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Hi there and welcome to Londoner In Sydney! If you’ve just found this site for the first time, it’s Australia’s leading expat blog ran by a British & Australian couple called Annie & Steve.

After meeting in the Himalayas in India in 2011, Steve whisked Annie off her feet and brought her back to his home city of Sydney. A few years later, Londoner In Sydney was born to provide a realistic guide for expats living in Australia which now sees 130,000+ readers a month!

What you’ll find on Londoner In Sydney

Here you’ll find a lot of content designed to show you what it’s truely like to live in Australia as an expat.

And we’ll tell you how it REALLY is – there’s no pretending on this site.

You’ll hear about how terrible Australian TV is, and how much we miss the buzz of London. And of course you’ll hear about how we miss a decent pub, but you’ll also find out how amazing it is to live in Australia.

You’ll also find stories about what it was like when we moved back to England and why we moved back again to Australia.

And… there’s some travels thrown in from around the world too! Because if you’re moving to Australia, you’ll need to know about the amazing holidays in other countries to visit as well!

If you’re a bit overwhelmed about where to start on our site, we have a few areas which are really popular with our audience. They include the following:

Our thoughts on being an expat in Australia

Moving to Australia advice

Things to do in Australia – our hidden gems revealed

Our travel guides from around the world!

Head straight to the good bits

Being An Expat In Australia


One of our most popular areas on our blog is about what it’s really like to be an expat in Australia.

A lot of people move to Australia thinking that it will literally be like being on a permanent holiday. It’s not.

Fear not, we’ve written this detailed post about what to actually expect when you enter the world of being torn between two countries.

Moving To Australia

We’ve tried to give you as much as a realistic point of view about what it’s actually like to live in Australia as an expat.

Here are some posts to get you started about moving to Australia.

How to NEVER get jat lag again!


No one likes jet lag but how on earth did I crack the secret to never getting it again? Yes I can confirm how you’ll be able to avoid jet lag when you land in Australia here!

Everything you need to know about Australian Visas

Ok so this is quite an important thing but the good news is, I worked with AUREC Migration who are based in Sydney to bring you an awesome guide on understanding the Australian visa process here.

The post guides you through every scenario so you can learn more about how to move to Australia. Even if you’ve come to Australia on holiday on a tourist visa and you don’t want to leave; it’s all in this post about what you options you have.

One of our most popular posts is about the Defacto Partner Visa process which I personally went through to be able to live in Australia permanently. It’s a confusing process but my post has somewhat helped thousands of you navigate your way to stay in Australia permanently too!


You’ll also need to contact a migration agent to make sure you pick the right visa to come to Australia. Check out this post which explains everything you need to know about migration agents in Australia.

Read honest stories from our readers

You might also want to hear some reassuring but very honest stories from our readers about their experience moving to Australia too.

Here we have a story from a couple and one from a family who both went through very different visas. Find out how much they spent and their tips for helping you!

Transfer your money for FREE!


You’ll also need to transfer your money from your account into your new Aussie bank account. We have exclusively partnered up with OFX to bring you FREE money transfers for life! There’s no scam or dodgyness involved – I personally use this money transfers service and it’s excellent.

Shipping your personal belongings to Australia

If you’re moving over to Australia, you’ll need to ship your things over. Worst of all, you don’t want to spend too much time trying to compare various shipping companies.

Instead, just fill out this form above and you’ll get up to 5 quotes from different shipping companies in your area. Easy!

Importing your dog to Australia


It can bit a bit overwhelming when you need to pack your life up and move to another country and then you gotta think about the dog too. Don’t worry, one of the top dog bloggers in Australia has helped us write THIS post so you’ll know how much it costs and what to actually do to get the ball rolling.

Looking for some more moving to Australia tips?

Check out this post which will help you get started with those dreaded admin tasks before you arrive!

Where To Live In Australia

If you’re not sure where to live in Australia, we’ve heard from some of the most well known British bloggers who live in Australia and more specifically Sydney. They let you know how their new life compares to their life in England.


