Last week was a bit of a random one, the weather got hotter and my fashion choices were a bit all over the shop! I never plan any of my outfits and I always give myself about half an hour to dry my hair, put a bit of makeup on and find something to wear. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but starting this new feature in What I Wore This Week has certainly made me push the boat out and experiment more with mixing up my outfits. It’s so easy to wear the same clothes time and time again and I know I have a fair bit so it’s time I started to actually wear them all! This is what I came up with last week in my Valentine’s Week of dressing…



This is another one of my entire outfits from Zara time. I bought this oversized shirt in the sale recently and I love the bright crisp white to it. I’ve tied it into a knot as I think it would have been a bit too overpowering for this outfit. I don’t think there’s a girl out there who hasn’t been on the hunt for a good leather skirt and I randomly came across this one reently which will be perfect for the 70s trend let alone a complete classic that won’t ever go out of fashion. My shoes are my favourites that I bought a few months ago and have worn them non stop as they have to be my most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! I also went into Mac recently as I have always been on the hunt for a red lipstick that doesn’t fall off within seconds. I was sold this beauty and a lip liner (the key!) for a look that won’t disappear within five seconds. I love this simple yet effective look that started off my week!

Oversized Shirt – Zara sale, Pitt St Mall Sydney (bought in Feb 2015) $35 buy here

Leather Mini Skirt – Zara, Pitt Street Mall (bought in Feb 2015) $119 similar here

Shoes – Zara, Macquarie Centre (bought in Nov 2014) $69 although currently in the sale similar here

Make Up – Lips, Ruby Woo Mac Makeup $36 buy here

Lip Pencil, Cherry Mac Makeup $34 buy here

Tuesday (no photo as Steve goes to work early)


Sheike black midi skirt

I rarely wear all black but on Wednesday that’s exactly what I did with a hint of leopard print in those shoes again. I love this skirt that I found for a total bargain price of $20 in the sale at Australian store Sheike. I’ve grown to really like that shop as they do some gorgeous summer dresses there but I really love the midi length and the 70s feel to this little beauty. I paired it with a Topshop crop top for a really simple work outfit that doesn’t show off too much midriff that makes it just about acceptable to get away with at a corporate office. I went to a cooking class after work so I made sure I wore dark colours incase it got messy! Cooking class review will be up here soon as it was awesome!

Black Midi Skirt – Sheike sale, QVB Sydney (bought in Dec 2014) $20 similar here

Black Crop Top – Topshop, Sydney Store (bought Jan 2015) $59 similar here

Leopard Print Shoes – Zara, Macquarie Centre (bought Dec 2014) $59 similar here


h&m striped trousers

This has to be my surprise outfit of the week (and probably my favourite of the week) as in I randomly paired these items together and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I was infact about to list these H&M pants on ebay but I think I’m gonna hold on to them for a bit longer. They are always a great piece to wear when it’s really hot as they are so comfy and light, they are perfect for work (see my other post on these little beauties here). I teamed them with this crop top from Sheike which again I found in the sale for a bargain price of $29 which worked so well as the pants have gold lines which run through them and I topped it off with this gorgeous necklace from H&M. I think I’ll be wearing this outfit again very soon! If you are looking to invest in these pants, just to warn you that they are actually quite short and I had to wear flats with them. I’m 165cm, thats 5 foot 5 iches tall so I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone taller than me.

Top – Sheike sale, Met Centre, Sydney (bought Jan 2015) $29 buy here

Pants – H&M, Macquarie Centre (bought Nov 2014) $34.99 similar here

Necklace – H&M, Macquarie Centre (bought Jan 2015) $19.99

Steve went to work early so no photo on Friday 



We all know Saturday was Valentine’s day so Steve & I drove an hour north of our home up to Palm Beach (aka the beach they film Home&Away on. Yes that show is STILL going strong over here). I absolutely love this part of the coast as it is so tropical and beautiful that we spent the day hiking all over the place. I wanted to show you guys this gorgeous hat I bought recently t my favourite markets in Sydney, yep that’s my local one called Kirribilli Markets which I always plug on here because I love everything about it and always seem to come away with some good finds. Last week I found this hat at one of the stall holders who is always at the market but usually their hats are always too big for my small head until I found this beauty. I am now wearing it all the time as it’s perfect for making sure my face is out of that strong Aussie sun. Go get one of these, they are a bargain!

Hat – Kirribilli Markets (bought 7 feb 2015) $25


Valentines Evening and we were off to an open air cinema right on Sydney harbour yet it started to rain so the dress I was going to wear no longer was an option so I decided to pull out my brand new buys from the new Zara collection. I am totes hooked onto the 70s trend and absolutely love this blouse and gorgeous Autumnal pants. Funnily enough we were both feeling so ill after our hike so I’m a bit gutted how this outfit worked out – as in I wouldn’t be wearing the boots with them again and would opt for a heel instead. I really struggled to make it to the cinema that night even though we were really lucky that it stopped raining and could enjoy the setting in the end.

Blouse – Zara, Pitt St Mall (bought in Feb 2015) $69 similar here

Pants – Zara, Pitt St Mall (bought in Feb 2015) $89 similar here

Boots – Zara, Pitt Street Mall (bought in July 2014) Similar here



And lastly my Sunday was spent not being very well at all. Steve came down with a virus which he passed onto me but we managed to make it down to the beach for an hour so I slipped on this 90s inspired look complete with my new hat to keep my face out of the sun! I always find it quite hard to dress for the beach but I always seem to be reaching for this crop top most weekends because I can’t get away with wearing it to work during the week.

Crop Top – Topshop, Sydney store (bought in Nov 2014) $29 similar here

Shorts – French Connection, bought off ebay (bought in 2012) $10 similar here

Shoes – Birkenstocks, bought from The Iconic (bought in Dec 2014) $96 buy here

Hope you all have a nice week, thanks for reading and remember… you can find me on Instagram and facebook for daily updates of my life as a Londoner living in Sydney.