Steve & I love trying out new cafes & restaurants in Sydney because the quality of food is simply amazing here and I also love writing about the great places that we come across to hopefully inspire others to visit. We found Twenty 8 Acres on Trip Advisor which had landed the Number 1 spot for Sydney’s top Cafe & Restaurant and we knew we had to go there sometime.

A few weeks back while driving near Central on a Saturday afternoon, we were a bit hungry so I suggested finding this Number 1 Cafe in nearby Redfern. It was a bit hard to find seeing as it was down a residential street, we actually thought we had the wrong road until we saw the big sign saying the ‘this way to Twenty 8 Acres’! Turning up there, it wasn’t quite what I expected as it was just a small cafe that was attached to the side of a hotel. I did in fact love that about this place, it had that nonchalance about it and there was no pretence like most other Sydney Cafes have which was definitely a breath of fresh air. When we walked in we were greeted by very friendly staff, who sat us near the window. I dashed off to the loo which was located in the hotel and may I just add the hotel had an unexpectedly beautiful courtyard in the middle of the building. When I returned Steve already new what he wanted and we then ordered a few very reasonably priced items consisting of:

Steve – House Cured Salmon, crushed potato salad, pickled cucumber, beets and soft boiled egg $20

Me – The Botanist consisting of; buttered veggies, mashed avocado & rocket, poached egg on toast $18

To Share – Goats curd and roast beetroot bruschetta $13

For me, my dish called The Botanist was without a doubt the best dish I think I have ever had anywhere ever. I thought it sounded a bit weird teaming green veggies with eggs and toast but thought I’d give it a go. I was also a little bit worried about the ‘buttered’ part to the veggies as I like to keep my dishes simple and clean tasting but this dish was absolutely awesome. It had so many delicious flavours that I enjoyed every single mouthful. It was a big plate of green goodness consisting of zucchinis, asparagus, peas, avocado and green beans that had a real zingy taste to them. I rarely eat eggs or bread anymore but they were spot on. The dish just worked so well is really was the best dish I have probably ever had.

Stevo said his dish was great but I don’t think it was as good as mine as I could see he was a bit envious scoping out mine and hoping I was going to be full and let him finish it (which I didn’t!). The bruschetta was very good as well and each dish just tasted really fresh and super clean which is what I love.

While we were eating, one of the waiters accidently dropped a coffee he was making near us. There was literally one small splat on Steve’s shorts and they brought out the most amazing chocolate brownie for us to share as a ‘sorry’. I couldn’t believe it as it really wasn’t a big deal at all and I thought that was a lovely gesture of them to do so.

The staff were so friendly, even the chef who is one of the owners came out and had a big chat with us. Being from Ireland, he told me he met the other owner and friend while working in London and they have been over in Australia for just a few years having only opened up this cafe just 9 months ago. 9 months, that’s all it’s taken and they have beaten over 5,000 restaurants on Trip Advisor to be Number 1. That is incredible work, only most could ever dream of reaching that accolade. I can see why it’s number 1 because not only is the food awesome, the atmosphere is too. It’s a lovely little quiet place where you feel like you are almost going into your own home to eat. They make you feel so welcomed there, it’s hard not to go back. And that’s what we did. We went back a few weeks later and both had The Botanist again. This time it was even better and the flavours are just out of this world. I’m sure we will be back for meal number three but I guess I already know what I’ll be having!

If you haven’t been yet, you must! It’s a great spot for a mid week lunch or a lazy weekend. I can imagine they will be expanding in no time with more cafes being dotted around the city and the best part about it is the price. I doubt you’ll find anywhere in Sydney that produces quick yet amazing meals for under $20. This is why I wanted to write the Twenty 8 Acres cafe review to inspire you all to go there now if you haven’t already done so!

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Twenty 8 Acres Cafe Review
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