As you are probably aware by now, H&M finally opened its first ever store in Sydney’s Macquarie Centre last week. Seeing as it opened last Thursday, I would have probably been first in line to raid it if I wasn’t moving house. I was going to go on Sunday but being too busy I actually thought it might be a better idea to wait until Monday after work to embrace the bargains and hopefully fewer crowds. When I lived in England I worked out very quickly that Monday & Friday nights were the best time to shop because most people wouldn’t think about shopping on those nights or would have social lives (unlike me!). The only other time I remember being the best time to shop was during The World Cup because man, going to Primark on Oxford Street, London was an absolute dream because everyone else was in the pub.

Last night I jumped on the train and headed to this new H&M and when I arrived it was all shiny and brand new. I was incredibly excited and there were barely any people in there! I spoke to the staff and they said I had picked the best time to come because the day before saw queues right to the car park (Woo!). Unfortunately going to H&M five days after it opened came with consequences meaning the stock really wasn’t that exciting. At least I’m hoping I have missed out because to be honest, H&M really wasn’t amazing as I thought it was going to be. I really loved the nostalgia it brought back to me and the pricing was awesome – $30 for jeans, yes please! I actually picked up two pairs being that cheap!

Overall here’s the lowdown on the new H&M Sydney store; it consists of two big floors – 1 being Menswear and Kids and the other being women’s. There are two relatively small changing rooms (in comparison to the store) that are unisex (well the men’s changing rooms definitely are). The women’s section is split into two sides, one consisting of the H&M ‘Divided’ brand more specifically targeted at teenagers and a huge underwear and sportswear section with a bit of maternity thrown in. I’m glad they have a materinty section (no I’m not pregnant!) because I know a lot of women who really struggle to find any decent maternity wear in Sydney. You always see that most shops in the UK stock maternity clothes but it just doesn’t happen over here.

The other side is a bit more fashion focused, work wear and beach wear with shoes and accessories at the back. I was a bit disappointed  with the huge underwear and sports section, something I think that was a bit unnecessary, even the flagship store in London’s Regent Street doesn’t dedicate that much space to underwear and sportswear. But, I have to remember H&M like any other store out there stock certain clothes for the consumers they are selling to. Sydney is way more sports focused than London (in my opinion) and will therefore stock more of these items in the Sydney store.

The main focus of clothing throughout the store I found consisted of basic Tee’s which came in all types of forms such as the plain colour maxi’s, the strappy variety to the v necks. This was about it for women’s clothing which I found a bit gutting. I really thought there would be some of the great tailoring that H&M do very well to some more fashion focused items but I couldn’t find very much. The weirdest part about the shop was the sizing. Now take note if you are heading there because the sizing is all over the shop. If you look at the tags, it will say for example, Au 12, US12, EU44. This is confusing, as I personally find Australian sizing the same as you get in England yet H&M have tagged the clothes as the same size as the US. So when you are looking for anything make sure you pick up anything 2 sizes SMALLER than what you are. I wasted most of my time yesterday trying on clothes that were way to big for me. When I told the staff about the sizing, they looked at me like I was mental. The good news is, I’m now purchasing clothes from H&M in a size 8 not a 12 now! Woo!! This is also brilliant news for the larger women out there because they go up to a size 18 meaning that is potentially a size 22 which is awesome because Sydney is really lacking shops for women of all sizes.

A few other things I noticed was after shopping at Zara for the last 8 months I’ve been back in Sydney, I really noticed how the quality wasn’t that great in H&M. The pricing is amazing and it did remind me that I don’t have to shop at Zara and only Zara, but I think I’ll probably be a bit more selective with what I buy from now on. At least I know I can count on H&M for their Basic Tee’s!  All in all, I am still very excited that H&M has finally arrived and I will be heading back next week to see what else they have as I was told they are getting brand new stock in everyday so hopefully there might be a bit more variety next time! At least H&M have a website yet I wish they would deliver like most other stores (Zara STILL hasn’t got a website for Australia as of yet.)  In the end I bought two pairs of jeans, a stripey top, a stripey skirt, a belt a clutch bag and of course a grey Tee! All came to around $100 which is amazing for Australian pricing! To see one of my outfits I bought, see post here.

P.S. I nearly forgot to mention something crucial for those of you living in Australia. I was told by a member of staff at H&M that they will be opening 50 stores across the country within the next year. THANK YOU H&M for making my day!!

To get there just take the train to Macquarie University and the shopping mall is right next to the train station!




The New H&M Sydney Review
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