And you can take a look at our breakdown of where to live in Sydney by checking out this popular post. Here we show you maps of all of the areas so you can get your bearings quickly.

Visiting Sydney On Holiday

If you’re coming to Sydney on holiday and not sure how to plan your trip, fear not… here are some of the best things to do in Sydney including some of our favourite hidden gems!

And if you’re looking for Sydney accommodation, we’ve rounded up some of the best hostels in Sydney and the best hotels in Sydney CBD to make it easier for you to find somewhere to stay. And of course we’ve listed the best hostels in Sydney as well!

Visiting Sydney As A Backpacker / Working Holiday Visa

If you’re travelling around Australia or you’re coming over for a on a Working Holiday Visa, then we have quite a few posts to help you get started. I originally came into Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, did the three months of terrible fruit picking work and used the second visa six years later when I met Steve.

Things To Do In Sydney


If you’re living in Sydney and looking for things to do that don’t revolve around the stereotyped options, check out some of these posts which are also good for anyone travelling to Australia and looking for some hidden gems to visit.

We’ll start with our 365 things to do in Sydney in 2020. This post basically lists absolutely everything from where to eat in Sydney to what to do in Sydney so you’ll never have to search for things to do in Sydney ever again!

Here’s some of our favourite things to do around the Sydney area you need to know about. It ranges from the best hikes and secluded waterfalls & beaches in Sydney to hidden gems in Blue Mountains and Palm Beach you probably never heard of.

Looking for more things to do?

Check out our map which lists a lot of our content up and down the East Coast of Australia!


Moving Back To UK?


In 2018 we spent six months living back in England. Whilst is was a bit of a dream for me to finally move home, I had missed the British charm, the pubs, the long summer nights and the countryside.

Unfortunately it just didn’t work out for us and it was a horribly awful decision we had to make about where to live. In the end we decided to move back to Australia which undoubtably became the best decision for us.

I blogged all about our time back in England which have become a good resource and some sort of help for others who are in a dilemma about whether they should stay in Australia or go back to England.

You can check out the posts about our time in England below which are in order from when we first moved back in 2018 to my thoughts when I went back again to visit in 2019.


England vs Australia Comparison Posts

A lot of our readers also find it reassuring to read some of our comparison posts. Obviously it’s never easy to compare two countries on opposite sides of the world but it would be a bit weird if we didn’t have these posts on our site.

Need some travel tips for holidays around the world?

Steve’s travelled to over 60 countries and as Annie’s reaching the big 50, we’ve been really lucky to see some awesome places around the world.

Between 2018-2019 we embarked on a 13 month trip around the world (with 6 months living back in UK above). Here’s some of the things we were lucky to experience on that trip!

We’ve dived with sharks in Maldives

Stood on cramped trains in Sri Lanka

⇒We did a month long yoga retreat in Mysore and meditation retreat in India and we met the Dalai Lama at his home in the Himalayas.

We hiked 13 days to Everest Base Camp in Nepal

We crammed in as much as we could during 2 weeks in Japan

Drank loads of Pina Coladas in Cuba

Had six pretty miserable months back in England

Went reindeer sledding in Tromso, Norway

Went skiing at one of the cheapest and most underrated counties in the world in Georgia

⇒ Partied with the Georgians to bring in 2019 in -10C temps in the snow

We went to see Gaudi’s masterpieces in Barcelona 

We’ve also been on 3 around the world trips together which all lasted 1 year each and we’ve travelled around 8 countries in Africa alone, South AmericaThe Philippines and more.

We love working with local travel companies to help promote their businesses around the world and there’s nothing better than seeing you all help them too! 

>> If you’re a travel company and want to work with us, find out more here <<

Watch our videos

We also make videos and actually filmed our entire trips around the world which we are in the process of putting together. Here’s our top 3 most popular videos on You Tube right now.

Our Current Top 20 Posts

If you’re still finding it all a bit overwhelming, here’s our top 20 blog posts on Londoner In Sydney right now so you’ll get a better understanding at what people are looking at on our site.


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