday to Australia or how to stay in Australia permanently read on here.

Tourist Visas


E-visitor (subclass 651) is FREE

You can stay up to 3 months so this is what you’d use if you’re coming over on holiday and if you’re a passport owner from one of  these countries. I came in on this visa to Australia before applying for the Defacto Partner Visa. I’ve also come in on this visa to visit friends before as well on a holiday.

Visitor Visa (subclass 600) you have to pay

This is for anyone wanting to visit or for business purposes for 3,6 or 12 months. The difference between this visa and the 651 is you have to pay for this visa: AU135-AU340

Work and Travel Visa

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If you want to come to Australia and work and travel AND you’re under 31, you can get the below visa:

Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)

You can obtain the 417 visa before your 31st birthday which lasts for 1 year allowing you to work anywhere in Aus but for only 6 months per employer. If you carry out farm work/fruit picking for 90 days during that year, you can obtain another 1 year visa to use before your 31st birthday.

travelling to australia on your own tips

Read all the tips on travelling to Australia on your own on a WHV here

I used my first visa in 2006 when I was 23 and slogged out the fruit picking to use my second visa in 2012 when I was 29. You can continue to your second visa if you want to stay on or come back like I did before your 31st birthday.  Once your WHV is up you must leave the country and then come back in on a tourist visa if you wanted to stay around and travel a bit longer.

If you want to stay longer than 2 years in Australia…


Partner Visa (subclass 820)

This is what I am currently on. I came back into Aus on a tourist E-Visitor visa 651, waited out that visa until it expired 3 months later to apply for the Partner Visa. You have to be living with your partner for 1 year before you apply for the visa. We were travelling during that time so as long as you can prove you have been together (literally seeing each other face to face the whole time then you can get that visa.)



How I applied for the 820 Partner Defacto Visa to Australia here

Getting Sponsored –  Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subclass 457)

This is the visa most people are on as they have been sponsored by a company to live and work in Australia permanently. Many people will come to Australia on a working holiday visa (417) then be employed by a company willing to sponsor them on the 457 visa. The only clause is you’ll have to stay working for that employer for 4 years. If you are in a couple and one of you have been sponsored, you can get the other half into Australia as well. If you lose your job whilst being sponsored then you have 3 months to find another job before having to leave Australia. You can also move jobs as long as the new employer is happy to take over the sponsorship.

You can be sponsored for various jobs, I know someone who was recently was offered sponsorship for coaching a local football team so it can be done! Read here for the 2016-2017 list of sponsored jobs to Australia – this list is also used for 189 (Skilled Independent Visa), 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional Visa) and 485 (Graduate Temporary Visa) visa applications.

Top Tip – I know a lot of British people turn to recruitment as their career as it’s a popular industry to get sponsored to stay in Australia. You’ll just need to stay in the sponsored company for 4 years, then you can work anywhere!

Permanent Residency


If you’re on a 457 Sponsored visa then your employer can nominate you for PR after you’ve worked for them for 2 years on a 186 visa. There’s also a direct route so you can cut out the two years and your boss can put you forward at any time. You can also put yourself forward for PR via the 189 skilled independent visa which you can apply any time as long as your job features on the shortage list here. You will though have to pay a hefty amount to apply for this visa yourself otherwise your employer can pay.

Australian Citizenship


So you’ve made it to the final stage! Hurrah!! You’ll just need to be living in Australia for 4 years and be on a PR for 12 months before you can apply for this visa. The benefit to this visa is there are no restrictions to leaving the country and you’ll be able to come back in freely!

For the full list of visas to Australia – please read on here.


So you know what visa to come in on, now it’s time to choose where to live here

Thanks for reading